Swatch My Stash! Superchic Lacquer

I am skipping Topic Tuesday once again this week, in favor of catching up a bit on my stash swatch-a-palooza. I had planned to post my Superchic Lacquers while on vacation in Maui. But, like all my blogging plans, this one went right out the window with the beautiful Maui sunshine and ocean views. And that’s okay! I could sit and stare at the ocean all day long, and that’s exactly what I did on several days of our vacation. It was relaxing and peaceful.

So I’m here today with the Superchic Lacquer part of my stash. I don’t have many from this brand. I like this brand a lot, and I have been happy with every polish I’ve purchased from them. But it just isn’t one of the brands I automatically think of when it comes time to spend my limited nail polish budget. It’s more a factor of there being too much great polish out there, contrasted with too few bits of money for shopping. Plus, this brand is kind of expensive. Classic first world polish hoarder problem.


The Superchic bottle contains the standard 15 ml of polish. It is a heavy bottle with a strong square shape. There are plusses and minuses for me with the bottle size and shape. I like that there is a good amount of product in each bottle. The bottle’s heaviness and square shape both make it very stable, which means I am less likely to tip it over while applying my polish. I like this. But the bottle is a little too large to nestle comfortably between my thumb and the side of my hand, which is my preferred way to hold my polish while doing my manicure. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it is a slight draw-back. The bottles come packaged in a see-through plastic box. I tend to keep them in their boxes, both because I like the packaging and because it makes for easy storage within my drawer system. The polish names are on the bottom of each individual polish bottle, though, so you could easily discard the plastic boxes if you wanted to do so.

The brush has a fairly short stem. I like this, as it means there is less chance for polish to gunk up on the top of the stem and run down onto the brush while I am applying it. I consider the brush wider than normal. It is closer in width to an Orly brush than a China Glaze or Zoya one, although I don’t think it is quite as wide as the Orly brush. All the brushes in my bottles have a flat edge, as opposed to a rounded shape. The bristles fan out nicely for application. I feel like this makes it easier for me to get a nice, clean line at the cuticle without having to do a lot of clean-up.

You can purchase Superchic Lacquer through their website ( Their linear holographics are pretty amazing in every way, and they retail for $14 USD.


I have found Superchic Lacquer’s formula tends to be a little thicker than average. I do not look at this as a negative, because I’ve never had a problem with any of these polishes being gloopy or difficult to apply. They are thick and lush and packed with holographic or glitter goodness. So much so that most of the Superchic polishes in my stash are opaque at 1 coat. I just wanted to mention this up front, because I am pretty sure I will go through each polish in this post and say it has an excellent formula. But, if you don’t like a slightly thicker-than-average polish … you might feel differently about it.

I have 12 polishes to share in today’s post. And I think each one is a lovely treasure.



Rosebuddy is from the 2016 Urban Dictionary Collection. The Superchic website calls it “an incredibly intense vibrant shade of lush golden rose”. This polish has an excellent formula. It is easy to apply, and basically opaque in 1 coat. I always use 2 coats because I feel I get much better wear that way.


This is my macro for Rosebuddy. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles in here, in terms of glitter or flakes or whatever. But there is a TON of beautiful linear holographic.

Oh my gosh, but I love this polish. Talk about starting off with a bang! This polish was kind of a surprise to me, because (as I have mentioned a gazillion times, and will continue to mention) I am not a pink gal. At all. But I wanted this polish something awful the moment I saw the Urban Dictionary Collection pictures. It was one of the first ones I lusted after. And it does not disappoint in person. I love the combination of gold and light pink in here. The gold isn’t overwhelming at all. It is subtle and delicate, like an undertone to the soft pink. Overall, this is a beautifully neutral polish that still has a nice amount of color to it. It’s really pretty on the nail.


Trap Queen is from the 2016 Urban Dictionary Collection. The Superchic website calls this one “an incredibly intense vibrant shade of deep raspberry, formulated with fierce color depth and intense linear holographic effects”. Um … yep! Spot-on, all the way around. This polish has an excellent formula that is opaque in 1 coat, although I always use 2 for better wear.


This is my macro for Trap Queen. It has such a beautiful inner glow from the holographic.

I freaking LOVE this one, too. It is one of the prettiest, most vibrant pinks I have in my stash. I love that it has beautiful blue undertones to it, which pop out unexpectedly from the holographic as light plays across the nail. In the sunlight, this polish is ON FIRE. It is blindingly holographic. Coupled with the lush and deep color, this polish is an absolute stunner.



Rum-Billie is from the 2016 Urban Dictionary Collection. The Superchic website describes this polish as “an incredibly intense vibrant shade of deep lush spiced rum”. This polish has an excellent formula that is opaque in 1 easy coat. I always wear 2, because that’s how I roll.


Here is my macro for Rum-Billie. I feel like this polish kind of falls somewhere between a bronze and a gold in color-tone. But, up close, you can see a lot of orange in here, too.

Ugh. This polish. THIS COLOR!! I love it. I love it all — so much that I would fill a tub with this and bathe in it. You know, if it wasn’t so expensive and chemical-laden. But you get the general idea, right? This is a type of color that is right up my alley. It is rich and deep and sexy. “Lush” is the perfect description for it. It reminds me of whiskey and honey, and I can’t get enough of it. This is one of my favorites from my Superchic stash.


Pheromone is from the 2017 Cupid’s Bow Collection. The Superchic website calls this “an incredibly intense vibrant shade of beguiling lush chartreuse yellow”. This one also has an excellent formula that is opaque in 1 coat. Of course, I wear it with 2 coats.


This is my macro for Pheromone. Oh. My. Gosh! Look at it. Just looooook at it!!!! I can’t even.

Is it going to be any surprise when you hear me type that I love every single thing about this polish? Because I really, really, really do. I love a swampy, slightly murky-looking yellow-green. It hits a sweet spot in my heart and really does something to me. But I think this is a color that’s hard to do. A lot of polish companies try this color. Very few of them get it right. Superchic Lacquer gets it exactly, spot-on right in the very best of ways … and then, they ramp it up with blinding holographic. What?!? What is this sorcery??? I have no idea, but I hope it never ends.

Pheromone is a polish I wanted for ages. It was always sold out when I looked for it on the Superchic website, so I had kind of given up on it. This bottle came to live with me courtesy of the super sweet @docsnpolishgirl on IG. She was destashing it, and asked if I was interested. I wasted no time in jumping on that. I’m sure she could hear me screaming, “HELL YAAAAAASSSSSS!!!” through her computer. Oddly enough, when I went to the Superchic website to get the description for this one, it is showing as in stock now. I guess it can only be in stock for me to purchase it when I already have it. Why, Universe?


Make It Work is from the 2016 Project Runway Collection. The Superchic website describes this one as “an incredible fierce shade of vibrant chartreuse”. This polish has both linear and scattered holographic. It has an excellent formula that is opaque at 1 coat. I always wear 2 — you guys know this already, right? I should stop typing it. But the compulsion is strong.


This is my macro for Make It Work. The scattered holographic in this polish is insane. It’s really vibrant and beautiful, and it pops all kinds of rainbow loveliness against the base color.

This is a polish I adore. And it’s a polish I never knew I wanted. I didn’t pay a ton of attention to the Project Runway Collection. I was too busy buying other brands at the time. (I’m looking at you, Colores de Carol! Because almost all of my polish money lives with you. ^.~) This one, like Pheromone, came to me through @docsnpolishgirl. I am so, so, so happy to have this polish in my stash. I love it! It has that bright, tangy yellow-green color I love. And it has a lot of scattered holographic, which I also adore. In fact there is not a single thing about this polish that I do not like. I love it all!



Heaven’s Coordinates is from the 2016 Scriptures Collection. It is a glitter bomb with green to blue shifting flakes, purple matte micro glitter, and blue matte micro glitter. This polish has a good formula. It can be a little tricky for application and getting full opacity due to all the flakes and glitters. It can be opaque on its own in 2-3 coats. It’s also beautiful at 1 or 2 coats over a base color.  This is a thirsty polish, so it needs a glitter food of some type, or a couple of coats of top coat.


This is my macro for Heaven’s Coordinates. As you can see, it is a flake, glitter, and color extravaganza.

I love this polish. I am all for a good glitter bomb, and even more so when it is as fabulous as this one. Because this polish is mostly made up of flakies, it is soft and only slightly textured on the nail. Even though I feel this one needs a good glitter food or some extra top coat to completely fill it in, I found that the glitters don’t stick up off the nail too much. It is textured, but not with a hard texture, if that makes any sense at all. I love the color combination in here. I also love how there is a mix of metallic and matte finishes. I feel it gives the polish a lot of extra depth and detail. And the pops of purple against the green are really pretty. I wish I could have purchased all the polishes from the Scriptures Collection when it released. Sadly, I didn’t have the available funds at the time, so I ended up picking my two favorites from it.



Deadpool is from the 2016 Urban Dictionary Collection. Superchic’s site describes it as “an intense vibrant shade of deep lush muted ocean blue”. This polish has an excellent formula that is opaque in 1 coat. (And that I wear in 2. Which you already know, right? Okay. I’m going to stop saying it now. I promise. Or, well … I promise to try.)


This is my macro for Deadpool. It is definitely a lush and gorgeous blue, but there is a lot of green in here, too. It really does remind me of the shifting shades of blue you can see in the ocean. And the holographic is BAZAAM!! in this polish.

This polish has such a dark and moody color. I love it. Y’all already know I’m a big fan of dark polish. I love the look of it against my skin tone, and I love to wear darks all year long. I enjoy the shifting shades of blue and green within this polish. And the holographic is like icing on a very sweet, very amazing cake.


Vapor High is from the 2017 Slayeigh The Mountain Collection. It is a light and bright aqua or pastel turquoise color. This polish has a fantastic formula. It is opaque in 1 coat.


This is my macro shot for Vapor High. I love how light and bright this polish is. It came out in a winter collection, and it felt like a refreshing breath of fresh air.

This is such a pretty color. I feel like it’s also an unusual color within my stash. The holographic contrasts beautifully with the base color. I love this one in the winter because there is something kind of snowy or icy about it. But it feels equally grand for Spring or Summer. I think the color also has a mermaid or ocean feeling to it. It’s an icy, wintery ocean mermaid. Or … something like that.


Hypothermia is from the 2017 Slayeigh The Mountain Collection. It is a beautiful, mid-tone blue that is packed (like all these Superchic beauties) with linear holographic. It has an excellent formula that is opaque in 1 coat. (See? I didn’t even mention that I wear it at 2. Oh, wait … oops.)


This is my macro shot for Hypothermia. Isn’t it just the prettiest shade of blue? It makes my little, polish-hoarding heart go pitter-patter.

Needless to say, I love it. LOVE IT!! Blues are my jam. And this shade of blue, in particular, is right up my alley. This is one of those colors I could wear any time of the year. And I could put it on over and over again, and never get tired of it. It reminds me of old and slightly faded denim, but the color denim gets when it is just starting to get comfortable. It still has a little bit of the dark blue dye in it, but it has been washed enough that it fits like it was made for you. You know what I mean. Yeah … that color.


In the Twinkling of an Eye is from the 2016 Scriptures Collection. This is a clear base with burgundy to purple multi-chrome flakes, royal blue matte micro glitter, and lavender matte micro glitter. This polish has a good formula, although it can be a little tricky to apply because of the flakes and glitters. It is opaque on its own at 2-3 coats, but it also looks beautiful over a base color at 1-2 coats.


This is my macro picture for In the Twinkling of an Eye. I love how the lighter glitters run throughout this polish. They are such a light color that they look almost white.

This was my other favorite from The Scriptures Collection. I love, love, love the color combination in here. The bright blues with the deeper red-purples makes a beautiful contrast. And the lighter glitters set everything off perfectly. This is another thirsty polish. It is slightly textured but soft on the nail. I like a glitter food with it or a couple of coats of top coat. But even if I didn’t fill in all the texture, I feel like this polish wouldn’t snag on things. This is one of the most unique and unusual (in a good way) polishes in my entire stash. I love everything about it — except for the fact that it can be a bit of a pain to remove.



Zombie Crush is from the 2016 Urban Dictionary Collection. The Supechic website calls this one “an intense vibrant shade of deep lush blackened blood red-purple”. This polish has an excellent formula. It is opaque at 1 coat.


This is my macro picture for Zombie Crush. The holographic in this polish pops the most beautiful rainbows against the dark base color.

This polish is such a beauty. As you can tell from this post, I was pretty nuts for the entire Urban Dictionary Collection. I think most of my Superchic polishes come from it. This one was a winner, even among that amazing collection. The color is so deep and vibrant. It’s almost extravagant, in a way. I love the rich combination of red and purple in here. And the holographic is stunning. I love wearing this one because it looks so dark and moody inside, but it comes alive when I get outside into the sunlight. I’m actually sitting here right now thinking I need to wear this one again soon, even though I have lots of untrieds waiting for my attention!



Ice Dagger is from the 2017 Slayeigh the Mountain Collection. It is a soft black or charcoal gray with a little silver and gold duo-chrome tossed into the mix. It has an excellent formula. For me, this one didn’t seem as opaque as others in my Superchic stash. I felt I needed 2 coats for full opacity with this polish. But they were easy coats. And I would have been doing 2 coats, no matter what.


This is my macro for Ice Dagger. Up close, you can really see the flashes of gold and silver in the blackened gray base. It’s so pretty.

This is the one Superchic polish in my stash that I considered destashing. I remember feeling a little disappointed in this polish when I first got it and first wore it. It is a black with a soft appearance on the nail, kind of skirting between a black and a very dark gray. At the time, I wanted it to be more black, and I felt a little bit distracted or put off by the sparks of gold. When I went through and swatched my stash for the first time, I made up my mind to destash this one.

Well … guess what? It is still in my stash. And I am happier than heck that I did not let it go. When I swatched it the second time for a better set of pictures, I LOVED it. I loved everything about it. It’s hard but soft at the same time. And the golds and silvers create such a beautiful contrast to the darker base color, along with the strong linear holographic. So, yeah. This one is definitely staying with me for the duration.


So there it is: My entire, not-so-large Superchic stash. This is such a great brand. Every polish I have tried from them is superior in quality, formula, and color. I love seeing these on my nails. In general, I feel a little put-off from buying them because they are rather expensive. But I think I may need to focus on building up my Superchic stash a little more. Maybe that will be one of my polish resolutions for 2019. (I know. I’m thinking waaaaay ahead here! But a girl’s gotta plan.)

Of course, I did not manage to destash anything in this post. Most of my indie swatch-a-palooza posts are going to be like this. They are more of a show and tell than a true destash.

I’m not sure what brand I will tackle for next week’s post. I will be away in Texas for a couple of weeks visiting my parents, but I always have plenty of time to blog when I am there. I may do my Native War Paints next, followed by Nine Zero. But it will depend on which images I have readily available to pre-load into my blog.



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