My Week in Nails

Oh. My. Gosh! I had all these plans to blog while I was on vacation. I had a few things lined up, pictures saved, and so on. And … I failed MISERABLY! Well, kind of. I managed to do one nail blog post on my trip. And I managed to do one regular / “life” blog post. So, really, that’s not bad for vacation. But it’s just not what I had planned. What can I say? I was too busy having fun! And I have no regrets — Rawr!!

I am back home now, though. We left Maui at around 4 PM yesterday (Friday … because, remember, WordPress gives my posts a different date if I try to blog after around 7 PM.). We traveled all night, arriving at Chicago O’Hare at around 5:30 AM today (Saturday). We had about an hour lay-over, and then we hopped on the last leg of our trip. We got to our house at around 11 AM today (Saturday). Guys … I’m exhausted. It was such a weird flight and such a weird travel experience, both because we traveled overnight and because we went through 6 hours of time change from west to east. Basically, it feels like I’ve been home for a day or two already, when it’s only been half a day. Crazy!!

Anyhow, I am hitting the blog to do a little mental catch-up, starting with my Week in Nails post for the past week, while I was on vacation. Other than my extra nattering here in the beginning, this is going to be a fairly short post. Because I did not wear many manicures while I was on vacay. I didn’t want to take the time to manicure unless it was absolutely necessary. And I didn’t want to add extra weight to my suitcase by traveling with a lot of polish.


I started off my week and my vacation with Quixotic Polish, Fuji Vibes. I listed this polish on last week’s manicure wrap-up, too, because I applied it on Thursday before leaving for Maui on Friday.

So these were my official “vacay nails”! It took me a long time to decide what polish I wanted to wear for vacation. And I surprised myself by settling on a red. What? What is this madness?? I know. It’s crazy-town time. Even though this polish seemed like a bit of a wild card for me for vacation, I am so, so, so glad I picked it. It is perfection. I probably mentioned this in my last post, too. This polish seemed made for the island sunshine. The light played across my nails beautifully and picked up every single color in the Aurora shimmer. It was fabulous! And this polish wore really well, too. I applied it on the Thursday before we left, and I kept it on until the next Wednesday or Thursday. Not too shabby!!


My other vacation manicure was with China Glaze, Holo At ‘Ya Girl!, which is a tried-and-true travel polish for me. I wore it for a week or a week and a half straight last year, when we went on a trip to Maine. Or maybe it was the year before? I can’t remember. The point is that I already knew it would wear well. And I was more or less okay with risking losing it by putting it into my checked baggage. I always feel a little nervous traveling with my precious indies in my checked luggage. I know it’s not likely to happen, but I always think: What if my bag gets lost? It’s silly of me. I still travel with quite a lot of polish when I go to Texas, but that’s a direct flight. The trip to Maui wasn’t. Our bags had to make it from one plane to another before they got to us.

Anyhoot … This polish! Let’s talk about this polish. I like this one. It is not holographic at all, as everyone knows. But it is beautifully glittery and sparkly. It looks beautiful in both sun and shade. And it has always worn well for me. I have to say, though, I felt it chipped faster this time than it did the last time I wore it. Maybe it was the difference in climate where I was: high humidity vs. low humidity, or the fact that I had my hands in water more, or …something.

I like to wear this one on its own, and I use it at 2-3 coats, depending on how thick I go in with each coat. There is always some nail showing, but this polish is so glittery that you really can’t see it. I was hard-core OBSESSED with this polish when I first got it. I really could not get enough of it on my nails. When I wore it this time, I felt like our honeymoon period was over. I still enjoyed it on my nails, but I didn’t love it as much as I did when I first got it. Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed the weirdo swatch picture. I don’t have a decent swatch picture of this one in my photo files, so I decided to use a quick full-hand picture I took with my phone while on vacation.


That’s it! Two whole manicures for an entire week! I know — that’s crazy talk!

I have a week at home, and then my daughter and I set off on our second adventure to Texas. Right now, I am ready to roll up the sidewalks and cancel the entire second trip because I am mentally and physically exhausted. But my daughter is really excited about going. And my parents have been looking forward to it for months.

This week is going to be busy for me. I have a lot to get done before I travel again. And I have TONS of laundry to do! But I am pretty sure this week will be a week of many manicures, like normal.


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