My Week in Nails

Aaaaah! Another Friday is here. At last. I know, I know. It is my never-ending refrain. And it is always true.

I can’t think of a good way to segue into my post, so I’m just gonna jump right in with the nails. After all, that’s all any of us wants to see. Right? Yep. I thought so.


I started my week off with Quixotic Polish, Keep Your Eye on the Fall. I just posted a review of this trio yesterday, so I won’t yak too much about this one in here. But I will say this: Oh. My. Gosh! This polish is delicious. That is all.


My next manicure was with Glam Polish, Mind Tricks Don’t Work on Me. This pretty has been sitting in my “you need to wear this” pile for a few months now. I think I’ve had it since May? But it never seemed like the right time to wear it. Happily, the “right time” happened this week. Because this polish is fabulous! I liked it on my nails even more than I remember liking it when I swatched it.

This polish is like a glitter fairy barfed on my nails. And I freaking LOVE it. Also, mind tricks apparently DO work on me, because I spent a lot of time staring at my nails trying to figure out exactly what color this polish is. Only to decide it is actually every color. Plus rose gold.


Next up on my nails was this dark and mysterious beauty. This is Colores de Carol, Under the Stars. And oh my gosh … I love it! I was in the mood for a dark nail look, and this polish paid off like a slot machine. The dark base and twinkling glitters are a perfect combo, and they made my heart happy.


And this is my final manicure for the week. I mani’d with this pretty earlier today, and it is on my nails right now. Even as I type!! It is holding up really well to the typing action, too, by the way. This is Colores de Carol, Building the Tent.

This is suuuuuuch a perfect purple. I love the color tone. And the little flakes. I’m like, “Hello, Gorgeous! Get on my nails!” I hadn’t intended to wear this one quite so soon. When I manicured with Under the Stars yesterday, I fully intended to wear it for the rest of the weekend. But I realized I had no swatch picture for this beautiful purple. Somehow, I managed to swatch it but not photograph it. Like a doofus. I want to do a collection review for these next week, so I had to get that swatch pic done and dusted. I’m glad it worked out this way, because it gave me a chance to get one last polish on my nails this week. And I really love this purple!


So, there ‘ya go. My nail shenanigans for the week. It wasn’t a particularly slow week. But I don’t think it was a particularly active one, either. I’ve been feeling a lot of stress this week, which usually leads to me manicuring like a crazy woman. I’m kind of proud of myself that I managed to rein it in a little bit.

By the way, I STILL need to build my Helmer. It is still sitting in its box in my living room. I keep thinking I will start on it and, then, chickening out at the last moment. My daughter’s birthday was earlier this week, and we were talking this afternoon about having some of her friends over soon for a belated celebration. I kindly suggested that putting together a Helmer would be a great and fun bonding activity … *ahem*

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