OPI Fall 2018 Peru: Comparisons, Post 1

I have been planning this post for a while. It took me some time to go through my stash and take comparison photos. And then, I had to edit the photos and gather my (always!) scattered thoughts. But I think I finally have myself more or less together. And I am back with some OPI Peru comparisons. Yayz!!

Peru is a large collection. If you count the Sally’s and Ulta extras, it contains 18 polishes. This is a huge amount of polish! If I counted through my notes correctly, I ended up with 15 comparisons, and I had multiple colors and, thus, multiple photos for some of these. Because of this, I decided I would split this into two posts. I’m going to go through the collection in the order in which they are listed in my notes, which is not in any particular order at all. Welcome to my frazzled and scattered brain. Be afraid.


I love me some dusty, musty, muted greens! I found quite a few things in my  stash that seemed similar to Ayahuasca in the bottle. Once I tried them out side-by-side on the swatch wheel, I ended up with 4 polishes for my final comparison.


For the first comparison, we have Ayahuasca vs. OPI, Thanks a Windmillion vs. Zoya, Wednesday.

Ayahuasca vs. Thanks a Windmillion: Thanks a Windmillion has the same level of dustiness to it, but it is considerably lighter in color. I feel like I might be able to see a little more gray or black undertone in Ayahuasca. It is deeper and richer in color than Windmillion.

Ayahuasca vs. Wednesday: Wednesday feels like it’s in a different time zone for me altogether. It is dusty and somewhat muted, but it is brighter. I feel like there is more blue to this polish and less gray than in Ayahuasca.

So … no dupes in this first comparison! But I would definitely call Windmill and Ayahuasca first cousins. If you love these types of muted and dusty greens like I do, you won’t go wrong adding both of these to your stash.


The second comparison I have is Ayahuasca Made Me Do It vs. Orly, Gumdrop vs. China Glaze, Central Parka.

Ayahuasca vs. Gumdrop: Ayahuasca is similar in tone quality to Gumdrop, but they are very different colors. Ayahuasca is deeper and richer. Gumdrop is a lighter and brighter green. Additionally, I feel Gumdrop looks like it has more of a blue undertone to it, whereas there is gray or black underneath the green in Ayahuasca. In looking at these two photos, I feel like I should compare Gumdrop and Wednesday one of these days. But that would be for another post on another day.

Ayahuasca vs. Central Parka: When I swatched these polishes separately, my brain thought Ayahuasca looked *exactly* like Central Parka. In this picture, you can see how wrong my brain was! Central Parka is more of a true olive green. It has more of a yellow undertone than Ayahuasca.

Once again, no dupes here!


I think anyone who has spent any time in this blog knows I have a thing for the grays. Big time. It’s a weakness that I fully indulge, and I’m not ashamed. Because … it means I had some great things for my comparisons!


First up is Andean Culture Club vs. OPI, Suzi Takes the Wheel vs. China Glaze, Change Your Altitude.

Andean Culture Club vs. Suzi Takes the Wheel: To my eye, Andean Culture Club and Suzi Takes the Wheel are not similar at all. Suzi is darker and has more of a greenish-brown undertone. In comparison, Andean is lighter and has more of a brown undertone. I see little to no green in Andean’s gray.

Andean Culture Club vs. Change Your Altitude: I find Andean and Change Your Altitude to be much more similar. They are both light and slightly bright but with an overall softness to them. I think Change is slightly more silvery and/or slightly brighter than Andean. In comparison, Andean has more brown in its undertone.

I’m calling no dupes for this comparison, too. But I think Andean Culture Club and Change Your Altitude fall into the “kissing cousins” category. If you don’t adore these types of soft, slightly brown-toned grays, you might only want one of them in your stash. Likewise, if you already own Change Your Altitude, you might feel okay skipping over Andean Culture Club.


Here we have Andean Culture Club vs. China Glaze, Dope Taupe vs. China Glaze, Pleather Weather.

Andean Culture Club vs. Dope Taupe: I don’t think Andean and Dope Taupe are anything alike. On its own, I find Dope Taupe looks quite gray. But, next to Andean, it looks like a soft brown, and not gray at all. In contrast, Andean Culture Club looks more like a true gray, even though it has brown in its undertone.

Andean Culture Club vs. Pleather Weather: Similarly, Andean Culture Club and Pleather Weather are nothing alike to my eye. Pleather Weather is brighter and more of a silver-gray, as opposed to the warm-toned, soft gray of Andean.

Overall, I don’t think there are any dupes in this comparison. So let your love of grays loose and buy all the polish! Woo Hoo!


I am such a fan of the rosy grandma colors. But this is a fairly recent love affair for me, which means I didn’t have as many things in my stash that seemed to compare. Really, I didn’t have much at all to compare with Nazca. But I noticed some similarities within the Peru collection. I decided to base my comparison around those, because I always find it interesting to see how things compare within the same collection.


I have You Crossed the Nazca Line vs. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains vs. Seven Wonders of OPI.

As I mentioned, these are all from the Peru Collection. When I put the bottles side-by-side, I thought they looked almost exactly alike. But you can see they really look nothing alike when they are on the nail. It’s kind of crazy!

You Crossed the Nazca Line! vs. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains: Nazca is more of a rosy-pink when compared to Somewhere. When I look at Somewhere in the bottle, I feel like it looks like there is quite a bit of pink in the undertone. In looking at these two side-by-side on the nail, Somewhere is much more brown. It hardly looks pink at all!

You Crossed the Nazca Line vs. Seven Wonders of OPI: This is much the same story, but with purple tossed into the mix. Nazca is clearly a lovely rosy-pink, whereas Seven looks very purple next to it. There is still a little bit of pink undertone in Seven Wonders, but it’s definitely more purple.

I don’t think any of these are dupes. Yay!! It always makes me happy when I find no dupes within the same collection. Otherwise, I would feel cheated — ha, ha!


Again, pinky-corals are not necessarily my cup of tea. But I am coming around to loving them a little bit more. I had at least a couple of things in my stash that seemed like they would compare with this one.


My first comparison was with Spice of Peruvian Life vs. China Glaze, About Layin’ Out vs. OPI, Lima Tell You About This Color.

Spice of Peruvian Life vs. About Layin’ Out: Spice and About are surprisingly similar to my eye. They have the same coral rosiness about them. About is ever-so-slightly deeper and richer in color. But I think these two polishes are kissing cousins, for sure. Considering I am not always crazy about the coral-roses, I could probably be happy with just one of these in my stash. Mind you, I’m keeping them both. But … I have a hoarding problem. Just sayin’ … *ahem*

Spice of Peruvian Life vs. Lima Tell You About this Color: I think Spice and Lima are quite different. Lima looks a lot more pink, perhaps even with some blue undertones. This blows my mind a little bit, because Lima looked like more of an orangey-pink to me when it wasn’t next to Spice. I thought Lima looked more like a coral in the bottle, but it was all pink, all the time on my nails in this comparison.

I don’t think any of these are true dupes. As I said, Spice and About Layin’ Out are in the realm of kissing cousins. But Spice and Lima are quite different from each other.


My second comparison was Spice of Peruvian Life vs. Orly, Desert Rose. These looked so similar to me in the bottle. And I think Spice does have a hint of “neon” look to it on the nail. But, overall, I don’t think these two are super similar once they are on the nail. Desert Rose is deeper, darker, and more red than Spice. Both look like lovely corals, with just a hint of neon brightness to them.

I wouldn’t call these two kissing cousins. Maybe first cousins … or first cousins twice removed … Is there a thing like that? I don’t know. The point is that these are both lovely, and you won’t go wrong adding them both to your stash.


Oh, the sea of pinks! I keep saying I’m not a pink-loving gal. And yet, I seem to have quite a few pinks in my stash. Hmmm …


First up, I have Suzi Will Quechua Later  vs. China Glaze, Don’t Mesa With My Heart vs. Lima Tell You About This Color.

Suzi Will Quechua Later vs. Don’t Mesa With My Heart: Quechua and Mesa are pretty similar to each other. To my eye, Mesa is slightly brighter, and it has more of a blue undertone. Mesa is what I think of as a bubblegum pink. Quechua also qualifies as a bubblegum pink in my book, and it also has a blue undertone to it. But I find Quechua to be a little more muted or dusty.

Suzi Will Quechua Later vs. Lima Tell You About This Color: Quechua and Lima are really nothing alike to my eye. When looking at these two side-by-side, I feel Lima looks more like a rose color or a rosy-coral. Quechua continues to look like a lovely, blue-toned pink!

Are there dupes in this comparison? I don’t think so. Quechua and Mesa are definite kissing cousins. If you have Mesa, you might not feel the need to add Quechua into your stash. Or, if you’ve always wanted Mesa, Quechua might fill that hole in your collection. If you love pink, you might just want them both! Lima and Quechua look nothing alike to me, so I don’t think you will dupe yourself by adding both of these into your stash! (If you love the pinks, that is …)


My second comparison is Suzi Will Quechua Later vs. Zoya, Princess vs. OPI, Two-Timing the Zones.

Suzi Will Quechua Later vs. Princess: Quechua and Princess look very similar to me regarding the color tones. Both have a decent amount of blue in the undertone. I think Princess is slightly darker or deeper in color. Also, Princess is a jelly and Quechua is a creme. The jelly formula gives Princess a different finished look on the nail.

Suzi Will Quechua Later vs. Two-Timing the Zones: Quechua and Two-Timing are also similar. both are mid-tone pinks. Both are cremes, and both have blue in their undertone. I think Two-Timing is ever so slightly brighter and less dusty than Quechua.

I don’t think there are any true dupes in here. But these polishes are also all kind of the same. I think they all fall into kissing cousin territory. As a person who staunchly clings to her “not a lover of pinks” status, I would not feel the need to have all of these in my stash. If I were to pick just one, it would probably be Princess, just because I like how it is a jelly formula. Not that the others aren’t beautiful, but I prefer the finished look of Princess on my nails. Luckily for me, Quechua was a gift, so I have no guilt about having it in my stash along with Princess. And Two-Timing isn’t an official part of my nail polish hoard. I only have a mini bottle of it. Go, me!! I can rationalize with the best of them, you guys.



My first comparison for this polish is in inter-collection comparison. This is with Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains vs. Seven Wonders of OPI vs. You Crossed the Nazca Line!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains vs. Seven Wonders of OPI: On the nail, Somewhere is more of a brown-toned pink. Seven is a lot more purple. Both have the same muted and slightly dusty tone to them.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains vs. You Crossed the Nazca Line!: Somewhere vs. Nazca is a similar story. There are definite similarities between the two. But there are also differences. Nazca is a rosy pink compared to Somewhere’s slightly pinky brown. But, again, I feel they are similar in dustiness and the fact that they are medium-toned.

Overall, I am not seeing any dupes within these two comparisons. Really, I don’t think I would even call these polishes “kissing cousins”. In spite of their similarities, I think they are sufficiently different to be happy within the same collection. Granted, if these types of colors are not your jam, you might want to pick and choose your favorite.


Next up is Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains vs. Zoya, Portia vs. OPI, Machu Peach-u. You guys … I don’t normally consider myself one for neutrals. But there is something about this picture that grabs me by the feels and refuses to let go.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains vs. Portia: I think it is safe to say these two polishes are quite similar to each other. Somewhere is a tiny, tiny bit darker and more brown-toned than Portia. In contrast, Portia is lighter, and I feel like I can see slightly more pink in its undertone.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains vs. Machu Peach-u: Somewhere and Machu is a little bit of a different story. Well, it’s a little bit the same. But also a little bit different. Both polishes have a peachy tone to them. I would not have noticed this within Somewhere if I hadn’t put them next to each other on the nail. But that peachiness is definitely there! Somewhere is darker, deeper, and more brown. Machu is lighter, and I think it has a tiny bit more orange in its undertone.

Overall, I don’t think there are any exact dupes in this comparison. For me, Somewhere and Portia are so close to each other that they fall into kissing cousins territory. Considering how I don’t wear neutrals often, I probably wouldn’t need both of them in my stash. Portia is probably my favorite neutral of all time, so it would be the one I would stick with, if I had to choose. Lucky for me, Somewhere was a gift, and so I can have it all. Huzzah!

I think Somewhere and Machu are even less similar. Maybe they are more like first cousins than kissing cousins? Whatever the case, I don’t think there is any cause for guilt over having both in your stash.



My first comparison is Seven Wonders of OPI vs. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains vs. You Crossed the Nazca Line. If you are getting a “hey this picture is familiar” vibe from this picture, you’re right! I am reusing my photo from an earlier comparison. It seemed like a waste of polish to swatch these all a second time.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains vs. Seven Wonders of OPI: I already talked about how Somewhere is more of a brown-pink compared to Seven. Seven is muted and kind of dusty, but it is definitely more purple.

Seven Wonders of OPI vs. You Crossed the Nazca Line!: Seven is more purple, whereas Nazca is more of a rosy pink. Again, I don’t really think these two are anything alike, other than their muted dustiness.

I don’t see any dupes here. Other than the fact that these all have a muted dustiness to them, I don’t think they are alike. I’m pretty happy to have all of them in my stash.


My next comparison was with Seven Wonders of OPI vs. Zoya, Trudith vs. Zoya, Libby.

Seven Wonders of OPI vs. Trudith: This is a Tale of Two Purples. (Oooh! That would be a great polish name. But I digress …) Both are muted. Both are dusty. But Trudith is darker and a little deeper than Seven. I think Trudith looks more like a true grape-toned purple, whereas Seven looks more pink.

Seven Wonders of OPI vs. Libby: I think things are kind of different but also kind of the same with regard to this comparison.  Next to each other, both of these polishes look pink. And I find them similar in color, too. Libby is slightly lighter and brighter. And I think it has a little more blue in the undertone, whereas Seven looks more purple.

I don’t see any exact dupes in here. But I see some kissing cousins. Trudith is the most different. It doesn’t fall into that kissing cousin territory for me. I’m not even sure I would call it a first cousin. Maybe it’s more of an adopted sibling? Or a sister from another mister? Or … something?

Seven and Libby aren’t dupes, either. But they are close enough to each other for me that I would probably be happy with just one of them in my stash.


Whew! It feels so darn good to get this posted — at last! I kept thinking and thinking on it, and part of me wanted to avoid it altogether. I knew it was going to be a long one, because I knew there would be a lot to say! Well, there’s always a lot to say … But you know what I mean.

I still have at least one more post of Peru comparisons. Hopefully, I will get it up next week. I have this crazy idea of trying to do the same thing with the China Glaze Fall collection. But I haven’t even started on that one!




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