Colores de Carol: Roller Girl


I am super excited to share this beautiful collection today. This is the Roller Girl Collection from Colores de Carol. This is a 6-piece collection of brights and one beautifully sparkly topper. These have been available for a little while, so I’m kind of late in getting this up on my blog. I went back and forth for a while on whether or not I would buy these. Eventually, a sale happened, and I took that opportunity to jump on this collection. I’m so glad I did. Because these are all FABULOUS!!

The 5 bright polishes in this collection are creme formulas. They all have a shimmer running throughout them, but it is a subtle shimmer. It is not something that is going to jump up and grab you by the eyeballs, but you can see it on the nail at most angles and in most types of lighting. It is a delicate look, overall. These all dry glossy, and every one of the cremes has a fabulous, easy formula. I didn’t do macro photos for these, because I felt the shimmer didn’t show up well enough. I decided to treat these like “basic” cremes.


Princess on Wheels is a “bright magenta pink with blue-green Aurora shimmer”. I liked this at 2 coats, with the smallest hint of VNL showing. I think it would also build up nicely in 3 coats.

I’m not a pink person. At all. I know you guys already know this. I’ve said it time and again. But I really like this pink. A lot. This is what I think of as a “Barbie” pink. It is bright and vibrant and playful and has a tiny bit of sizzle to it. I like the slight blue undertones. And the shimmer, while very subtle and delicate, lends a pretty dimension to the color tones in this polish. I had a definite Pink Moment with this little pretty!


Boogie is a “vibrant lime green with a subtle green-purple Aurora shimmer”. I found this polish slightly streaky on the first coat, but it leveled out on its own, with no struggle on my part. I thought it built up beautifully on the nail, and I loved it at 3 coats. I think it is mostly opaque at 2, but I preferred not seeing my nail line.

Guys … This Green!! Oh my gosh, this green! As I applied it to my nails, I actually whispered, “Oh wow”. This green is just that darn good. It is bright and tangy. I love the slight yellow undertone I can see in here. It’s a perfect green for Summer. I love it.


See You at the Rink is a “cerulean blue with subtle blue-purple Aurora shimmer”. This polish is a little bit sheer. I think it is the most sheer out of the collection. But it is buildable. I used 3 coats for full opacity, but you might be able to have it opaque in 2 if you go a little thicker in your application.

So you guys know this one is my favorite, right? Right? It’s absolutely not shocking to anyone in this post. Because, yeah! This is my favorite. This color is my jam. It is beautifully calm and peaceful. It is the exact color of a clear, blue Summer sky. I can see myself wearing this polish all year long, and I can see myself wearing this polish all the darn time. It is perfect. So, so perfect.


Lace Up Your Skates! is a “medium grape purple with subtle green-pink Aurora shimmer”. I found this polish to be the least sheer out of the collection. It is creamy and perfect and easy to apply. This one was fully opaque for me in 2 coats.

This purple took me by surprise. I love the grape color, and I love how I can see just a tiny bit of red in the undertones. It’s a beautiful polish, and it looks amazing on the nail. I loved seeing this one on my nails — so much so that this is the first polish from the collection that I wore in a full manicure. I didn’t want to take it off after I swatched it!


Glow & Roll is a “glitter topper with a shimmery base, micro holo glitter, and small iridescent chameleon glitter”. Formula-wise, I don’t think this could ever be opaque on its own. At 3-4 coats, I think this could be a pretty look on its own, but I feel like my nail line would still be very visible. Granted, I didn’t try it alone. It works wonderfully as a topper at 1 coat over a base color, and I think I would always wear this one as a topper.


I do have a macro shot of this one, so you can see some of the color changes and tones in the glitters. This topper looks beautiful over every color in the collection. Each of the cremes gives a different color tone or shift to the glitters and the holographic. I decided to use a black for my pictures because the range of colors against the black blew my mind.

This topper is fabulous! I love the combination of holographic and iridescent glitter in here. You guys already know my love affair with any type of iridescent glitter. The glitters and holographic in this topper spark the most beautiful colors. You can see deep oranges, reds, yellows, greens, and even purples. I’ve already worn this one over Lace Up Your Skates!, and I loved it. I’m looking forward to trying it over other colors, like a dark blue, a gray, and, maybe even a white. So many possibilities!!


I bet it won’t surprise you when I say I love this collection. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since I’m not always one for pinks or purples. I ended up falling hard for everything in here. I thought the formulas were easy to apply. I had no trouble with them at all, and I had minimal cleanup with them. I will say this: Don’t buy these for the shimmer. It doesn’t stand out as much as you might expect. I don’t hold it against these polishes at all. I think the shimmer is beautiful and delicate. But I think you should buy these for what they are: beautiful, vibrant, fun cremes.

This collection gives me so many nostalgic feels. I’m a child of the 70s and 80s, and skating rinks were huge back then. I remember how exciting and fun it was on the rare occasions when I would get to go skate with my friends. The music, the laughter, the bright and strobing lights — I feel like this collection captures all of that delight and fun perfectly. On top of that, I think all of these are perfect for Summer. I hope to wear them all multiple times, and all Summer long!

As I mentioned in my intro, this collection has been out for a while. I think it released at the beginning of June. The last time I checked, all of these polishes are still available for purchase on the Colores de Carol website.



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