Nail Mail Monday! A Little Love from @docsnpolishgirl

I have a special nail mail to share today, because it comes from one of my newest Instagram buddies. I’ve had the most fun becoming more active on Instagram. It makes me feel like I’m a part of this huge nail polish and nail art community that spans social media platforms. And it’s an amazing community full of fun and support and kindness and love for nail polish. I’ve had the chance to interact with some of my favorite indie polish makers, to work on my first nail art collaboration, to get inspired, and to “meet” some sweet and talented folks who are as addicted to nail polish as I am. I don’t really have anyone in my real-world life who “gets” the whole nail polish thing. My real-life friends and family think I am more than a little bit crazy because of my hard-core obsession.

One of my favorite IG peeps has to be @docsnpolishgirl. I’ve been so lucky in the past few months to get to know her through IG. At first, I just followed her posts. We chatted through the comments sections, and, eventually, we shared chats via direct message. A few weeks ago, she contacted me to ask if I was interested in any of her upcoming destashed polishes. And, last week, she sent me the loveliest package, full of nail polish goodness and a sweet note. I’m totally floored by this, and super excited, too! And I thought I would share these new pretties in a special nail mail post. Because they are sooooo awesome!! And I’m excited. Did I mention how excited I am? Ha, ha!


Color Club, Sparkle and Soar is from the Summer 2012 Take Wing Collection. It is a bright orange jelly base with gold glass fleck running throughout. The formula for this polish is easy. It applies smoothly and builds up well on the nail, although it is sheer. I used 3 coats for my swatch picture, but I might be happy with 2 coats for real-life wear. Even at 3 coats, I could see a hint of nail line.


Here is a macro shot for Sparkle and Soar. I think this polish has the perfect name! Because it sparkles like crazy, and it makes my little, polish-loving heart soar to the heavens. This polish is so, so pretty! I feel spellbound by it. This is just the kind of orange I love. It is warm and bright and vibrant. It feels happy and absolutely perfect for Summer. I’m excited to wear this one in the next couple of months.


Superchic Lacquer, Pheromone is from the Cupid’s Bow Collection. It is a chartreuse linear holographic. This polish has a great formula. It’s opaque for me in 1 coat, although I will wear this one at 2 coats when I use it in a manicure. I used 2 coats for my swatch picture, too. I have ridges in my nails. They aren’t terrible, but they can be noticeable underneath certain polishes. Even though this polish is opaque, I feel like I notice the ridges in my nails too much at 1 coat. Perhaps it’s just too thin for my liking. Whatever the case, I feel like it is perfect and perfectly delicious at 2 coats. I wear pretty much all of my Superchic linear holos at 2.


Here is a macro shot for Pheromone. Oh. My. Gosh!! I mean … just look at that tangy, citrusy color! And that holographic! This polish sizzles. There’s no other way to describe it. It sizzles right off the nail, and it is Magnificent. This is another color that feels perfect for the upcoming hot Summer months. It’s so funny to think about the term “chartreuse”. Like, does anyone say to themselves … “Yeah! I want to wear something that is chartreuse!” I don’t think so. I mean … not really, right? Because it’s a weird color. I would never wear this color in clothing. But I have a real soft spot for this type of yellowy, murky green nail polish. I love this color on my nails. I can’t explain it. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me!

I don’t buy from Superchic very often, just because they are a bit more expensive. But this is a color I looked at and wanted to purchase for some time. I almost jumped in to order this one multiple times. I’m super excited to have it in my stash now, and I know I am going to love the heck out of wearing this one. I love it!


Superchic Lacquer, Make It Work is from the Project Runway Collection. It is a chartreuse that is packed with holographic. It has linear holographic and holographic micro glitter. The formula for this polish felt a little bit thick to me, but it wasn’t unworkable. I found it comparable to the other Superchic polishes in my stash. It was opaque for me in 1 coat.


Here is a macro photo of Make It Work. Oh. My. Good-Googley Gosh! This polish is spectacular. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s just spectacular. I freaking LOVE this color, as you already know. And the glitz, sparkle, and glitter from this polish boggles the mind. I’m so excited about this one that there aren’t even words for it. No words!!!

I think this collection is still available on the Superchic website, and seeing this polish in person makes me want to go and order more from the collection. This is just so, so, so, sooooo pretty!


Celestial, Resting Bitch Face (stops wrinkles) is from the Good Girls and Bad Habits Collection. It is a soft cornflower or denim blue linear holographic. The formula for this polish was great. It was easy to apply and opaque for me in 2 coats.


Here is my macro photo for Resting Bitch Face. (And can I just take a moment to talk about the name for this polish? Because I think it’s one of the best polish names ever. Ever.) The holographic is soft and slightly subtle. It doesn’t jump out and bling you in the face, but it definitely shows on the nail. You guys know my huge soft spot for blues. Pretty much any blue is my jam. And this one is no exception. I love this. I love the combination of this blue color with the soft holographic. This polish is the exact color of well-loved and worn blue jeans. It makes my heart happy.

I don’t know anything about this brand. I’ve never purchased from them or worn any polish from them. I’m excited to wear this one and give the brand a try!


Virago Varnish, Blueberry Bleak is from the Iced Desserts Collection. It is a bright and vibrant blue creme that I think falls somewhere between Pthalo Blue, Prussian Blue, and Cobalt Blue. It reminds me most of a Pthalo Blue because of how bright it is, but I feel like it has characteristics of each of these colors. Formula-wise, I feel a little uncertain about this one. It is much thicker than I expected, and much thicker than I am used to. I felt like I struggled with it a little bit, application-wise. But it was opaque for me in 2 coats.

I love this color. I mean, how could I not love it? It is so bright and vibrant and gorgeous. To a certain extent, it felt rich and really yummy going onto my nails. At the same time, I struggled with the thickness of the formula. I feel it should have been opaque in 1 coat, but 1 coat seemed to ridge up on me. I needed a second one to cover the ridgy bits up for a smooth finish on my nails. But — I love this color so much that I’m going to try thinning it out a little bit to see what happens. If I can’t get more comfortable with the formula, I will probably have to pass this one along, which makes me sad for a couple of reasons. One, because it’s such a fabulous blue. And two, because it’s my first time trying a Virago Varnish. After hearing so many great things about the brand, I wanted to love it whole-heartedly.


Zoya, Mallory is from the Fall 2016 Urban Grunge Collection. It is a vibrant, bold Prussian blue creme that is crazy opaque. This polish has a smooth and creamy formula that is nicely opaque in 1-2 coats.

I think this is another gorgeously perfect Summer color. But I think it’s also perfect for Fall and Winter. Let’s face it, this is a color I would happily wear all year long. I’m sure that comes as no huge surprise. I’m also pretty sure this one will be a stainer, considering how opaque it is. But I think it’s worth taking that chance.

Can you believe I never purchased this polish? As much as I loved the Urban Grunge Collection … as much as I love blue polish … as much as I love creme polish … And yet, I never purchased this one. I know! It’s shocking. I probably decided to skip this one at the time because I felt I had things in my stash that were similar in appearance. And I’m sure I do have things in my stash that are similar. But, recently, I started taking notice of online swatch pictures of this polish, and I had decided I would order it the next time I placed a Zoya order. Now, I don’t have to! How lucky is that? I’m sitting here thinking this might be my next pedicure color. Hmmmm …


I have to send out yet another huge THANK YOU!!! to @docsnpolishgirl. Not just for this lovely and thoughtful package, but for being a kind and wonderful person. And for being a good friend. I’m so glad we met through Instagram, and I hope we have lots more fun IG chats in our future. And I hope I can return the favor and send some polish your way, one day soon!



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