Colores de Carol: Summer 2018 Summer Adventure Trio

Hey-ho! I wanted to drop into the blog today to share the Colores de Carol Summer Adventure Trio. I am super, super late in sharing these. They have been out for a while. I had the best-laid plans to do this post while I was on vacation in Maui. It seemed perfect to do a Summer Adventure Trio review when I was having my own summer adventure. Well … We all know how that turned out. Ha!

The Summer Adventure Trio is a special Summer release. Each polish is a dark-to-clear thermal with some added pizzaz in the form of glitter, shimmer, and holographic. I just checked the Colores de Carol website, and the listing for the whole trio is marked as “sold out”. But the individual polishes are still listed as available. So, you still might be able to grab these up if you want them and you don’t have them already. All descriptions are from the Colores de Carol website. Also … Spoiler Alert: I wanted to show these polishes both cold and warm, as well as macro shots. So there are going to be a lot of pictures ahead!


Refresh “transitions from a magenta fuchsia when cold to a colorless when warm. It has Aurora shimmer, micro confetti glitter, and micro holo glitter”. This polish has a good formula. It applies easily and builds up well on the nail. I liked it at 2-3 coats. I was probably good with opacity at 2 coats, but this polish transitions so quickly that it was a little hard for me to tell exactly how much I had on my nail and whether it was truly opaque or not.


I wasn’t able to get a picture of this one fully warm. I think my hands were a little cold on the day I took these swatch pictures. But you can at least see the warm tone starting to happen in this picture. For me, this polish never went completely clear. No matter how warm it got, it remained a light, light pink — like a slight blush of color across my nails. I was not mad about this at all.


Here is my macro for Refresh in its cold state. I feel like you can really see the glitter in this polish, even when it is in the darker cold color.

My heart was not prepared for this polish. At all. I ended up LOVING hard on this one, especially when it is in the darker cold state. That vibrant pinky-purple does something to my heart and gives me all the feels. It is stunning. I typically don’t love lighter or more pastel pinks, but I found I liked this one in the warm state, too. I love how the confetti glitters pop against the lighter color. The glitters are so tiny and perfect, and they give the polish a delicate look on the nail.


By The Sea “transitions from deep teal when cold to colorless when warm. Packed with Aurora shimmer, iridescent chameleon glitter, and metallic blue micro glitter”. This polish has a great formula. Just like Refresh, it applies easily and builds up well, with the only drawback being that it shifts as you are applying it. So it can be difficult to tell just how opaque it is. I wore it at 3 coats, although I probably would have been happy with 2.


This is By The Sea in its warm shift. Well, partially warm and partially cold. As you can see, my room was cold when I swatched these, so I used warm water to get the shift on camera. I halfway expected this one to retain a blush of color in its warm state, too. But it didn’t. It went pretty much colorless for me once I got it warmed up.


Here is my macro shot for By The Sea. I am absolutely in love with the iridescent chameleon glitters in here. They look so different when the polish shifts from warm to cold. I feel like they stand out beautifully in the cold state. But they also look fabulous when the polish is warm. In the warm state, the darker blue micro glitter is much more apparent.

This is the polish that sold me on getting the trio, because the cold color is freaking amazing. It is so lush and has a mermaid or watery feel to it that I love. So, I already expected to adore this polish in its cold state. Considering the color, which is so vibrant and blue-toned, that was a given. But I found I love it equally when it is warm. There is something about the combination of iridescent glitter and the dark blue metallic glitters against the clear base that hits me in the feels. I can’t decide which is my favorite: warm or cold. I want them both!


Wild and Free “transitions from purple when cold to colorless when warm. It has micro holo glitter, Aurora shimmer, violet holo hex glitter, and blue iridescent flakes”. The formula for this polish is good. Like the others in the trio, it applies evenly and builds up well. But it shifts to the warm state even as you are applying it, which makes it difficult to judge whether the polish is opaque or not. I wore this one at 3 coats, but, again, I probably would have been just as happy with 2.


This is my macro shot for Wild and Free. Unfortunately, I don’t have a completely cold shot for this one. My hands were really cold when I swatched the other two polishes. I swatched this one last, and everything had warmed up by then. Even with running cold water over my hand, I couldn’t get the polish to stay fully dark on every nail. But I at least managed to get a “combo” picture, showing both warm and cold.

I found this one didn’t go completely colorless on me. Much like Refresh, this polish left a very pale blush of color across my nails, even when it was completely warm. I found it nearly colorless, but definitely a soft lilac or lavender color. I feel like the glitters stand out nicely over both the cold and warm base colors, but the shimmer showed slightly better when the polish was warm. Overall, I think I like this polish best in the cold state. I like it when warm, too. But I love, love, love how this looks when the polish is cold. The purple is so vibrant, yummy, and juicy looking. It’s a perfect grape-toned purple, and I like the blue glitters against the darker purple color.


I’m sure anyone who happens across this post will already know all about thermal polish. But, just in case, I thought I would add a little information in here. We, of course, buy these amazing thermals for the shift. Sometimes, that color shift from warm to cold is nothing short of magical. And it is always great fun to see it happen on your nails. But, the thermal properties are not going to last forever. I don’t think there is any thermal that will last and shift from cold to warm for years. I have heard the shelf life of thermals is around 6-8 months. After that, they will sort of “lock” into their cold state, or, sometimes, into a color that falls somewhere in between warm and cold.

I own a lot of polish. It is entirely possible for me to wear a polish, love it, and then not wear it again for a couple of years. For this reason, I don’t own many thermals. I try to keep my thermals out of my storage drawers, so that I will be more aware of them and wear them more often before their changing properties wear off. My advice is to buy thermals only if you love the cold state. Well, ideally, you will love them both warm and cold. But you really have to love the cold state, because, eventually, that is what the polish will look like.


I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I like this trio a lot! Ever since I purchased Sayuri in the March 2018 Polish Pickup, I have been a huge fan of Carolina’s color-to-colorless thermals. I love how she puts so many pretty little details into the polish. The warm state might be colorless, but it is definitely not boring!

By the Sea is easily my favorite. If I had to pick just one out of the trio, it would be that one. Thankfully, I didn’t have to pick. I was able to grab them all.  Yay! I think these three polishes go together beautifully. Each cold color is bright, vibrant, and kind of lush or extravagant, in a way. For me, this is the glue that makes this trio nicely cohesive. I love all of these for Summer. They feel perfect for the warmer weather, as well as the hot and cold combo that happens when you move from sizzling outside temperatures into air-conditioned comfort inside.






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