My Week in Nails

I am dragging in here several days late for my usual Week ‘o’ Nails post. I usually post these on Fridays, as you guys know. But I wanted to get my Color Street post up this past Friday. That post took quite a while to write. And then, I had to pack to go out of town for the weekend. But (!!!) I am back home. And ready to talk about what I wore last week. Better late than never. Rawr!

I will also have my August favorites at the end of this post. I can’t believe we are in September already. What?!? It’s crazy!! Slow down a little bit, Time!


I started off last week with Nine Zero Lacquer, Astral. This was part of her recent Into Space Duo. I thought I would automatically adore the pants off of the blue shade in the duo. But this purple snuck right in and claimed my heart. It is easily my favorite of the two. Not that the blue-toned one is bad. It isn’t. But this purple is just … Well, there are no words. The beautiful and bright base color, the shimmer, and all those flakes — it is Magnificent. Now there’s a good word!


I decided to do some nail art for my next manicure. I did a gradient with OPI, Don’t Talk Bach to Me (yellow-green) and You Crossed the Nazca Line (pinky-rose). I stamped over it with China Glaze, Best Ponies Forever, and the image is from Born Pretty plate BP-22.

So … this is a weird color combination. I had both of these polishes sitting on my desk, and I loved how their bottles looked next to each other. I couldn’t get the idea of these two in a gradient out of my brain. Since the thought would not let me go, I decided to give in to my odd creative impulse and give this a try. I fully expected I would hate it. But — surprise! — I actually liked this a lot. There is something about these colors together. The combination shouldn’t work, but it does. Initially, I thought I would do stamping on a couple of accent nails for a subtle bit of “extra”. I liked the stamping so much that I ended up doing it on all my nails. I was a little bit extra-extra! I liked this manicure so much. I felt like it turned out looking elegant and subtle and kind of antique, in a way.


My last manicure for the week was this water marble. It is with several polishes from the China Glaze OMG Flashback Collection: 2nite, TTYL, IDK, BFF, and DV8. I used OMG for the base color.


I loved this manicure so much that I decided I needed to post two pictures of it. So I have an indirect light picture and a picture with more sunlight.

Y’all … I freaking LOVED this manicure. I did this on Wednesday night, intending for it to be my manicure for Thursday and Friday. I knew we were planning on traveling for the weekend, so I intended to do a new manicure on Friday night. You know — so my nails would be “travel ready” with a brand new mani. Well guess what? I wore this manicure all weekend long. Yep! Your eyes are not fooling you. I wore this manicure all the way from Wednesday night to late this afternoon, when I got home from our trip and took it off in order to do some swatching. I can’t remember the last time I wore a manicure for that long. Clearly, I enjoyed seeing it on my nails.

I was super impressed with how well these polishes marbled. It was one of the quickest and easiest water marbles I have done in a long time. These colors look beautiful together, and the design was beautifully holographic in the sunlight, as well as different types of indoor lighting, too! I got lots of compliments on this manicure, which was like very sweet icing on top of a yummy cake.


My August favorites were Quixotic Polish-heavy. This brand has quickly become a new favorite for me. I love how delicate and shimmery and ethereal so many of my Quixotic Polishes are. They are beautiful and fun to wear! Overall, I had 7 favorites for the month of August.


Quixotic Polish, Lazurite. This polish is a favorite whenever I wear it. I think I have already worn it either 2 or 3 times. This is a big deal for me!


Quixotic Polish, Summer Blues. This polish was a favorite the moment I put it on my nails. The week I wore this, I didn’t want to take it off. I think I wore it through a whole weekend, and I only took it off because I got in some new things that needed swatching. I have this polish still sitting out, because I want to wear it at least one more time. And I want to do that soon!


China Glaze, Don’t Be Sea Salty. It is shocking as heck to see a pink in my favorites list. But this pink is SPECTACULAR!! I loved this polish on my nails.


Cupcake Polish, Garnet. This polish is so up my alley. It’s almost unreal. It is moody and vampy and gorgeously deep. And all that holographic! Ugh. It’s like they made this polish just for me. And my birthday isn’t even in January!


Quixotic Polish, Enlighten. This polish is like a fairy tale dream. I seriously loved it. I think this one might be my favorite from the Illumi-Naughty Collection. I can’t get enough of it.


And, of course, I had to include my China Glaze OMG Flashback water marble! Part of me wanted to leave it off the list because it was a recent manicure. But I had to get real with myself. I wore this manicure for such a long time. And I never got tired of it. It HAD to be on this list!


So that was my whole week in nails last week. I didn’t have that many manicures. I definitely had fewer manis than usual. But that’s okay. They were all darn good. Plus, I managed to sneak in two nail art manicures, too. That made me really happy.

I wanted to get two posts up today, because I wanted to do a Nail Mail Monday. I still want to share my Texas haul with you guys. But that might have to come later this week. I want to get my Helmer put together this week, too. And I had a nail tragedy on our trip. I broke one of my nails while trying to adjust the air vent over my seat on the plane. Noooooo! So painful. I ended up taking my nails back down to shorty mcshorty territory this afternoon. I’m a little sad about it, because they were at a length I really enjoyed. At the same time, I love the way polish looks on short nails. So I guess I can’t be too, too sad.

So, what’s up for the rest of the week? I hope to get my Texas haul posted. I’m excited to share that, because I feel like there were some great things in there. I hope to have at least one collection review up later in the week. There is my continuing swatch-a-palooza. And I have been working on a few fall color posts. I think I have all the photos for those ready to go. Maybe I can get one of them up soon, too. I feel like I have quite a few fun things coming.

But the impending Helmer construction hangs over my head like the sword of doom. Wish me luck with that, guys!


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