Nail Mail Monday: Moon Shine Mani!

I am still posting my Black Friday Nail Mails. Even though it is now almost the middle of January. Hmmm. Could this mean I went a little overly crazy with BF purchases? Uuuummmm … Let me think about that.

Nope!! (Did you guys expect any other answer? Get real. This is me we’re talking about, here! Ha, ha!)

For today’s Nail Mail Monday, I have 4 Moon Shine Mani polishes. I was super excited to shop the Black Friday sale for this brand, because there were several things I had been watching for quite some time. I love that Phoebe tends to leave collections and polishes on her site for a good bit of time. It gives me more time to snag the stuff I love. Let’s face it: None of us has unlimited funds. The polishes in today’s post are a mish-mash of different collections. Since I loved them but didn’t want their entire collections, I thought they would work best as a haul/nail mail post.


I have two polishes from the vampire-inspired Bite Me!! Collection. I really dithered over whether or not I wanted this entire collection. I think everything in it is pretty fantastic, at least based on the online swatch pictures I have seen. In the end, I decided to limit my spending a little bit and only grab my two very favorites from the collection. I have to admit I kind of regret not getting the entire collection, but not enough to go back and purchase the rest. I wasn’t sure I would get a ton of wear out of most of the collection, no matter how pretty I thought it was. And that has to be a consideration for me, considering how big my stash has become. So, yeah. I made the mature, responsible, “adult” decision. Bah! Humbug! I hate Adulting.


First up is Mavis, which is a black holographic glitter with red-green shifting shimmer. This one had a great formula for me. When I swatched it, I felt it could be opaque on its own in 3-4 coats, and it also looks fabulous as a topper at 1 coat. I swatched it over a white, but it would be gorgeous over so many colors. In fact, I am sitting here thinking about how pretty this shimmer would be over a purple or a steely blue-gray.


This polish was inspired by Mavis, who is the daughter of Dracula in the Hotel Transylvania movies. I freaking love the Hotel Transylvania movies. So, I knew, right away, that I would need this polish. It was so hard waiting until the sale happened!

I am super happy to have this one in my stash at last. Just look at these glitters! And that shimmer! I love this polish. I think it is pretty and playful, and it feels light and “fresh” on the nail. This is saying a lot, considering the black color component. This polish has a ton of glitter and sparkle at different angles and in all kinds of lighting. It is beautiful. *sigh*


Selene is a blue/indigo/purple multi chrome with a blue/purple Aurora pigment in a black linear holographic base. This polish has suuuuuch a good formula. It felt luxurious and creamy going onto the nail when I swatched it. And it was opaque for me in 1 coat. Of course, you guys know I did 2 …


This polish was inspired by the character Selene from the Underworld films.

I have so much love for this polish. I’m sure you guys are not surprised by this in the least. This polish is right up my alley. I love how it is dark and moody and kind of mysterious. You can see so many beautiful greens, blues, and purples glittering down in this base color. And I love that it has holographic to spare! This is so perfect for Fall or Winter. But, of course, you guys already know I will wear this baby all year long!


Saturday Night Laughs  is a builder-type collection from Moon Shine Mani. Phoebe releases the Saturday Night Laughs polishes as trios, and I believe she is up to Vol 2 so far. My understanding is that she will continue adding volumes to this collection/series as the mood strikes her over the coming months and years. I have one polish from the first trio to share in this post.


More Cowbell is a blackened brown jelly base with gold micro flakes, antique gold flakes, red/orange/gold multi chrome flakes, and gold glitters. This polish has a fantastic formula. It was basically opaque for me in 1 coat, although I did 2 for my swatch pictures. I will probably wear this at 2 coats when I mani, too.


This polish is based off of one of my absolute favorite Saturday Night Live skits. Any time I am in a bad mood, I search this skit up on the inter webs and laugh my hiney off. So, as soon as I saw there was a polish based on this skit, I knew it had to come live with me — even if it took a while. I would have felt this way even if I hated the polish. That’s how much I love this skit.

But!! I do NOT hate this polish. Instead, I freaking LOVE this polish. It is one of the prettiest things I’ve seen in a long time. I love the greens and bronzes and browns in here. It is a perfect and gorgeous mix. On top of those beautiful, yet neutral, colors, you can see pops of red and orange. It makes for a beautiful and fiery counterpart. I think this one is destined to become a favorite for me. This is definitely one of those polishes that made me gasp in delight when I saw it on my nails. I really can’t get over how beautiful it is.



This Ain’t No Grinch was the special, limited edition Black Friday polish for Black Friday 2018. It is a sage green crelly base with green, red, and silver micro glitters. It has a great formula that was nearly opaque for me in 1 coat and completely opaque in 2 easy coats.


I love the dusty quality in this base color. And I like that I can see a hint of blue within the green color. I love a sage green, anyhow. It is soft and lovely and just on the edge of being pastel. When you toss in the adorable little micro glitter hexes, this polish reminds me of a Christmas tree full of decorations. It is so, so, so cute!


Although I love all of these polishes, I have to say More Cowbell and Selene are my favorites of the lot. Both of those polishes are so up my alley that they almost could have been made especially for me.

I checked the Moon Shine Mani website ( just before starting this post, and most of these are still available for purchase.

The entire Bite Me! Collection is still up on the site, although it has been discounted. This might mean Phoebe is trying to clear it out to make room for new Spring and Summer polishes. It seems like all the individual polishes from the collection are still available, too.

I did not see the Saturday Night Laughs, Vol. 1 trio listed on the site as a trio. But More Cowbell is still available. It’s in the Last Call section of the website. So … if you love this one, you should grab it soon before it is gone for good!

Unfortunately, This Ain’t No Grinch is no longer available, as it was a special polish created only for Black Friday.

2 thoughts on “Nail Mail Monday: Moon Shine Mani!

    1. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by to check out my post and pictures! I hope you will love the Moon Shine Mani polishes you try. I think it’s a fantastic brand. I have had nothing but great polishes from them. =)


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