Swatch My Stash! Nvr Enuff Polish & Noodles Nail Polish

I have a fairly short swatch-a-palooza post for today. I have two brands and a total of 6 polishes to share. I was looking through the folder of nail polish swatches I keep on my computer, and I think I am almost at the end of swatching my stash. My Entire Stash! I almost can’t believe it. But let’s not wax poetic about it just yet. Because there are still polishes to share.

Today, as my title suggests, I have Nvr Enuff Polish and Noodles Nail Polish. The bulk of this post will be with Nvr Enuff, as I only have 1 Noodles polish — so far. I am already eyeing a few others.


Nvr Enuff Polish has a slightly tall, square-shaped bottle. The bottle is a nice size, and it is comfortable to hold between my thumb and the side of my hand. The cap is tall and easy to grip while doing all the mani action. The brush stem is a little bit long, but not so long that I worry about polish dripping down onto the brush. And I like the shape of the brush itself. It is slightly wide and rounded. I’ve found it to be a good brush shape for my nails.

I have 5 Nvr Enuff Polish polishes in my stash. I’m going to list them in alphabetical order.


Cirque Noir was part of the Copper Carnival Collection from 2017. It is a “charcoal based polish filled with silver galaxy holo, a splash of lime/gold UCC flakies, pink/green UCC flakies, a copper spark flair and a heavy dose of linear holographic”. This polish has a great formula. It is easy to apply and generally opaque in 2 coats. Sometimes, I use a third coat to deepen the color.


Oh my gosh, but this polish is so, so, so, soooooo stinkin’ pretty!! I love the dark charcoal base. In some lighting, the base color takes on an almost bronze look. And there are these pops of green here and there as the light plays across the holographics and the flakes. I love those pops of green the most. They are tangy and juicy!!


Modern Vintage also released as part of the 2017 Copper Carnival Collection. It is a “deep plum based polish filled with silver galaxy holo, tons of gold flakes, a copper spark flair, and linear holo”. This polish has a lovely formula that is opaque in 2 coats.


Oh my gosh, but this polish! The base is elegant and deep and vampy. I like the depth and richness it has. It would be gorgeous just on its own. But when you toss in all the holographic and all the coppery elements … BAZAAM!! This polish is magical. I love the color combinations in here.


Murder at the Marquee released in the Copper Carnival Collection. It is a “blood red based polish with silver galaxy, chrome chameleon glitters, a splash of gold shift, and a beautiful copper spark topped with linear holo”. It has a fantastic formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a macro for this polish. I thought I had macro’d everything, but I couldn’t find one for this little pretty in my image files. But this polish is so stinking pretty. It is the polish that made me want the Copper Carnival collection. I love how rusty and coppery it is. The red is the perfect counterpart to all that copper spark. I love it.


Prize Booth was (I think) a limited edition release created for PolishCon Chicago in 2017. My bottle is a mini that came as an extra freebie when I ordered the Copper Carnival Collection. It is a clear base packed with linear holographic and metallic hexes in different sizes and colors (red, blue, gold, silver, and pink). It’s an easy topper to work with, and it looks great over pretty much any color. When I initially swatched this one, I tried it out over a variety of polishes. It has great coverage at 1 coat.


I am not always one for toppers, although I have a few in my stash. This one is a particularly good one. I love the mix of holographic and glitter sizes and colors. It is fun and playful. The only thing I don’t love about it is that it is a mini bottle. I find myself shying away from wearing it because I worry about using it all up. I know. It’s silly. But there you go: the polish hoarder brain at work.


The Artisan King is the last of the 4 polishes in the Copper Carnival Collection. It is a “blueberry based polish jam-packed with copper galaxy glitters in different sizes, a copper spark flair, and tons of linear holo”. This polish has a fantastic formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.


Out of all the Copper Carnival polishes, I find the copper to be the least obvious in this one. But you know what? I don’t even care. Because I love the color of this base. It is the perfect blueberry, with hits of purple, brighter blues, and even a little green as the light plays across the nail. I’ve worn this one under nail art, too, and it was fabulous!


Noodles Nail Polish has a nicely heavy round bottle with an average length cap and stem. I find the brush nicely average, too. It is not too wide or too thin. The bottles for this brand are close to the bottle from my beloved Colores de Carol polishes. In fact, they might be the same bottle!

I only have one Noodles in my stash at the moment. But I am currently eyeing a few things on their website. I also ordered their polish from the October PPU sale. So … there will be more Noodles in my future. Yay!


Never Feed Him After Midnight was from the September 2018 PPU sale. It is a “medium brown creme base with copper holo glitter, copper shimmer, white flakes, and copper flakes, with a scattered holographic finish”. This is a lovely polish with an equally lovely formula. It was opaque for me in 1 coat! But, of course, I like it best at 2. Because that’s how I roll.


I blogged this polish not that long ago, as part of my September PPU nail mail. So I won’t go into much additional detail about it here. I mainly included it to round out this post a little bit … and for the sake of being as complete with my swatching project as I can.

But I will say this: Oh my gosh! Look at all those browns. It is a thing of beauty. *sigh*


It’s not often I manage to do a short-ish post in here! I am always super chatty when it comes to nail polish, after all. I am feeling particularly accomplished today. Go me!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I was looking through my swatches folder and ticking off the brands I have already shared in swatch-a-palooza posts. Believe it or not, I think I only have 3 brands left! I have to go back to double-check my list, but, if I am right, I have Quixotic Polish, Colores de Carol, and Pretty Serious left to share here on the blog. I am waiting for a new order from Quixotic, although I expect it to be here within the next week. I am also waiting for a fairly large Pretty Serious order. It was part of their close-out sale, and I am beginning to despair of ever seeing it. I remain hopeful, though, since it seems things are finally in stock and getting ready to ship. Even so, 3-4 months is a LONG time to wait. So … I may start in on my Colores de Carol polishes next week. I was intending to save that brand for last, but it all depends on whether or not things arrive at my house as expected. And whether or not I have time to get some swatching done!

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