My Week in Nails

I’m singing the Friday Song in my heart. Because it is Friday. Yay! My allergies are kicking my butt big-time. I am beyond miserable, even though I am taking 3 allergy medications. Ugh. I’m also in the midst of a custom jewelry project, which means I am spending a lot of time madly checking my emails for updates. I’m a crazy woman, I tell ‘ya! A snuffling, watery-eyed, bleary-brained crazy woman.

But at least my nails look great!


My first manicure for this week is actually one from last week. But I forgot to include it in last week’s post. D’oh! This is Quixotic Polish, Deciduous. It was the Color of the Month for September. And it is FABULOUS!!


Just look at those gorgeous flakes. Ugh. I can’t say enough good things about this polish. It has a fabulous formula. It looks amazing on the nail. It reminds me of Fall leaves against a cloudy Fall sky. So, so pretty. *sigh*


My next manicure was with Cameo Colours Lacquer, They’re Here. This was part of my Polish Pickup for September. I freaking LOVE this polish. It is a fabulous shade of blue, and it glows in the dark. What’s not to love?!?

I like this one so much that I wore it for most of the week. That’s a lot of love from a polish addict like me.


Next was Cameo Colours Lacquer, They’re Here … topped with Colores de Carol, Don’t Look Behind You. After I had worn They’re Here for a couple of days, I decided to “revamp” the manicure a little bit by using Don’t Look Behind You as a topper.

Don’t Look Behind You has quickly become my favorite thermal. It is fabulous. The color shifts are quick and pretty darn amazing. And this polish looks good over everything! It’s like the Little Black Dress of the nail polish world. Ha, ha!

I ended up adoring this manicure. I really could not get enough of this combination, and I’m definitely wearing it again. Also, They’re Here still glows, even underneath this lovely thermal! So awesome!!


My next manicure was with Quixotic Polish, Down to Clown. This gorgeously vampy rainbow goodness is one of only a few things that could have convinced me to remove my previous manicure. It arrived yesterday, and I HAD to have it on my nails right away.


Ugh. Just look at how amazing this polish is. I can’t get over how there are so many colors from the flakes all down in this beautifully deep and rich base color. It is vampy. It is incredible. It is freaking perfect. I love the stuffings out of it.


And this is my manicure today! It is with Quixotic Polish, Down to Clown. I stamped over it with China Glaze, Best Ponies Forever and a design from Born Pretty plate BPL-024.

You guys … I don’t even know what to say. I love this manicure. I love it so much. That is all.


So I feel like it was a week of (sort of) many manicures, but also a week of few polishes. I’m not sure if I should be proud of this or not. But I am definitely happy with all my manicure shenanigans. On to a new week!

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