My Week in Nails

Today is a sad, sad Friday. Today is the very last Friday of Summer for us. My daughter starts back to school next Tuesday, so every bit of Summer is precious. I feel like I’m hanging onto it with my fingertips this weekend!

I had a pretty busy mani week this week, but it was all great stuff! And everything from this week was a previously untried polish for me. I have already swatched everything. I’ve been pretty good at keeping caught up with swatching as things come into my stash. But I hadn’t worn any of these in a manicure yet. They are also the newer things in my stash. Some are more recent than others, but all of these came from my little stack of newbies that haven’t been stored away yet.


I started my week off with Cupcake Polish, Garnet. I blogged about my first Cupcake Polish order earlier this week, and this beauty was part of it. And it is A BEAUTY!! This polish is rich and elegant and just luscious on the nail. I love how deep and dark it is. And sparkles galore: Oh. My. Gosh! This one grabs me by the feels — RAWR!!


For my next manicure, I wore Cupcake Polish, Diamond. This isn’t my “official” swatch photo. I decided to try this beautiful topper at 2 coats over a coat of China Glaze, OMG. I loved all the silvery loveliness together. Diamond is a beautiful topper, but I find I adore it on its own. With that said, I think I am going to try wearing it over a black or a dark blue sometime soon. When worn on its own, I like how you can see so many soft, pastel colors — especially pinks and aqua or turquoise. Super pretty!


My next manicure was with Quixotic Polish, Denali Vibes. I’m using my “official” swatch photo for this one, which shows the polish at 3 coats. But I wore it at 4 coats for this manicure. This was my first time going all-in on this polish with so many coats, and I was a little hesitant about it. But you know what? It was worth it!! I loved it. At 4 coats, it was dark and jewel-toned and oh-so-perfect. It reminded me of green hard candies on my nails. The Aurora shimmer in this polish is stunning!


Next in line for this week was LePolish, Paint. This was a Polish Pickup acquisition. I think it was from June, and it has taken me a little while to manicure with it. I have no good excuse, other than to say sometimes you’ve gotta wait for just the right time. And this week was that time — BOO-YAH!! This polish is so freaking pretty. I love the base color, which is soft and gentle. It is a nice combination of blue and green, although it looks more blue to my eye — of course! And the silvery-gray flakes are a perfect touch. This polish reminds me of delicate and exotic bird eggs. That might be a little weird of me. Ha!


And this is today’s manicure. It is Quixotic Polish, Enlighten, from the recent Illumi-Naughty Collection. This polish is fairy tale perfect on the nail. I love the soft, pinkish-red tones in here. It has beautiful sparkle and shimmer. And it looks calm and gentle on the nail. This is a polish I could wear pretty much all the time without ever getting tired of it. It goes with everything, and it makes me feel so, so happy to see it on my nails. It’s hard to pick a favorite for the week, but this one might just be it! I do think it’s going onto my list of favorites for the year.


Y’all!! That was a great week of manicures! Even though I didn’t get any nail art done, I had tons of fun with my manicures and these polishes. I’m not sure if I will come back to blog over the weekend. Given that it’s the last hurrah of Summer, I probably will not. I had planned on getting in at least one more post during the past week, but it didn’t work out. Ah well … plans are like that sometimes.

Next week, I have a Nail Mail Monday, and I need to figure out which part of my stash to swatch for my weekly swatch-a-palooza. I have a few reviews I want to share, too. Hopefully, I can get to at least one of them! We shall see what happens as my house gears up to get back into the school year routine.


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