Swatch My Stash! Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, Blush Lacquer, & Cameo Colours Lacquer

I’m heading into the blog for a larger-than-usual swatch-a-palooza. I am still doing the shimmy-shimmy through my indie polish stash. And we are in uncharted territory today, which is both exciting and a little scary, because I don’t have notes on any of these pretties. I am winging it!

My stash has grown in leaps and bounds since I first started my swatch-them-all project, mostly thanks to Polish Pickup. One thing I love about PPU is that it allows me to try new-to-me brands. And, sometimes, those brands make a home in my collection. Thus is the case for the three brands in today’s post. I tried all three of them through PPU, and a couple of them started making little nests within my stash. What are you going to do? Sometimes polishes multiply when you aren’t looking. I think it’s because they are locked inside those dark storage drawers … *ahem*.


I have five polishes from this brand, all from Polish Pickup. Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer comes in a 14ml bottle that is nicely square in shape. I find the bottle fits comfortably between my thumb and the side of my hand while I manicure. I find the brush size comfortable. It is neither too thin nor too thick, and the brush stem isn’t overly long. In general, I don’t have problems with polish dripping down the stem of the brush while I am mid-mani. Additionally, I love this brand name. There is something about it I find cute and happy. It always puts a smile on my face.


The Corundum Conundrum is a bright fuchsia crelly with fine blue shimmer, gold and blue micro flakies, and two different color-shifting flakies: blue-violet/pink/gold and blue/green/gold. This beauty has a great formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats. This was part of the January 2018 Polish Pickup, and the theme for that month was crystals and gemstones.


This pretty pink caught my attention right away. It is so bright and vibrant. It practically buzzes off the nail. And I love the gentle, pastel pops of color I can see from the flakes. Top all of that off with some beautiful shimmer, and you have a polish that gets to the core of my little, glass, polish-loving heart. So pretty!


Not Winding You Up was from the October 2017 Polish Pickup, which was themed around Monsters and Mythical Creatures. I went mad crazy during that particular sale. I think I purchased 11 or 12 polishes, which remains my record for PPU. And you know what they say: records are made to be broken. But don’t tell my hubby — ha, ha! This beautiful polish is a burgundy jelly with light gold metallic microflakies and red-pink-gold-green shifting Nfu Oh-style flakies.


This polish has a great formula that is pretty much opaque in 1 coat, although I generally wear 2 coats of everything. I find I get much longer wear that way.

This polish. Oh … my … gosh, This Polish!! It is spectacular. I love the base color. It’s beautifully red and deep, but also bright. It reminds me of a cranberry red more than a burgundy. I love, love, LOVE the flakies in here. They pop the prettiest bright pinks against the base color, and the touch of gold finishes everything off perfectly.


Handsomest Boys was part of the November 2017 PPU sale, which was themed on “fandoms”. This polish is a purple-leaning periwinkle with ultra-fine red/pink shimmer, fine red/pink, gold, and blue shimmer, and blue and gold micro flakes. It has a fantastic formula that is opaque for me in 2 easy coats on shorter nails. If I wore this on slightly longer nails, I was thinking I might like 3 coats. The polish is a little sheer, but not overly so.


Oh my gosh, but I adore the heck out of this polish. I have already worn it 2 or 3 times in full manicures or under nail art. Plus, it was based on an anime I happen to love mucho. This pretty polish has a delicate look on the nail. The flakes and shimmers sparkle beautifully in all different types of lighting, and I particularly love the sparks of bright blue.


Lighting the Way is from the December 2017 PPU. The theme for that month was “holidays around the world”, and this polish was based on the Obon Festival, which is something I would dearly love to see. From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like an amazing experience. This polish is a navy blue jelly packed with copper shimmer, copper glass flecks, red to copper shifting shimmer, and gold and blue microflakies.


I am such a fan of navy blues with all the stuff tossed in. It’s not exactly a magical description, but that’s how I think of these types of polishes. And they are magnificent. I never get tired of seeing them on my nails. I love the shifting colors, which give these polishes beautiful depth and dimension. This one ticks all the boxes. She’s a beauty!!


Welcome to the Coast was from the June 2018 PPU, which was themed around video games. It is a bright aqua with fine copper shimmer, copper and aqua sparking shimmers, green micro flakies, and bronze to green Aurora shifting shimmer. This polish has a lovely formula, which is nicely opaque in 2 coats with just a hint of VNL showing through.


I love the stuffing out of this polish. It is so vivid and bright — a perfect shade of aqua-tinted turquoise. And those little pink shimmers make me crazy. But in a good way. In fact, I kinda want to rush off and mani with it right now!


Blush Lacquer comes in an 11ml bottle that has a skinny, rectangular shape. It’s a good bottle shape for my manicure style, as it fits comfortably between my thumb and the side of my hand. I really like this brand’s brush. It is wider and rounded at the bottom, which is a perfect fit for my nail shape. The brush handle is long, but the stem is short.


Not Your Average Seahorse was another October 2017 PPU purchase for me. This beautiful polish is based on the Percy Jackson version of a Hippocampus for the theme “Monsters and Mythical Creatures”. This is a navy-based polish with shifting orange-gold-green micro flake shimmer, shifting green-blue-purple-pink flakies, and a touch of scattered holo. It has a fantastic formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.


Oh my gosh, but this polish is ALL KINDS of pretty!! It’s beyond pretty. No, it’s beyond beyond pretty. I freaking LOVE it. It has this beautifully colored glow that gives it a mysterious sort of something-something. And there are so many flakes in here. Ugh. Just kill me dead. This polish is too darn good. It is also my only Blush Lacquer polish. Which is kind of crazy, considering how fabulous this one is. I may need to remedy that one day soon.

Wait, what was that sound? Oh yeah. I think it was my wallet, sobbing in the corner.


Cameo Colours Lacquer quickly found a sweet spot in my ever-growing polish stash. I first found this brand through PPU, but I have purchased directly from their website. Their polishes have a delicate quality to them that caught my attention and imagination right away.

This polish comes in a 15ml round bottle. This bottle shape is pretty standard. I like it, although I sometimes find it difficult to hold when I manicure. It’s not an impossible difficulty, but the bottle sometimes slips out of my grip when I hold it between my thumb and the side of my hand, which is my preferred mani position. The brush handle is long and easy to hold comfortably. The brush is squared off at the end, and it is a nice thickness — not too wide and not too thin.


Noble Land Mermaid was from a Valentine’s Day collaboration. It is a light lavender scattered holographic crelly with pinky-purple shimmer, violet-blue-green UCC flakes, green-purple shifty micro glitters, purple-blue iridescent micro glitters, and hot pink micro flakes. I liked the formula for this polish. I found it easy to work onto the nail, and it was nicely opaque for me in 2 medium-to-thick coats.


This polish is so darn pretty. I know the description calls it a lavender, but this one reads mostly pink to me. That’s why it’s in my red/pink spot for this post. It’s not the type of polish I would usually go for, but I couldn’t get this one out of my mind. It grabbed me by the feels and refused to let go. I love the delicate color. And the flakes are so, so pretty. If I was a mermaid, I would want to look just like this!


Pine Scented Air was from the Holiday Scented Memories Collection. It doesn’t actually smell like pine, by the way. But it is a lovely green color that reminds me of walking through a beautifully scented pine forest. This is a forest green holographic base with holo micro flakes. This polish has a great formula that was opaque in 2 easy coats and almost opaque in 1.


This is a simple polish. It doesn’t have a ton of flakes or glitters or bells and whistles.  But it is oh-so lovely in every way imaginable. This is a beautiful, rich, and deep tone of green. And the holographic gives it just the right touch of “extra”.


An Evil That Devours was from the October 2017 PPU, which, as I’ve already mentioned a couple of times, was themed around Monsters and Mythical Creatures. This is a jewel-toned emerald green base with scattered holographic shimmer, lime to green to gold UCC flakes, lime to gold iridescent micro glitters, silver holo micro shreds, and white flakes. Whew! There is a LOT of stuff inside this polish. And it is all magnificent.


This polish has a fantastic formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats. It dries to a smooth finish on the nail, which was a bit of surprise to me, considering how much glitter is packed in here. This polish is so, so pretty. It blows my mind, each and every time I look at it. I think this might be one of the prettiest polishes in my whole stash. This was my first experience with Cameo Colours Lacquer, and, of course, this polish encouraged me to jump down the rabbit hole with this brand. I have no regrets!


Hex-Sea and I Know It is a blue crelly full of neon pink, green, and blue hex glitters in a variety of sizes. This polish has a good formula that, if anything, is a little on the thick side. It is opaque in 2 easy coats and would be opaque in 1 if the base wasn’t on the jelly side of crelly.


Look how pretty this is! I love how you can see all the layers and layers of glitters through each level of beautiful blue base color. My one complaint about this polish is that the formula is a little thicker than I would prefer. It’s not impossible, but I feel like I might have gotten a slightly bad bottle. Even so, I still love this one. In fact, I need to wear it again soon!


Shuttity Up Up Up was from the November 2017 Polish Pickup sale. I didn’t purchase this one through PPU, but I was lucky enough to get it as part of my mystery bag order through the Cameo Colours website. This pretty polish is an indigo/purple jelly base with red-gold-purple-aqua shimmer, red-bronze flakes, iridescent chameleon glitters in various sizes, and silver holographic micro flakes.


This polish has a great formula. It is opaque in 2 easy coats. And just look at it! This polish contains a rainbow’s worth of goodness. I love all the colors. I love all the glitter shapes and sizes. I love all the shimmer and sparkle. In short, I love the heck out of this polish, and I can’t believe I didn’t order it when it was available through PPU. I’m so happy I got a second chance at it. Yay for polish karma!!


He’s Worm Food was from the May 2018 Polish Pickup, which was themed around the 1990s. This polish is a pastel blurple crelly full of gold, pink, and violet shimmer, with copper/gold/fuschia and blue/violet/copper UCC flakes, hot pink, deep violet and gold micro flakes, silver and gold holo micro glitter, a touch of pink and red/blue/purple micro glitters, a smattering of multi-size navy holo glitters, and silver holo micro flakes. This polish has a beautiful formula that was opaque for me in 2-3 coats.


Oh. My. GOSH! This polish is All The Things. And it is magnificent. I can’t get over how much stuff is in here. I think it’s safe to say there is an official crap-ton of glitter and shimmer and sparkly stuff in here. It all works together beautifully without looking like too much. In fact, it’s not even close to “too much”. It is just enough, in every single way. I love this one.


Rainbow Moonstone Magic was from a Polish Pickup sale. It is a beautifully soft white polish with a world of shimmer and sparkle. It has a good formula that was opaque for me in 2-3 coats.


Oh, pretty polish … how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Man, this polish is so soft and pretty and just stunning. The shimmers are delicate and beautiful. I particularly love the blues against this soft white base. It has a lot of depth and dimension to it, and it is beautiful both on its own and as a base for nail art.


The Glass Slippers is a white polish with duo chrome shimmer; gold, pink, violet, blue, and green glass effect flakies; and a smattering of tiny iridescent and silver holographic glitters. This polish has a sheer formula, but it is still good. It was opaque for me, with a hint of VNL, at 2 coats.


Just look how delicate and lovely this polish is. Ugh. It kills me dead. I love the soft golds and the scattering of shimmers from the iridescent goodies in here. It’s not a polish I expect to wear a ton, but it is such a pretty look on the nail.


Wowza! That was a lot of polish stuff happening in here today. But I think it was all pretty good stuff. With lots of pictures. And just a little chatter. Okay. A lot of chatter. What can I say? I like words. And these polishes.






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