My Week in Nails

Aloha!! I am coming to you from the shores of Maui. Or, more accurately, from my hotel room balcony, which has a lovely view of the beach and ocean. My daughter and I are enjoying a little downtime at our room after exploring some local shops while my hubby does his snorkel thing. All in all, a perfect and lazy vacation Sunday. And it seemed like a perfect time to post my weekly manicure wrap-up for the past week.

I had a pretty busy manicure week, overall. This was partly because of the July 4 holiday, and partly because I knew I was not going to change out my nail polish much (if at all) on my trip. So I was trying to fit in as many manis as possible before I headed out for vacay!


I started out my week with Orly, Blazing Sunset. I stamped over it with Funky Fingers, Dark Knight, and the design is from Born Pretty plate BP-L008.

Over the past couple of weeks, it was hot, hot, HOT where I live. I’m not always one for neons, but the super hot weather definitely turned my thoughts in that direction. I picked up 3 of the Orly Neon Earth Collection polishes recently. And there is just something about Blazing Sunset. It called to me from the bottle. “Hey! You, there! Buy me!” it said. And so, I did.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt a little tingle of dread that I might regret this purchase, big-time. Guess what? I don’t regret it at all!! I really liked this polish on my nails. It is sizzling hot and so bright that my eyes can’t decide exactly what color it is. Mentally, I prefer some dark, bold, graphic stamping to break up all the neon craziness across my nails. And, even then, I generally can’t handle neons on my nails for more than a day at a time. Surprisingly, I wore this manicure for about two and a half days before I decided it needed to go. I think that makes Blazing Sunset a winner!


My next manicure was a little gradient and nail art combo. The gradient is with Orly, Forget Me Not; Blue-Eyed Girl Laquer, Welcome to the Coast; and China Glaze, Simply Fa-Blue-Less. I stamped over two accent nails with Funky Fingers, Gesso and a design from Bundle Monster + gotnail plate BM-XL212.

I was so, so, so stinking happy with how this gradient turned out. I wasn’t sure if all the blues would flow together because they had different finishes. But I feel like they worked together really well. I wanted Welcome to the Coast over the bulk of the gradient, and I was happily surprised that I managed to get that to work out exactly like I wanted it. I loved the little tip of darker blue at my fingertips. I would have been happy to wear the gradient on its own, but I was in a stamping mood the day I put this manicure onto my nails. I decided to go simple with my stamping so things wouldn’t look too busy. I felt like I already had a lot going on in the gradient because I was using three colors. I loved this one!


This is the first of 2 July 4-themed manicures I did this year. I wanted to use the new Colores de Carol Patriotic Duo, with both polishes together, in at least one manicure. This manicure had Honor on my index and middle fingers, and Freedom on my ring and pinky fingers, over a base coat of China Glaze, OMG.

I really liked this manicure! Right after I did it, I felt a little unsure, since it didn’t have the zing and boldness with color I usually love. But I thought the softer, lighter backgrounds in both polishes let the pops of red and blue stand out nicely. OMG was a great background for Freedom. The holographic in that topper came alive over the light silvery color. OMG is a linear holographic, too. It’s not as strong as an indie holo, but it was enough for the two types of holographic to bounce off of each other for some serious bling in the sun. And Honor — what can I even say about it? I think it is one of the prettiest crellies I have seen in a long time. It’s so beautiful, and I love wearing it.


This was my second July 4-themed manicure. It is with Colores de Carol, 1776 on index and ring fingers and Colores de Carol, Freedom (over a base of China Glaze, Simply Fa-Blue-Less) for middle and pinky.

Of course, I could not let July 4 pass by without wearing my beloved 1776! This polish captured every corner of my heart when Carolina released it last year. I still adore it. It is right up there in my top favorites. It is magnificent and never fails to make me so happy when it is on my nails. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I only have one bottle. Oh, the pain of the nail polish hoarder!!! I loved Freedom over Simply Fa-Blue-Less. They were “simply fabulous” together! (See what I did there? Har, har, har.) I love how the reds and whites and holographic pop so beautifully off of that deep blue base. I loved this manicure. I would have worn it for a lot longer, except I had to remove it to get my nails vacay ready. I used a peel-off base coat for this, so I knew it couldn’t be my vacation manicure. There was no way it would last.


That brings me to my last manicure for the week: Quixotic Polish, Fuji Vibes. These are my vacay nails!! Woot woot!! I generally don’t like anything too full of nail art for vacation or for any time that I know I need to wear my polish longer than my usual 1-2 days. I tend to get tired of a nail art design a lot faster than a solid color. Also, I feel like a solid color is more serviceable for when I don’t know in advance what I will be wearing or what I will be doing at any set time.

It took me a long time to decide what polish to wear on my vacation. I finally settled on this vibrant and sparkly red beauty. I have to admit I was a little surprised and nervous about it. For one thing, it’s red. And you guys know I’m not always one for the reds. For another, it was a relatively untried polish for me. I did not know how well it would wear, or if it would last for a whole week. I ignored my doubts and jumped right in, anyhow!

I have no regrets! It’s like this polish was MADE for Maui. It is the perfect tone of glowing, sultry red. And the sunlight here picks up all the nuances of color in the Aurora shimmer: pinks, golds, greens, and even deeper reds. It feels vibrant and tropical, but still kind of mysterious … just like this beautiful island. And, so far, it is wearing like a champ! I brought a tried-and-true China Glaze polish with me, in case I need to manicure before I leave. But, I am almost 5 days into this mani, and it only has minor tip wear — so minor that I’m probably the only one who notices it.


So that is my fast and furious week of manicure fun! I’m not sure what the coming week will bring for my nail blog. I am hoping to do some posting in my other blog, where I share “life stuff”. And I do have a couple of posts in the wings for this blog, too. I brought my images and notes with me, in the hopes that I will have time to keep things sort of moving in here. At the same time, we are running around and doing a lot of super fun stuff. So who knows if I will really have time to do all the things I planned. It might be a case of best laid plans not happening at all — ha, ha!


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