A Monday Haul: Orly

I don’t have any “official” nail mail for today, but I do have a little Orly haul to share in my Nail Mail Monday spot. I’m not even sure I should call it a haul, as it’s only 3 polishes. Maybe a mini haul? Whatever … it’s polish! And polish is fun! Even if it’s in mini haul form! Right? Right!

I have been going back and forth on Orly’s Summer 2018 collection (Neon Earth). Neon Earth has six polishes. They are all somewhere on the “neon” spectrum, but they are also on the “earth tones” spectrum. And the polishes have a variety of finishes. From my online wanderings, I liked the look of a few polishes in the collection, but there were a couple I knew I would never wear. Part of me wanted to get the whole collection, just to review it in here. But the more rational part of me said I should slow my roll and only get what I wanted from it and what I thought I would wear. Rational Me won out. Well, Rational Me, plus an Ulta gift card from a sweet friend. I ended up getting my 3 favorites from the collection. There was a fourth polish I wanted, but it wasn’t in stock.

Color descriptions are from the Orly website.


Blazing Sunset is a “neon orange pink creme”. I thought this had a good formula, especially for a neon. It applied easily for me with minimal streaking. I still needed 3 coats due to low spots on a couple of my nails, but they were easy coats.

This polish is brighter and more eye-searing in person than I expected. I can see both orange and pink in here, but this color rockets right off the nail and into your eyeballs. It is hot, hot, HOT! In general, I am not a huge fan of neons, but I found myself drawn to this polish based on the online swatches and videos I saw.

I feel like it was brighter in person than in any of the pictures I had seen. That surprised me. Even so, I like this one. I like the balance of pink and orange in here, and I feel like this polish is wearable for me. With that said, remember neons aren’t my thing, so I would probably only wear it for a day or two at a time. I’ve already used this one in a full manicure. I stamped over it with a black design, and I loved it! I got a lot of compliments on that manicure, too.


Desert Rose is a “mauve pink creme”. This has a great formula. It is smooth and creamy going onto the nail, and it dries quickly. It was nicely opaque for me in 2 easy coats.

So, you guys probably already know I love this one. I have that whole lovey-lust thing with the “rosy-pink grandma” tones. Even so, this color was not quite what I expected. From seeing pictures of it online, I thought it would be closer in color to something like Zoya’s Padma. And I think it looks similar to that in the bottle, too.

On the nail, I didn’t feel like this color quite fit into that “grandma” category. It is more earthy, like a pink or rose-toned terra cotta. And it is bright. It’s not as eye-searing as Blazing Sunset, but it is definitely brighter than what I would expect from a typical earth tone. I kind of think of this as a mid-tone neon. It has a neon feel in the formula and the color. But it doesn’t quite jump all the way into “burn your eyeballs” territory. I quite like this one.


Valley of Fire is an “orange copper foil”. This has a good formula. It shows brush strokes somewhat, but I didn’t find them too distracting or obvious in my finished manicure. It built up well on the nail to full opacity in 2 easy coats.

This polish is just … LOVE. I love everything about it. It is bright and beautiful. I love the coppery tones, but it doesn’t remind me of a penny. It has orange tones in the mix, too. It reminds me of copper fire, so I guess the name fits it perfectly! This one was stunning on the nail. I enjoyed seeing this one on my nails and against my skin tone. I think it’s a great Summer polish, but it will work well all the way through Fall, too. This one is definitely my favorite from my mini haul.


And that’s my little smidge of the Neon Earth Collection. I continue to be torn about how to handle collection releases, especially in the Summer. I feel guilty not showing the complete collection. But most mainstream collections have several colors I can’t see myself wearing. I generally have more guilt over spending my money on a polish I will only swatch and then donate or give away. And so, I have continued along with my piecemeal approach: sometimes a full collection and sometimes only bits of it. I’m not sure this is the best way, because I still have guilt feelings. But — there is money left in my wallet for more polish, too. So … win?

As far as this entire collection goes, I can’t give an opinion. I only tried half the collection. But I loved the three I purchased. Even the super bright one. I thought these three had great formulas. And I can see myself wearing and enjoying each of these. To me, that’s a win-win-win!



2 thoughts on “A Monday Haul: Orly

    1. True!! I have to remember that it is okay to be rational and only add things into my collection that I think I will love to wear. Even then, my stash is huge and constantly growing. *nervous laugh* =P


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