Some Fall Polish Picks: Zoya

It is really hard to decide how to do a “colors for Fall” post. There are almost too many ways this can be done. And the fact that my stash is large and still actively growing adds another level to the challenge, at least for me. I had to sit and think for a bit to figure out what I wanted to do. In the past, I have followed along with the trend of picking certain color categories, and then finding polish examples for each of those categories. I don’t know why, but I didn’t love doing the post that way. Instead, I decided to go back to something a little more “traditional”, and I am going to do Fall polish picks by brand.

Today, I have my Zoya fall picks. I haven’t purchased anything from the Zoya Fall 2018 collection — yet. I haven’t quite made up my mind what I want from it, if anything, and I will probably wait for the next sale. My list is made up of older polishes in the Zoya line. Some have been in my stash for a while, and others are newer to me. I have 10 polishes for this post, as well as 4 “honorable mentions”. Because, you know, I am indecisive, and I want to wear all the polish!


Red is a classic and iconic color for Fall. You can find reds in the turning of the leaves, in berries that ripen during this season, and even in the crackle of fireplaces and bonfires as the nights turn more chilly. For a “Fall Red”, I like a deep color tone, as well as a color with a slightly muted or dusty quality. I am a big fan of “dusty” colors, anyhow. I enjoy bricky or earthy reds, especially at the beginning of Fall or as the seasons transition from Summer into Fall. I like deeper, darker reds and jewel tones in the late Fall and into Winter. I also like berry tones and pinks, although none of the berries or pinks in my Zoya stash jumped out at me for this post.


Yvonne is my first Zoya red. This is the type of red that ticks all of my color boxes for this season. It is deep, dark, and a little bit brooding. To my eye, it has an earthy quality that says “Fall” to my soul.


Padma is the closest I came to a pink or a berry for this post. She is a rosy-toned “grandma” sort of color, and I went absolutely BONKERS for her last year. I could not get enough of this polish. There’s no way I could do a Fall post without including this pretty baby. It is definitely a favorite of mine! And it feels perfect for Fall. I particularly like it for the early part of the season, as the world around me is starting to transition from the heat of late Summer into the (hopefully) cooler temperatures of Fall.


Can you have a Fall colors post without including orange? I don’t think so! Orange is probably the first color people think of when they think of this season. I mean, hello! Halloween and pumpkins and falling leaves! Orange is everywhere.

Over the past year or so, I have become more of a fan of this color, in general. I love bright and sassy oranges for Summer and for the transition into Fall. For Fall itself, I love an orange that has a bit of an edge to it: maybe it is a little burnt, maybe it has gold tones, maybe it has some brown mixed in. Whatever the case, I love a Fall orange that makes me think of changing leaves and cooler temperatures.


Autumn ended up being my choice for a Zoya orange this year. It is deep and beautifully orange with tones of red, brown, and gold tossed into the mix. It is shimmery and glittery. It’s a little more jewel-toned than what I prefer for early Fall, but this is perfect in every way for the middle to end of the season. This polish reminds me of candlelight and snuggling up in front of a fire in the fireplace. It’s so cozy! Plus, it has a perfect name. How could it NOT be on this list?!?


Green isn’t a color I automatically associate with Fall. My brain tends to think Spring or Summer when it thinks about green. But my brain is being silly, because there are some fantastic green tones in this season. In particular, you can see rich and slightly yellowed greens as the leaves begin to turn.

For Fall greens, I like a variety of shades. For the transition from Summer into Fall, I love a green that is slightly bright and has some yellow undertones to it. As we get farther into Fall, I enjoy greens that have the dusty quality I love, as well as some brown or gray to them. And, as Fall deepens into Winter, I like to see greens that are darker and more jewel-toned.


Arbor is a perfect Fall green in my book. I think this polish released in a Summer collection, but it always whispers “Fall” in my ear. It is slightly yellow and slightly brown. It is within the realm of an olive green, but I feel like it is just a tiny bit brighter. I love this one for early Fall. I also love it for later in the season, because there is something warm and cozy about it.


I can never have a seasonal list without including blue. It is my favorite color. But I also think blue is a perfect color for every season. Look above you! There it is, right in the sky above your head: pretty much any tone of blue you would like to see.

For Fall blues, I like some dustiness. I also like a hint of brightness. I like blues that have gray in their undertone, and I also like blues that have some shimmer or sparkle to them. For later in the season, I enjoy deeper, richer, and darker blues.


Rocky might be kind of a strange choice for a Fall colors post. I like turquoise blues for Fall, and this one is particularly nice, in my opinion. It has that dusty and rather muted quality I love for this season. At the same time, it is a little bit bright, which makes it a fantastic Summer-into-Fall color. This reminds me of Fall days when there are no clouds, and the sky is this amazing color of blue that almost hurts your eyes. It also reminds me of a favorite sweater or a design on a cozy blanket.


Sia is a nicely rich blue that seems to ride the line between cobalt and navy. I think navy blue is a beautiful classic for Fall and Winter. There is something iconic about that color, and there is something about it that feels perfectly “Fall” to me. This polish is deep, but it is also bright.


Purple can be such a cozy color. And cozy is perfect for Fall. The days and nights turn crisp and cool, and our thoughts turn toward a favorite sweater or some extra snuggle time on the couch with our sweethearts. (Or with our pets, because, let’s face it: they are our sweethearts, too!)

For Fall purples, I like a muted dustiness, which seems to be one of my staples for the season. I enjoy purples that have gray in their undertones, but I also like bright, almost grape-looking purples. I guess my Fall purple loves kind of run the gamut.


Lotus is a perfect (and perfectly gorgeous) muted, gray-toned purple for Fall. This polish ticks all the boxes for me. And it has beautiful red shimmer/glitter running throughout, which I love. It is a subtle look on the nail, but, when the light catches it just right, this polish has a mysterious, almost fiery glow.


Aurora is so “Fall” to me. Unlike some of the other scattered holographics, I like this one for the entire Fall season, from start to finish. It is a nice jewel tone for the end of Fall and into Winter. But I like how it has a warm, reddish undertone to the base. Because of this, it feels pretty darn perfect for early and mid-Fall, too.


Neutrals are a staple for pretty much every season. I mostly wear color, but everyone needs a palette cleanser sometimes! I think Fall was made for neutrals. The browns in the leaves, the grays in the sky and misty, foggy days, the black of a chilly night — all of these things come immediately to mind when I think of Fall.

I decided to lump browns, grays, blacks, and actual neutrals all together into one category. I love a good brown or black any time of the year. Ditto with gray. But I can’t deny that these colors are beyond perfect for the Fall season.


I am pretty sure Eastyn released in a Spring collection. I think this one is a beautiful neutral for Fall. It is a perfect blend of brown and gray and, maybe, a touch of purple into this gorgeously creamy taupe-gray color. I grew up in S. Texas, and mourning doves often nest in the eaves of houses there. Their gentle calls are one of the sounds that quickly reminds me of Fall, and this color is a perfect dove brown-gray.


Edyta almost feels like a wild card on my official Fall list. I dithered over this one more than I would like to admit out loud. It would be perfectly at home on a Winter/Holiday list. But it also makes me think of late Fall because it has the prettiest golden-green cast to it in certain lights. The grays and blacks in this polish remind me of the dark and stormy clouds that sometimes build up suddenly on an Autumn day. This is definitely a polish that will carry through late Fall and all the way into the Winter, too.


I ended up with an Honorable Mentions list because I can’t make up my mind. I have a serious problem, you guys. I love all the polish, and I have a hard time saying no — even to myself. It’s a disease, I tell ‘ya. A disease! All of the polishes on this part of the list are things I think are great for Fall. It could be that they are more of a Fall-into-Winter sort of shade to me. Or, maybe, something else just barely edged them out in my mind when I was making my official list. And yet, I felt like my Fall post wouldn’t be complete without at least mentioning them.


Merida. There was no way I could leave this beauty off my list, although it crosses into more of what I think of as a Winter or holiday green. In the end, I felt like this gorgeously deep jewel toned green was also perfect for Fall, especially late into the season as we approach the darker, colder Winter days and nights. I also love the bit of sparkle from the scattered holographic. It’s a beautiful polish that crosses the seasons in a perfect way.


Dream is another polish that is so beautiful for late Fall and into Winter. It is bold and bright, and it reminds me of a night sky. This polish is not at all seasonal to me. It is a polish I love, and I happily wear it throughout the year. I think it is perfect for every season. If I had to choose, this one feels a little bit more like a Winter or holiday color. But I felt like my Fall list wasn’t complete without it, which is why it ended up in my honorables. I know. It makes no sense. And I am weird.


Remy is another polish that feels more like a Winter or holiday color to me. At the same time, I started thinking about how beautiful this one would look in the Fall sunshine. The shimmers in here are so pretty. Once I thought about it that way, I knew it needed to be on this list, even if it was only an honorable mention.


Alia is my honorable mention purple. This polish looks really purple to me in the bottle, and it looked really purple to me when I swatched all of these on paper. On the nail, it has more of a berry look. Whatever the case, I think this one is a great Fall color. I like how it is bright and packs a punch. It landed on the honorables list because it’s a jelly. I love jellies for the whole year, but I know not everyone does.


Oh my gosh, this was HARD! I started out with 42 polishes from my Zoya stash that gave me those “great for Fall” vibes as I looked through my swatch pictures. From there, I narrowed it down to 10 official picks and 4 honorable mentions. I felt a little guilty over the honorable mention polishes, but, even so, I think I did a good job of narrowing things down. I have a lot of Fall polishes in my stash because these are the types of colors that appeal to me the most. I buy a lot of them.

In putting this post together, it occurred to me that Fall and Spring polishes have a lot in common. Both of these seasons feel like they pass super-quickly, as if they are transitions on the way to something deeper or longer. Polishes with muted colors or some dustiness to their formulas seem to work for both seasons, and there are some colors that can cross the line between the two. Maybe I’m a little crazy in thinking this, but it was interesting to me in the moment.

I am so ready for Fall. I am ready to wear my dusties and my darks without having to feel like a weirdo. I wear these all year long, but I have to admit I feel a little bit strange when most people are gravitating toward hot neons and I am still jonesing for jewel-toned colors, browns, blacks, and grays. Plus, Fall is my jam. It’s my second favorite season, and it’s my favorite polish season. I look forward to Fall releases every year!


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