Swatch My Stash! An Indie Extravaganza

What a click-bait title! Way to start off the post, Pish! Woo Hoo!

Today’s swatch-a-palooza really is an Indie Extravaganza. At least, it feels that way to me. For today’s post, I decided to show a few indie brands for which I only have 1 or 2 polishes. To get to my desired 10 polishes for the post, I ended up including too many brands to list in the title. Today, I have Fanchromatic Nails, F.U.N. Lacquer, Girly Bits, ILNP, Lollipop Posse Lacquer, LynBDesigns, Painted Polish, and Pretty Jelly. Today also seems to be the death of my “somewhat in alphabetical order” plan. But you know what they say: Great plans were made to be broken. I’m sure someone says that. Somewhere. It’s a big planet.

Most of the polishes in today’s post came to me through various Polish Pickup sales. Others were gifts from lovely nail buddies. When I decide to buy from a brand, even for the first time, I generally will not buy just one or two polishes. I tend to go for three or four, sometimes to meet a discount and sometimes to feel like I am giving the brand a good overall try. Even so, singletons manage to sneak in, and my collection is the happier for it.

As with most of my indie swatch my stash posts, this is more of a show and tell. I am not expecting to destash anything today.


I have one polish from Fanchromatic Nails. I would like to get more from this brand, but I am not sure when or if that will happen. This brand has a nicely heavy, round bottle. It is a bottle shape I like, because it is comfortable for me to hold while I manicure. It has a slightly wide brush — not as wide as Orly, but wider than Zoya or China Glaze — with a short stem and a short-ish cap. The cap is easy to hold while manicuring. I also love the labels for this brand. They are so colorful!


Forged in the Heat of Battle was from the May 2018 Polish Pickup sale. This polish has a dusty-toned, almost steely blue base with gold and holographic silver flakes, as well as red-gold-copper chameleon flakes. It has a great formula. I remember this being a little thicker than I expected. But it was not too thick. It glides onto the nail and dries slightly matte. I liked it at 2 coats.


The theme for May’s PPU was the 1990s, and I was all over that theme. For a lot of the makers and a lot of people shopping the sale, the 90s were their childhood years. I am old, so these were my young adult years, when I met and started dating my husband, when I was in graduate school, when I was starting my career, and so on. They were good years. This particular polish was themed off of Xena: Warrior Princess. You guys … I LOVED that darn show. Freaking LOVED it. I had to see it every week. Xena was my hero and my jam. So I would have purchased this polish even if I hated it.

Guess what? I do NOT hate it. This polish is kind of my hero and my jam, so it’s completely appropriate for Xena. I love the dusty and almost muted color tones in the base. I love all the flakes in here. I particularly love the golds and coppers. Blue and copper is one of my favorite color combinations. Ditto with gold and blue, as long as the gold has an antiqued sort of look to it, which these flakes manage nicely. I haven’t worn this polish in a full manicure yet. It’s one of the hazards of a large and ever-growing collection. But I am looking forward to it. She is sitting out on my desk, waiting for her chance.


My sole F.U.N. Lacquer polish was a gift from my nail bestie, @jenniferwallenfels . The F.U.N. bottle is a tall, slightly skinny square bottle. (Square on the bottom, but rectangular overall, due to the height). It has a cap that is on the long side. Both the bottle and the cap are comfortable to hold while doing a manicure. The brush size and stem length both fall into what I consider a medium range. I like the width of the brush. It is wider than a China Glaze brush but narrower than an Orly. The stem is slightly long, but not so long that polish gathers on it and drips back down to your nail.


Black Holo Witch is my only polish from this brand. And it is likely to remain my only polish from the brand, because F.U.N. is not a brand I follow with any consistency. Black Holo Witch is a clear base that is jam packed with black holographic glitter. It has a slightly thick formula, although not impossible. I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was opaque for me in 2 coats. It has been a while since I swatched this one, and even longer since I wore it in a full manicure!


This polish is super sentimental to me because it was one of the first polishes my sweet nail bestie sent to me. It was one of the first polishes I ever received as a gift! My husband and my parents have purchased polish for me as gifts, but I picked out the polish. This was the first time someone looked at a polish, thought of me, and said, “Hey. She needs that.”

Beyond even the sentimental feelings for this polish, I have to say I love it. It is so holographic and rainbow-riffic and just All The Things. I love that it is black. I love that it is witchy and moody and kind of different. I love black polish, anyhow — in any shape or form. But this one is special for lots of reasons. Plus, it’s just darn fun to wear!


I have one Girly Bits polish, which came into my stash through Polish Pickup. The Girly Bits bottle is a nicely heavy, round bottle. I like the weight and the shape of it. It has a short-to-medium cap with a medium brush and a short-to-medium stem. This is probably one of my favorite bottle and brush shapes. It is one of my most familiar bottle and brush combos, because this is the same bottle used by my beloved Colores de Carol. (The “new” bottle for Colores, that is.)


I Licked It So It’s Mine was from the February 2018 Polish Pickup sale. It is a light pink base with prismatic holographic flakes, blue holographic glitter, and blue metallic flakes. It has a good formula, although this is a sheer polish. I liked it best at 3 coats, even with shorter nails.


Y’all … I can’t even with this polish. It is so sweet and sugary looking on the nail. And can we just talk about the name for a moment? This has to be one of my favorite polish names ever. It’s so funny.

I love the light pink base, which is just a kiss of color on the nail. And I love, love, love all the flakes and glitters in here. My favorite, of course, are the larger blue metallic glitters. It is soft and delicate and super girly in a manicure. I loved wearing it. And, as I’m sitting here typing this post, I am thinking about how I need to wear it again soon. It’s too good. This polish makes me want to try more from this brand. One day … when my budget allows it! Until then, I will have to live through this sparkly pink deliciousness.


I have one ILNP polish in my stash. The ILNP bottle is a square shape that is tall, so rectangular overall. It is nicely thin, and it has a beveled edge at the bottom. It really is a pretty bottle, with very clean lines and a hint of elegance from the bezel. It has a tall and skinny cap that is rubbery to the touch. Both the bottle and cap are easy to hold while applying the polish. The brush is what I consider a standard/medium size. It has a blunt edge that fans out nicely over the nail. It is wider than a China Glaze brush.


The Magician is a topper that is a clear base with unicorn pee pigment in it. Unicorn Pee is a shifting pigment that changes between green, yellow, gold, orange, and red, depending on the lighting. This is most definitely a topper. I used 3 coats on its own in my swatch picture, and I think you can see it will never be opaque without an undie. As a topper, it is nice at one coat, but you can also layer as many as 3 coats over a base without losing the color. Personally, I like it at 2 coats. I think it brings out a lot of the shimmer colors.


This topper broke the nail polish corner of the internet a little bit. When this came out, people were mad for it. There was a ton of hype and excitement around it. I fell victim to all of it, too. I remember looking at endless photos of this topper online, over all different kinds of base colors. I don’t think I would have purchased it for myself, though, simply because ILNP is another brand I don’t follow much at all. My sweet nail bestie sent this one to me.

I think this is a beautiful topper. I wish it showed greens more consistently, but that is a very minor complaint on my part. It is beautiful over a variety of colors, although I feel like it shines best over a darker base color. I love the delicate look of it, as well as the shifty shimmer it has. I am super happy to have this in my stash!


Lollipop Posse Lacquer has a square bottle with a medium-sized cap, a slightly wide brush, and a short brush stem. I like the feel of this bottle and brush a lot. It is comfortable to hold the bottle against the side of my hand, and the cap is easy to grip. The brush is a good fit for my nail size and shape, and the stem is short enough that there isn’t much worry about polish sliding down to flood the brush.


Spirit of the Kohaku River is my only Lollipop Posse Lacquer. It came into my stash from the November 2017 Polish Pickup sale. It is a blue base with green-blue duochrome shimmer, scattered holographic pigment, and pink/gold/bronze/green multi chrome flakes. It has a lovely formula that is opaque for me in 2 easy coats.


November 2017’s theme was Fandoms, and this polish is based off the movie Spirited Away. It is one of my favorite anime movies ever, so it was a given that I needed this polish. I was planning to buy it even before I ever saw pictures of the actual polish! But … this polish is perfection. This polish is “me” in a bottle. It is one of my favorite indie polishes. And it’s one of my favorite polishes out of my entire stash. I really wish I had a second bottle of it. That is how much I love it. (I’ve also worn this 3 times since I purchased it. That is a LOT of love, considering how huge my stash is.)


LynB Designs is another polish brand that uses the same bottle as Colores de Carol. It is a rounded bottle with a medium-to-short cap, a slightly wide brush, and a shorter stem. I love everything about the brush and bottle combo for this brand. It is comfortable and familiar to me. I have 2 LynBs in my stash.


Siren Song is a sky blue base with chameleon iridescent glitters, aqua shimmer, and micro holographic shimmer. It has a beautiful formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.


This polish is from the October 2017 Polish Pickup sale, which was themed around Monsters and Mythological Creatures. And, of course, the Sirens from Greek mythology were the inspiration behind this beautiful polish.

This is another polish that is “me” in a bottle. Everything about it is right up my alley, from the sweet blue base color to the iridescent glimmers off of the glitters. I love this one, and I have worn it multiple times. There is something so watery and perfect about it. This one hits my happy feels every time.


Spoon! came into my stash from the May 2018 Polish Pickup, which was themed around the 1990s. The inspiration for this beauty was one of my favorite, weird cartoons: The Tick. It is a bright blue base with pink shimmer, orange-gold-pink flakies, and holographic sparkle. This polish has a nice formula. It is easy to apply, but it is on the sheer side. I liked it at 3 coats. Even then, I had a hint of VNL.


So, I bought this polish because of the inspiration behind it. When I got my bottle of it, I have to admit I was a little disappointed in it at first. It didn’t look like I expected it to. In the bottle, the shimmer looks slick and a little overwhelming. It gave the polish an overall frosty or pearly look that put me off from wearing it. It took me quite a while to try this one in a full manicure.

Once I saw it on my nails … What?!?! It was total lovey-lust. The shimmer, which seems overwhelming when looked at through the bottle, is just the right amount on the nail. The flakies are the prettiest shades of soft orange and pink as the light plays across them. And the base color is so darn pretty. I ended up loving this one, and I’m happy to have it in my stash.


Painted Polish comes in a square bottle with a rather tall cap. The cap tapers in at the top and gets wider as it travels down toward the bottle, and it is a slightly rubbery texture. Overall, I find the cap and bottle both comfortable to hold when I am applying a manicure. The brush is on the wider side. It is a good shape and size for my nails. And the brush stem is kind of short, which is also something I like. I have 2 polishes from this brand. I like both of them so much that this is a brand I would consider purchasing from directly in the future.


Festival of Frost is a white crelly base with dark blue, aqua/turquoise, and purple metallic glitters and a scattering of holographic. It has a good formula that is easy to apply and builds up nicely. I like this polish at 2-3 coats.


This polish came into my stash courtesy of my nail bestie, @jenniferwallenfels. She had this one in her stash, but she decided she no longer wanted it. And she sent it to me. I am so, so, so happy she did! I love this polish. I am a fan of crellies. I kind of want to wear them all, all the time. But this one, in particular, is so pretty because of the delicate colors in the glitter mix. I love how it looks for Winter and holiday wear. But I think it is also beautiful for Spring.


Sucker for a Slayer came from the May 2018 Polish Pickup sale. It is an oxblood red holographic base with silver holographic galaxy glitters and different colors of shifting chrome flakes. It is one of those polishes that seems sheer on the first coat, but it is nicely opaque in 2 easy coats. I love the formula on this polish.


This polish gets me where I live! The May 2018 PPU theme was the 1990s, and this pretty polish was inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was all about Buffy, both in movie and TV series form, although I have to admit I didn’t finish out the series. This polish is vampy and gothic and full of gorgeousness. I love the pops of different colors in here. They are a really pretty surprise against the deep red of the base color. This might be one of the best vampy reds in my stash. Hmm … maybe I should do a post about different vampy reds …


Pretty Jelly comes in a square bottle that has a tall, straight cap. The brush is a nice width. The brush stem is a little long, but not overly so. I feel like I have to be slightly careful of polish sliding down the stem to pool into the brush. I have 1 polish from this brand.


Breath of the Wild is a turquoise crelly with orange shimmer, and flakes in pink, aqua, and green. It came into my stash from the November 2017 Polish Pickup. This polish has a decent formula. It was thicker than I expected, and I found it can become too thick on the nail if I wasn’t careful. I used thinner coats, and I liked it at 2-3 coats.


November 2017’s theme was Fandoms, and this polish was inspired by the video game: Zelda, Breath of the Wild. I was buying this polish no matter what, because I freaking LOVE this video game. In fact, this is probably the only video game I love to this extent. Or, really, at all.

Lucky for me that I think this polish is super pretty. I love the base color, which the maker calls teal but I call turquoise. It has a dusty, muted quality to it that is very pretty. And the flakes pop beautifully against it. I enjoy the hints of bright pinky-purple I can see, as well as the bright greens. I’m happy to have this in my stash, although I don’t have plans to purchase any more from this brand — unless I find something else through PPU.


Wowza! I feel like this was a long swatch-a-palooza post! I like including the bottle and brush info for indie polishes, but I may need to start leaving that stuff out of my posts. I am worried it makes everything too long. Plus, I can be pretty chatty — as y’all know! On the other hand, a long post is kind of par for the course when you have to group several different polish brands together. It’s funny how I have ended up with just 1 or 2 polishes from lots of indie brands. Polish Pickup is totally to blame for this. Not that I’m complaining! I love being able to try different brands.

For next week’s swatch my stash post, I will probably continue with the smaller indies in my collection. Once these are done, I will move into the brands that are larger parts of my stash.



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