Swatch My Stash! Native Warpaints

It’s my last Tuesday on vacation. I am sad and happy about this, all at the same time. I am sad to see Summer end. It feels like I waited for it for so long, but it also feels like it went by really quickly. We packed a lot of fun into this Summer, though. So that has to count for something! At the same time, I am ready to go home and be in my house with my dogs and my usual routine. Vacation is fun, but I wouldn’t want to live this way — ha, ha!

For today’s post, I have the next installment of my swatch-a-palooza series, and today’s brand is Native Warpaints. This is a brand I don’t purchase often. But I love the ones I have gotten from them. That seems to be a frequently recurring theme with my indie polishes! All in all, I have 11 polishes to share in today’s post. I don’t think I have something in each color category, so I will do these in alphabetical order. Also, I don’t have brush and bottle information at hand right now. I will try to remember to come back and edit this post to include that information once I get home. As with most of my indie posts, I don’t expect to destash anything today. This is more of a show and tell kind of thing.


First up is Bog of Eternal Stench. This polish is from the 2016 Labyrinth Collection, which was based on the movie, The Labyrinth. I think I might be the only person in the universe who hasn’t seen this movie. Every time I tell people I haven’t seen it, they look at me like I have three heads. Which makes me think I should probably scare this movie up on DVD or iTunes or somewhere so that I can watch it. But I digress …


This is my macro shot for Bog of Eternal Stench. This polish is hard for me to describe, color-wise. It is sort of green and sort of gold. But it also has glitters that spark deeper green and red-orange. I feel like you can see the true beauty and detail of it in a close-up picture. This polish has a good formula. It is kind of sheer, but it builds up nicely on the nail. It’s generally opaque for me in 2 coats, but I could see it needing 3 coats when my nails are longer.

I freaking LOVE this polish. It is so unusual and kind of weird. I am a sucker for gold polishes, and I love the green tint to this one. It gives it a murky, almost swampy sort of feeling. But the glitters spark beautifully, and I love the extra detail and depth they give to the polish on the nail. This is definitely one of those “ugly pretty” colors that I love to love!


Dancing on the Clouds is from the Once Upon a Dream Collection. I think this collection released in 2016.  This is a soft and slightly glittery purple-white. This polish has a good formula, although it is very sheer. I like the opacity at 2-3 coats, depending on my application technique. I never feel this polish is completely opaque. I always have at least a little VNL on display with this one.


This is my macro for Dancing on the Clouds. There is a lot of pretty and delicate shimmer in this one. It is very pastel and ethereal looking on the nail. I find this polish has a slight hint of frostiness to it, although I don’t feel it is overwhelming on the nail.

I love polishes like this. I find I gravitate toward them in the bottle. I love the look of them in the bottle and the idea of them on my nails. But I end up not wearing them often. I have so much polish in my stash, and it seems I end up wearing bolder, brighter colors a lot of the time. Still, this polish is so pretty and delicate. It makes a beautiful manicure, which is why I can’t seem to let it go. Plus, I love the slightly purple tint to the white. It has a very “fairytale” feeling to it, which makes sense with the collection theme.


Goblin King is also from the 2016 Labyrinth Collection. It is a black base with lots of flakies: shifting purple flakes, multi-chrome flakes, and blue to red flakes/flash. This polish has a good formula. It is sheer for me on the first coat, but it comes to full opacity in 2 easy coats.


This is my macro for Goblin King. Argh!!! Just kill me dead right now. And I would die a happy, happy polish addict.

This polish is STUNNING on the nail. Words really can’t describe it. My brain looks at this gorgeousness and goes all wonky with the words. I love it to stinking bits!! There are so many shades of blue and purple and red in here. And it all pops perfectly against this dark base. I love how mysterious and moody this polish is. It’s perfect for Fall and Winter, but I confess this is definitely a polish I love to wear all year long.


Gum Would Be Perfection is from the I’ll Be There For You Collection, which (I believe) came out in 2016. This collection was based on the TV show Friends, and it is (so far) the only full collection I’ve purchased from Native Warpaints. Friends is a favorite show, and it’s also a very sentimental show for me. So, of course, I had to have this entire collection when it came out. It’s a great collection, too!


This is my macro shot for Gum Would Be Perfection. This polish is a pink holographic base with copper-gold shimmer running throughout. The formula for this polish is perfection! It is beautifully opaque in 2 easy coats.

I really think this polish should be called The Most Perfect Pink. Because that’s what it is. It is an absolute favorite for me, pink-wise, from my entire stash. I love the combination of the pink base and the copper/gold shimmer. But once you toss in the holographic, too … Well, stick a fork in me, because I am DONE!! I just love this polish. *sigh*


How You Doin’? is also from the 2016 I’ll Be There For You Collection. It is a blue jelly base packed with different holographic micro-glitters: blue, silver, and gold. This polish has a great formula. I remember it being a little thicker than I expected, but not too thick. I generally have no problems getting this one opaque in 2 easy coats.


This is my macro for How You Doin’?. Look at All That Glitter!!!! Ugh. It is so pretty and blue and beautiful and blue. Did I mention it was beautifully blue?

You don’t need a billboard to tell you I freaking LOVE this polish. This color is right up my alley. And it has glitters up the wazoo. Whenever I put this on my nails, I always think, “Oh YAAAASSSSS!!!”


I Got Off the Plane is another polish from the 2016 I’ll Be There For You Collection. This polish is a black base with blue-purple duo chrome and scattered holographic. It has a good formula that is beautifully opaque for me in 2-3 coats. I can usually get it opaque in 2, but I sometimes feel I need a third if I go in too thin.


This is my macro shot for I Got Off The Plane. Look at it. LOOOOOOOK At it!!!! Ugh. This macro shot makes me want to fall on the floor and roll around like a happy cat. (Not because my picture is so awesome, but because this polish is so awesome!)

This polish is so beautiful. I love everything about it. It has layer upon layer of detail, depth, and glitter power. I love how the purple tones are kind of grayed-out. Between the purple-blue shift and the holographic glitters, there is a lot of blue packed into this baby, too. And you know Mama loves that!!


Once Upon a Dream is from the 2016 Once Upon a Dream Collection. It is a soft, pastel green-blue with a delicate shimmer/sparkle to it. I have seen this one described online as a blue, but mine looks a lot more green to my eye. I can see blue tones in there, though.


This is my macro for Once Upon a Dream. Like its sister polish (Dancing on the Clouds), this pretty baby has a sheer formula. It is lovely on the nail and opaque in 2-3 coats.

This polish fits its name oh-so perfectly! It has a beautifully dreamy fairytale quality to it that makes me think of Cinderella and other Disney princesses. I love the color. I have seen photos of this polish online that look a lot more blue than mine do. My pictures are accurate to what I see when I look at this color in person. So I am not sure if my bottle ended up more green or if the other photos I have seen are off or what. Part of me longs a little bit for this one to me more blue. Because that’s what I do, and because blues are my jam. But, for the most part, I’m glad mine is heavier on the green tones. It makes this polish absolutely unique in my stash. I have nothing else even remotely like this. And it is so pretty on the nail.


Seven, Seven, SEVEN! is from the I’ll Be There For You Collection. This is a purple holographic base with UCC flakes and color-shifting flakes. It has a great formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.


Here is my macro for Seven, Seven, SEVEN!.

This is a great purple. It hovers right around the “perfect grape color” territory. And I love how the flakes pop different colors that contrast with the base. I am such a sucker for the UCC flakes. I have found I love them in pretty much any base color.


Sir Didymus is from the Labryinth Collection. It has a bright blue metallic base that is packed with gold, red, and blue multi-chrome flakes. This polish has good formula. It was more sheer than I expected, but it built up well to full opacity in 2 coats.


This is my macro shot for Sir Didymus. There is so much gorgeous flakie action in here! It makes me want to run around and scream and do crazy things. RAWR!

So … you already know I love this one. Right? Yep! It has that bright and vibrant blue thing going on. And it has that flakie thing going on. I love how you can see purples and reds from the flakes. The pops of color are beautiful against the bright blue base. It is fabulous!!


Smelly Cat is another polish from the I’ll Be There For You Collection. It is a gray-toned taupe with UCC flakes, scattered holographic, and copper shimmer. This polish has a great formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.


This is my macro shot for Smelly Cat. This is such an unusual polish, and I really don’t think it’s possible to fully appreciate it without seeing it up close.

This is definitely an “ugly pretty” polish. I’m not gonna lie. I was underwhelmed with this one when I first saw it. At a distance, it looks kind of murky and grungy and very neutral. But if you look at it up close, you can see the prettiest pops of gold, red, and copper from the flakes and holographic. I think the copper shimmer kind of warms up the base color, too. This polish doesn’t look like much in the bottle, but it is surprisingly pretty on the nails. Incidentally, if a smelly cat smell was a visible thing, I am sure it would be this color.


The One With The … is also from the I’ll Be There For You Collection. This is a black base packed with UCC flakes and holographic. It has a good formula. It is opaque in 2 coats, but I like it at 3. I like how deep and dark the third coat makes the base color.


Here is my macro shot for The One With The … So. Many. Flakies!!!!! I die.

You can already tell I adore this polish. It is so many things that I love packed into a bottle: black base color … check!; UCC flakies … check!; scattered holographic … check!; lotsa lovey-lust … check! I remember when I first wore this polish. I was mesmerized by it. I realize the UCC flakes are showing mostly red-orange in my photo, but they also pop the most amazing acid green. This is one fabulous polish of fabulousness.


So there you have it: my small but much loved stash of Native Warpaints. I would like to see this part of my stash grow a little more, but I am not sure it is going to. I have become enamored with a few other indie brands, so I dropped out of the habit of following this brand’s releases and new collections. That’s the one hard thing about loving polish, particularly once you fall down the indie rabbit hole: There is just too much out there! And there’s no way to keep up with all of it. I’m grateful for what I have, though.



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