Quixotic Polish: 2nd Anniversary Duo

Quixotic Polish is 2 years old, y’all!! And I am excited as heck about it. I have not known about this brand for very long. I found my way to it through the February 2018 Polish Pickup, so I have only been shopping this brand for about a year. But (!!) Quixotic Polish quickly jumped in to capture my heart. I love everything about this brand. The owner and genius behind it, Mary Mouroulis, seems to be sweet, kind, and caring. And did I mention she is a polish-creating genius?? Because it is so true. I love the creative color tones and combinations in every polish from this brand. Ditto with the gorgeous glitter and flakie mixes.

In honor of Quixotic’s 2nd Anniversary, Mary released a beautiful duo of magnetic polishes, as well as 3 polishes from the retired vault. I posted about a couple of the retired polishes on Monday. And I am thrilled to be able to share the Anniversary Duo today!


Libelulle (dragonfly) is a “green-based multi chrome that pulls green/blue/purple with green iridescent flakes”. This polish has a fabulous formula. It is easy to apply and opaque in 2 yummy coats. Really, it could be opaque in 1 coat, but you want a second for the magnetic effect.


Ugh. Just look at that color combination. I love how you get this bright, bright blue against the darker green with the magnetic shift. On the edge of each blue stripe, you can see a vibrant purple. It’s a gorgeous color combination. And the flakes!! Oh my gosh … the flakes! I freaking adore those.

I’m not always a fan of magnetics. I often find them fussy and a little frustrating. I’m sure this is mostly user error and not the polishes themselves. But I have to say the shift in this polish is incredibly easy and quick. I have a neodymium magnet, which has been a game changer for me with magnetic polishes. With that magnet, the color shift on this polish was almost instant. This is such a pretty look on the nail. It reminds me of the Aurora Borealis, which adds yet another layer of “love” to it. I’ve always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis in person. It’s pretty much the only thing on my Bucket List!


Luciole (firefly) is a “purple/red base with teal/purple/blue magnetic flakes”. This polish has a fantastic formula. It practically applies itself and is opaque in 2 easy-peasy coats. Again, it could have been opaque in 1, but you want that second coat for the magnetic shift.


I am IN LOVE with this polish. I think this might be my favorite magnetic polish of life. It is beyond fabulous. I love the mix of colors in here. I love how the magnetic effect is more scattered, instead of a hard line. It is beautiful — like a galaxy on my nails! I feel like I should go on and on about this one, just because I love it so, so much. But, really, what can I say? It’s stunning. Everyone needs it. That is all. ^.~


I have to admit I was a little sad when I found out the Anniversary Duo were both magnetics. This was only because I have not quite jumped onto the magnetic polish bandwagon. I have one foot in there, but I’m still kind of running alongside as I try to decide if I want to climb on or not. This is just me, and I am in the minority. Magnetics are hugely popular.

Of course, I was going to buy these, no matter what. Because they are the 2nd Anniversary Duo from a brand I adore. I fell hard for the color combinations in the initial photos on the FB fan page. But I wasn’t sure if they would perform as well for me, given my spotty experience with magnetic polishes. Having seen these in person, I have done a complete u-turn. I LOVE both of these polishes. They both perform beautifully, and I’m glad I snagged them.

The 2nd Anniversary Duo is still available on the Quixotic website (www.quixoticpolish.com). I don’t know how much longer it will be for sale, but these are definitely worth checking out!


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