Topic Tuesday: Favorite Glitters / Toppers

I’m actually doing a Topic Tuesday on a Tuesday. Whaaaaat???!!?? It’s madness! Sheer, absolute, on-time madness. Mwuahahahahaha.

Today’s topic is Favorite Glitters / Toppers. I am approaching this topic as including my favorite “glitter bomb” type polishes, as well as my favorite toppers. As I sat thinking on this one, there were 7 glitters and toppers that popped into my head right away. At that point, I was so close to an even and nicely rounded-out 10 that I decided to dig through my photo files for three more. It shouldn’t be that hard, I figured. But, in the end, it was really hard! Not because I didn’t have enough to include in here. On the contrary, I had almost too much. There are so many that I love, and it was hard to pick. Story of my polish-loving life, you guys. Ha!

I don’t buy a ton of toppers, mainly because I have found I don’t wear them very much. But toppers do catch my eye from time to time, and I buy them if they are part of a collection I want to purchase in its entirety. I do buy glitter bomb polishes, though. And I freaking LOVE them. I’m going to list the polishes in this post in alphabetical order by brand, and the toppers and bombs will be mixed together throughout the post.


I’m starting out my list with an oldie but a goodie: China Glaze, Fairy Dust. My apologies for the old swatch photo. It’s all that I have for this polish, as I haven’t gone back to get better photos of all my mainstream polishes. That’s a project for another time!

I debated over putting this one on my list, as I figured it would be on a lot of favorites lists. In the end, I knew it had to be on here, because it is one of the toppers I wear most often. I love how sparse the glitters are in here. It is beautiful over plain polish but also over nail art, because the glitters don’t cover up the artwork. Instead, they add to it in a beautiful way. It has a lovely sparkle in the sunlight, and I hope I will always have a bottle of this in my stash.


Number 2 on my alphabetical list is this lovely baby: Colores de Carol, Don’t Look Behind You.

I had to include this on my list because I am hard-core OBSESSSED with this polish. I love it as a topper, but I also love it on its own. It is a fabulous thermal glitter polish. I love the stark black change it has when colder. And it looks amazing over pretty much any and every color. My only regret is that it was a Polish Pickup shade, and I did not buy a backup during that sale. If only I had known how much obsession this one would kindle in my heart. *sigh*


Colores de Carol, Freedom.

This is another polish that works well as a topper or on its own. It is not completely opaque, even at 3 coats. But there is so much happening in here that you really don’t notice the nail line. I love the colors in here, as well as the mix of shapes. It is a bold and fabulous glitter, which is beautiful over a variety of colors. And it has a dusting of holographic in it, which is the glittery icing on the cake. LOVE!!


Colores de Carol, Rainbow Sno Cone.

Ugh. This polish grabs me by the feels. It is another older polish in my stash that I love to bits. It is fantastic as a topper. But I often enjoy wearing this one on its own. The silvery holographic base and bright glitters are beautiful together. It comes alive in the sunlight, and it looks great as a base for nail art, too! So. Much. LOVE.


Colores de Carol, Stories Around the Fire.

So, if you are guessing right now that Colores de Carol makes some amazing glitter toppers, you would be absolutely correct! Carolina is a master at putting together glitter mixes that are delicate but also bold. And they always have a beautiful depth to them.

Stories Around the Fire is no exception. This is a newer polish in my stash. I think it was from the collection for this past Fall. It is so, so pretty. I love the mix of gold and red in here. And there is a dash of bolder green-blue. The glitter sizes are beautiful together, and the shimmer running throughout this topper gives it life. I have worn this one over a couple of different polishes, both in the blue or teal family, and I loved it. It also feels very, very “Fall” to me.


Colores de Carol, Wizard Lizard.

This is one of my absolute favorite toppers in my entire stash. I love, love, love, LOVE it. For me, this one will always be a topper. I don’t feel I would be able to get it decently opaque on its own, and I don’t want to waste too much out of my bottle in the effort. I am such a fan of iridescent glitters and flakes, and this topper is packed full of them. It has amazing and bold color shift as the light plays across it. I love the gentle shimmer in the base. It adds an extra layer of dimension and depth. This topper looks fabulous over any color. It makes me want to scream in happiness.


Glam Polish, An Unexpected Journey.

Given my undying affection for all things iridescent and color-shifty, you know this one had to be on my list. For me, this is the OG iridescent glitter/flakie topper. I’m sure it wasn’t the first one ever created, but it was the first one I purchased. And it is the one that made me realize how much I love these types of polishes. It’s so pretty. It makes me want to cry. *happy sigh*


Moon Shine Mani, As You Wish.

This, my friends, is a glitter BOMB!! It has the prettiest, squishy-jelly base. And it is stuffed absolutely to the brim with glitter, glitter, and more glitter. I love the blues in here, of course. But I also love the other colors, which play off of the base perfectly. This polish is so much fun to wear, and I pretty much stare at it all the time when I am wearing it.


Moon Shine Mani, Be Giving.

I love brown and coppery polishes. I love holographic. I love shifty iridescent elements. This topper has them all! It is so elegant and lovely. And it has amazing depth on the nail. I love the color tones in here, and I love how I can wear it either as a topper or on its own. I always get a vintage sort of vibe from this one, and I love that, too. Just, basically … LOVE.


Poetry Cowgirl, Coat of Many Colors.

This one is a glitter bomb and a half! I love everything about it. It is bright and vibrant and bold on the nail. It has so many colors, but also a beautiful warmth that seems to glow in every light. I generally wear this one on its own, and I stare at it constantly! But it would work well as a topper, too. I think it would be beautiful over a dark color, either a classic black or a deep navy. Oh! Or purple.


Since I don’t buy toppers that often, I originally thought I wouldn’t have anything to post for this topic. I should have known better, right? Ha, ha! Even though I don’t buy a ton of them, it made me happy to realize I have some toppers I absolutely love in my stash. And, of course, I love a good glitter bomb!

What about you guys? What are your favorite toppers? Are you as crazy for glitter bombs as I am? I would love to hear all about it!

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