Swatch My Stash! LePolish

I am storming the blog with another indie swatch-a-palooza post! “Storming” makes me sound so forceful and productive, doesn’t it? Well … maybe not productive. But whatever. Really, “storming” is fitting for me today, because it is raining like mad at my house. A minute ago, I looked out the window to see some sunlight and blue skies, but it was still pouring rain. Liquid sunshine for the win!

I have LePolish for today’s swatching pleasure. I feel a little weird or “off” for this post, because I could have sworn I already did a swatch my stash for this brand. I went back into my blog to check, though, and I could not find it. So here we are. I have 11 polishes from this brand, so it should make for a decent-sized post. I don’t expect any destashing to happen today. But y’all knew that already, right? Yeah. Also, I don’t have something in every color category, so ROYGBIV didn’t work for organizing this post. I am going to go in alphabetical order, instead.


Although I don’t have a ton of polish from this brand, I have a serious love affair going with LePolish. It is one of the first indie brands I noticed through online videos and pictures. And I wanted to purchase from it in the worst way. But … I was too scared to try ordering nail polish online. As I have said so many times before: I was a babe in the nail polish woods! I look back now and laugh a little bit at how naive and silly I was. And also, how I had a lot more extra money lying around back then. But … Let’s not go there. *ahem*

So, I wanted to order from this brand for a long time before I actually took the plunge. This meant it wasn’t the first indie brand I purchased. But, in a way, I feel like I have this brand to thank for my indie polish addiction. You can order from this brand through their website: . I have always had a good experience with my orders. The order process through the website is easy. I have found processing and shipping times to be pretty darn speedy!

LePolish uses a round bottle that holds 15ml of polish. The bottle is a nice size, which is comfortable for me to hold while I manicure. The cap is tall and tapers down slightly toward the top. It is also easy to hang onto during the mani process. I would call the brush medium in width. It isn’t super narrow, but it’s also not super wide. I like the brush size, and I find the shape fits nicely on my nail bed and near my cuticles. The brush stem is medium in length, too.



A Great Miracle Happened There was from the December 2017 Polish Pickup. It is a beautifully soft and dusty denim blue with copper to pink shimmer and iridescent glitter. It has a great formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.


This polish is so, so, so, soooooo freaking BEAUTIFUL!! I swear, I am starting out this post with a huge bang-ola, because this is one of my favorite polishes from this brand.

I love everything about it. The base is a color that falls right into my comfort zone. It is the perfect tone of soft, slightly faded denim blue. I like the gray undertones in it. And the mix of glitter and shimmer colors is fantastic. As the light plays across your nails, you can see pinks, and deeper reds, and bronzes, and coppers. It is beautifully complex, and it works oh-so well together. Ugh. Seriously. I can’t even with this polish. I LOVE IT!! Rawr!!

lep-candylandcathedral2-sm copy

Candyland Cathedral is a light blue crelly base with different sizes of copper glitter, gold shimmer, and color shifting flakes. I believe it originally released as part of the Holiday 2016 Collection, which was themed around the 12 Days of Christmas. It was a collaborative collection between Le Polish and several (12, to be exact) bloggers. The formula for this beautiful polish is good. It has a nice thickness for a crelly, and it was opaque for me in 2-3 easy coats.


I did not buy this polish when it first released. But I lusted over it like a crazy woman. This is one of the polishes I saw online that made me want to take the leap and try ordering from indie brands. But I diddled around for too long when these polishes first released. Lucky for me, Le Polish decided to re-release several of these at a later time. I wasted no time at all in snatching it up!

I am so, so, so glad I bought this polish. I love it. Everything about it is perfect to me. The light blue is a stunning base color, and I looooove the mix of copper against this light and airy blue. This is a beautiful polish for holiday manicures, but I think it also works well for Spring or Summer. I have done nail art over this polish, too. And it was fantastic!! (At least, I thought it was.)


I’m Sexy and I Gnome It was from the October 2017 Polish Pickup. It is a teal jelly base with red shimmer and rainbow flakies and glitters in various sizes and shapes. This polish has a good formula. It is opaque in 2 easy coats. It dries slightly textured, but a nice, thick top coat fixes that in a jiffy.


I’m usually not much for the color teal. And yet, I pretty much freaked over this polish. I like that the base is more on the green side, at least to my eye. For some reason, I find teal more appealing when I can tell myself it is a green. I know. This makes no sense at all.

And can I talk about the glitters in here for a moment? This polish is packed and packed and packed with glitter. It’s like a fairy threw up on my nails. I LOVE IT.

lep-littlewoodenhorse2-sm copy

Little Wooden Horse is another polish that originally released as part of the Holiday 2016 12 Days of Christmas blogger collaboration. It is a brown-red (red-brown? take your pick) base with gold micro flakes and scattered holographic glitter. It has a great formula. I find it easy to apply, and it is generally opaque for me in 2 coats. Sometimes, I will use 3 to deepen the color just a little.


I have seen pictures of this polish looking MUCH more brown-toned. For me, it has always pulled slightly more red. But on the brown side of red.  You know what I mean? Honestly, I am not mad about this, as I love this color tone. I love browns. I have a lot of browns in my stash. But I don’t have many like this one.

This is the other polish (along with Candyland Cathedral) that I lusted after and wanted desperately to purchase way before I jumped down the indie rabbit hole. As you already know, I waited too long to purchase it, and I thought it was gone for good. I had major regrets over this. Glory hallelujah when Le Polish decided to re-release this pretty baby. I jumped right on the “order it NOW!!” band wagon. I have no regrets. I love this polish. It is so pretty with just a subtle hint of sparkle to it. I always feel fabulous when I wear it.


Never Love a Wild Thing was from the August 2017 Polish Pickup. It is a black base with gold shimmer, micro flakes, and holographic flakes. It has a great formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.


This pretty lady is the polish that started my Polish Pickup madness. So … Take a good, long look! I headed to the PPU site for the first time specifically in search of this polish. I bought three polishes that first month, and I have never looked back.

I have not worn this polish a lot, but I love it. The combination of black base and golden shimmer is glamorous and elegant. I enjoy this one on my nails, and I think I need to wear it more!


Paint was from the June 2018 Polish Pickup. It is a pale blue-green crelly with purple-to-blue shifting microflakes and larger silver shreds/flakes. It has a good and easy formula. I’m pretty sure I used 3 coats.


Would you be surprised to hear I love this? Yeah. I didn’t think so. Clearly, this is a polish that is right up my alley. I almost didn’t purchase it, because I didn’t know how I would feel about the silver shreds. In some of the swatch photos, I thought the silvers stood out a little too much. In person, that wasn’t the case. I like how soft and gentle the base color is. And the silvers make a nice contrast to it.


Pop! was from the February 2018 Polish Pickup. It is a holographic base with pink micro flakies and pink to orange color shifting flakes. This polish has a good formula. It was opaque for me in 2-3 coats.


This polish is so, so, so, sooooo good. I was mad for this one when it first arrived at my house. I’m still mad for it, actually. But I have forced myself to move along and wear different polishes. Because this is one of those polishes I could happily wear on my nails for one manicure after another after another after another. I’m not even sure I can explain exactly what it is about this one that makes me love it so much. So I will just say, “everything”.


Starman was from the April 2018 Polish Pickup. It is a blue-gray crelly with color shifting flakies and a red-orange duochrome shimmer. This has a good formula. It is mostly opaque in 2 coats, although I found I preferred the look of it at 3.


This polish is pretty and delicate. I love the idea of the bright pops of red and orange against the slightly murky and muted base color. I was super excited about ordering this one from the April sale. It was the polish I wanted more than anything else.

And you know what? I felt a little bit let down by it when I saw it on my nails. I know! It hurts me to type this. If I were to destash any of my Le Polish polishes, this one might be on the chopping block. As it is, I want to try wearing it another time or two to see if I like it more. Because it is such a delicate, detailed, and complex polish. And it contains all the things I love! Go figure!

lep-theresnoplanetB2-sm copy

There Is No Planet B was a limited edition release to support the Natural Resources Defense Council. It is a dusty sky blue with copper and gold shimmer and microflakes. It has a good formula that is nicely opaque in 2 easy coats.


Ugh. Just look at that gold shimmer and glitter action. It is so stinkin’ pretty!! I like the base color because it is an unusual tone of blue. It reminds me of fog or even a slightly smoggy sky. I know that’s not the nicest visual, though. This polish also reminds me of pictures I have seen of Earth from outer space. Which is probably what Le Polish was going for in creating this. It’s a gorgeous polish that is fabulous for every season. Love it!!


What’s Up Bog? was from the September 2017 Polish Pickup. It is a blurple crelly with pink shimmer and red glitter. I’ve seen this described as a sky blue, but it falls into blurple territory for me. This has a good formula that is easy to apply. I found it somewhat sheer, and I liked it at 3 coats for full opacity.


This polish is kind crazy-sauce. Because, if you just looked at the description online, you might think to yourself, “Wait. That will not work. At all.” I thought this. I really did.

But you know what? IT WORKS!! And it works spectacularly. This polish is pretty and playful. It is bright and kind of unexpected. I loved this one on my nails.


Women in Disguise was from the March 2018 Polish Pickup. It is a bright blue jelly with blue/purple/green iridescent color-shifting flakes, aqua/gold shifting shimmer, and scattered holo. This polish has a good formula. It is a little sheer, and I liked it best at 3 coats.


This polish is fantabulous. I know I say it all the time, but I’m still going there: I love it! Yep. You guessed it.

I like this blue color tone. I like the holographic and flakes. This polish has a beautifully watery look to it, and I particularly love how the flakes give off gentle green tones underneath the blue base. So, so, so pretty.


Ah, Le Polish. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways …

Yep! I love me some Le Polish polish, y’all. I hope to continue adding to this part of my stash. I enjoy the heck out of the glitter mixes in these beauties. I have found polish from this brand to be beautifully deep and complex but also playful and fun to wear.

What about you guys? Have you tried this brand? Do you have any favorites from it? I would love to hear what you think!

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