My Week in Nails

I love a Saturday morning Week in Nails post! And you know why? Well, even if you don’t know, I’m gonna tell you. I know. It’s terrifying. Run for your life!!! Mwuahahahahaha. (I swear, I don’t feel like the day has really started until I can let loose with a good “mwuahahahahaha”.)

I love a Saturday morning Week in Nails post because it means I’m at home, chilling in my favorite space, instead of running around like a crazy woman out in the real world. Our weekends often get eaten up with errands and “to do” lists. But I think I am looking at a quiet and slow Saturday at home today. At least for most of the day. I love that. And need it, too. It’s been a hectic few weeks as we wrapped up our school year. But yesterday was the last day of school. My daughter went to school for two hours, and that was it! We spent the rest of the day having fun with a trip to the mall, a “girl’s only” lunch, family dinner out, and a late movie. I’m telling ‘ya: This is already a perfect weekend!!

I had a pretty great manicure week, too. I know I say this every week. I mean it every week, too. This week was a good mix between beautiful indie polishes and nail art, and it was fun, fun, fun!!


I started out my week with Quixotic Polish, Matterhorn Vibes. This green is so, so, soooooo summery. I love how lush and elegant the base color is. I love the jelly goodness of this when it dries down on my nails. And the shimmer gives me shivers of delight up and down my spine. I love everything about this polish. It’s so pretty and perfect and delicate and just fun to wear. My brain is ready for Summer, and this polish is perfect for that.


My next manicure was with Cameo Colours Lacquers, He’s Worm Food. This polish was part of my May Polish Pickup order, and I love, love, love, LOVE it. It is so pretty on the nail. The combination of base color and glitter colors is eye-catching and stunning. I particularly love the little pops of coppery-pink or rose gold among the glitters. They give the polish a vintage vibe to me. I loved this on my nails.


My next manicure was a dotticure extravaganza. I used a lot of colors for this. Orly Color Blast, Save the City was my base color. For the dots, I used OPI: Tell Me About It Stud (red), No Tan Lines (orange), My Dogsled is a Hybrid (green), Rich Girls & Po Boys (blue), Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? (purple) … and Sinful Colors, Strawberry Milk (pink).

I recently discovered the world of dot mandalas, thanks to @inegeek and @nailandcreate on Instagram. These designs are pretty and intricate. I love looking at them. In particular, @inegeek did a beautiful dot mandala mani, and I was sold! I saw it and thought: “I need to try that!” I love a good dotticure, anyhow. Dots are fun and playful. And, they are easy to do! So, this manicure is my rendition of dot mandala nails. Overall, I’m happy with how these turned out. I think I went a little busy with my design because I was trying to fit in a lot of colors. I had an idea that I wanted to do a rainbow mandala for another Pride-themed manicure. It didn’t turn out like I pictured, and I feel like the rainbow effect was lost in the design. I think this wasn’t bad for a first effort, and I will definitely try this technique again.


So, of course, I had to do another Pride manicure, since I felt my dotticure didn’t quite fit that theme. I decided to do a rainbow gradient with Sinful Colors: Bitten (red), Love Thyself (blue), and Dream On (purple) … Orly Color Blast, Amazon Goddess (yellow) … and China Glaze, Tree Hugger (green). I stamped over three accent nails (middle, ring, and thumb). The design is from What’s Up Nails plate B024, and I stamped it with Funky Fingers, Gesso.

This manicure is, far and away, my favorite for the week. I have some minor, picky things about this one. I wish I could have gotten a little more purple onto my nails. The purple was at the cuticle line, and most of it was lost when I did my clean up. You can still see it blended in with the blue, but I mostly lost the distinct purple color. The yellow and green really blended together, too. But I feel you can still see the yellow in the mix. And I couldn’t fit in an orange because my nails are too short. Instead, I relied on red and yellow to gradient to a little bit of orange. They did, but I didn’t get a LOT of orange in the mix.

But, in spite of having some nits to pick, I loved how this turned out. LOVED IT!! I think I did this manicure on Wednesday, and it is still on my nails this morning. I am probably going to take it off after I finish this post because I want to swatch some new things. But, I will miss this manicure. It was such fun to wear. It made me happy to see it on my nails.


So, that’s it! That’s my whole week of nail polish and manicure madness. I had a lot of fun with my nails this week. To me, that’s what it’s all about. What more could a nail polish addict ask for?


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