Swatch My Stash! A. England #2: Blues and Neutrals

For today’s swatch-a-palooza, I am finishing out my A.England polishes. For this week, I have blues and neutrals to show, and I am including silver, gold, gray, black, and brown within the “neutral” heading. I have 10 polishes to show in today’s post. As with last week, I don’t expect to destash anything today. I am head over heels crazy for my A.Englands. I hope to continue adding to this part of my stash!



Whispering Waves is from the Heavenly Quotes Collection. It is a bright aqua or turquoise base with holographic. This polish has a great formula. It is opaque in 1 coat, although I prefer using 2. I find I get longer and better wear that way.


This is a macro shot of Whispering Waves. There is a LOT of blue in here! I love how I can see different tones and shades of blue all throughout the base. The holographic is subtle and delicate. It doesn’t jump out and blind you, but it is easily visible on the nail. My one small drawback for this polish is that it tends to leave brush strokes. This might be my application technique. Perhaps I am too heavy-handed with my brush. Overall, though, I am more than willing to live with the brush strokes. They are not overwhelming or distracting, and this blue is beyond fabulous. I love how bright and vibrant this is, and it is definitely a keeper for me.


Order of the Garter is from The Legend Collection. It is a rich and shimmery blue. I think of this tone as a “royal blue”. The shimmer is a brighter blue. This polish has a lovely formula. It is easy to work with and builds up nicely on the nail. It was not as opaque for me as other A.Englands in my stash. This polish has more of a jelly formula or finish on the nail, and I generally like it at 2-3 coats for full opacity.


This is my macro photo for Order of the Garter. Just look at that beautiful blue base and shimmer! Oh. My. Gosh! I love it. It is so shimmery and sparkly. I love how delicate and lovely it looks on the nail. It reminds me of sunlight dancing off of the surface of deep, blue water. I have so many shimmery blues in my stash, and I can’t seem to stop buying them. They are my Kryptonite! Also, this is a keeper.


Spirit of the Moors is from the To Emily Bronte Collection. This is a bright and vibrant medium-to-dark blue holographic. This polish has a gorgeously smooth formula that is opaque for me in 1-2 coats.


This is my macro photo for Spirit of the Moors. I love the heck out of this polish. This is a blue I feel I could drown in. It’s one of my perfect shades or tones of blue, reminding me of slightly worn denim. I love the soft and delicate holographic. It’s a beautiful contrast to the base color. This beauty is a keeper for me.


Katherine Parr is from the Tudoresque Collection. I love the A.England description for this polish, so I am going to borrow it: “lapis lazuli blue scatter holo with a hint of lavender and a subtle pink blush”. This polish has a wonderful formula. It is opaque at 1 coat, but I always wear it at 2.


This is my macro shot of Katherine Parr. This polish is so, so, so, sooooo GOOOOD. I don’t know how else to say it. This tone of blue is my jam. It falls perfectly into my comfort zone with my favorite color. This is a color I love to wear on my nails all year round. It’s a color I will turn to if I don’t know what else to wear. And it makes me happy as heck to see this on my nails.

I feel like this polish is really similar to Spirit of the Moors. I think they are close in color tone. I haven’t compared them side-by-side, but I feel like I can see more tones of purple and pink in this polish, whereas I don’t see those additional color tones in Spirit of the Moors. And, of course, this beautiful polish is a keeper.


Tristam is from The Mythicals Collection. It is a dark purpley blue — almost a midnight blue, although I feel it is slightly lighter in color than what I would think of as a true midnight blue. It has a subtle scattered holographic. This polish has a perfect formula that is opaque in 1 coat. As with all my A.Englands, I prefer wearing it at 2 coats.


This is my macro photo for Tristam. This polish always surprises me a little bit. I feel like it looks more blue from far away. But, when I look closely at it, I can see so much purple in the color. The holographic is a beautiful contrast to this base color. This was one of my first A.England polishes. I think it’s kind of a classic A.England, in that it’s one of those colors that everyone knows and loves. I am no exception. I love it, too! So this is a keeper for me.



Excalibur is from The Mythicals Collection (I think). It is a golden-silver (or a silvery-gold?) foil base with coppery flakes throughout. This polish has such a great formula. It is smooth and perfect. I like it at 2 coats, although it might have been opaque at 1. I don’t remember, and I didn’t write that information down. D’oh!


This is my macro shot for Excalibur. This polish is unusual and hard to describe. It is silver. But it’s also gold. And it’s coppery, too. Basically, it’s a whole lotta yumminess packed into one bottle. I love the foil finish it has on the nail. I like to wear this polish all year long, but I especially love it around the holidays. It gives me a festive feeling.

I think this is the second / revamped version of Excalibur. From what I’ve seen online, the original was a straight metallic silver. I destashed a metallic silver called Excalibur Renaissance because it looked terrible on my nails. I don’t know if Excalibur Renaissance and the original Excalibur are the same polish … or if there is yet another polish out there, somewhere, that is called Excalibur. I just know the one in my stash is called that. And I love it. Aaaaand, I’m gonna keep it.


Sparks Divine is from the Heavenly Quotes Collection. It is a sandy-toned nude with scattered holographic. This has a fabulous formula. It is perfect and easy to apply, and it is generally opaque for me in 1-2 coats, depending on nail length. I like it best at 2, anyhow.


This is my macro picture for Sparks Divine. I love how the light brown, sandy base and the holographic mingle together in this polish. It is so calm and peaceful and beautiful. This is the polish that made me realize I can love nudes on me. So, it’s a keeper, for sure!


Sir Loyal Heart is from the Tudoresque Collection. It is a deep, rich chocolate brown holographic. This polish has a fabulous formula that is opaque in 1 coat. But you guys know the song by now, right? Yep — I like this one best at 2 coats.


This is my macro for Sir Loyal Heart. This polish is just … delicious. If I melted down sparkly milk chocolate and wore it on my nails, this is exactly what it would look like. I mean, if such a thing as sparkly milk chocolate existed, anyhow. This is one of the richest, prettiest browns in my stash, and that is saying something. Because I love my browns! I love how you can see golden tones and even some sparks of blue and purple from the holographic. This pretty baby is a keeper.


The Beggar Maid is from the Tennyson’s Romance Collection. It is a soft charcoal gray with tones of brown and holographic. This polish has a wonderful formula that is opaque in 1 coat. I love wearing it at 2 coats.


Here is a macro shot for The Beggar Maid. I find this to be such an unusual color that is difficult to describe. I finally settled on calling it a gray in my mind. But, really, there are tones of brown in here, as well as green. I can even see some blues and purples. I love how this polish seems so simple on the surface, but, once you look closely, you realize it is beautifully complex. This is a keeper for me.


Heathcliff is from the To Emily Bronte Collection. It is a soft black jelly base with multi-colored glitter. This polish has a good formula. It has been slightly streaky for me on the first coat. I think this might be down to my application technique more than anything else. There is a lot of glitter in here, which can cause the polish to feel thick on the nail. I feel like this should be a 1-coater, but I generally wear it at 2 coats.


This is my macro shot for Heathcliff. There is So. Much. Glitter! in here. I love the hints of red or pink and the pops of blue. I am a big fan of black polishes with something “extra” added into them. So this beauty is right up my alley. I feel like the amount of glitter in here makes this polish a little thicker than I personally prefer. Even so, this one is worth the struggle. I really love how it looks on the nail, and it is a keeper for me.


So, that’s it! My entire A.England stash — for now. I think anyone who has spent even a smidge of a moment in this blog already knows I can never stop hunting for and purchasing these sparkly beauties. I love everything about this brand. They are beautifully and delicately holographic. They have rich and vibrant base colors. And they have perfectly fantastic formulas. The only thing I don’t love about them is how hard they can be to find. But every polish addict has to suffer a little, right? ^.~



2 thoughts on “Swatch My Stash! A. England #2: Blues and Neutrals

  1. What a great comparison of the A Englands! This is so helpful for those of us who are fans of the brand. Sparks Divine looks great on you. I think of Beggar Maid as a taupe, although you’re right, it’s really hard to describe!!!! And now, I need Order of the Garter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey!! How did I miss your comment? Thanks, as always, for visiting and for your kind and thoughtful words. I appreciate it bunches! Beggar Maid is so elusive, color-wise. I think that is part of what makes me love it so much. And Sparks Divine … *sigh* It really is a divine polish — ha, ha! I personally think everyone needs Order of the Garter in their stash. It is so beautifully blue and shimmery. I am weak, as you know. Weak!! =P


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