My Week in Nails

I’m doing my weekly wrap-up Ninja-style this week, because I snuck in here and surprised the blog on a Saturday. Of course, announcing my intentions probably cancels out my Ninja style points. But still … Look at me! I’m so sneaky!! Mwuahahahahahaha! Really, it’s just that yesterday was super busy. My daughter got her hair done yesterday afternoon after school, and the appointment ran late. We didn’t get home until 9 pm, and I was exhausted and hungry. Still … Saturday weekly wrap-up! So. Darn. Sneaky! Mwuahahahahahahahaha!

Okay, enough shenanigans. Let’s look at some polish!

I had a great polish week this week, in that I seriously loved everything I wore. I generally love the things I wear — partly because I’m a softie for pretty much any polish, and partly because I wouldn’t wear something I didn’t like. But this week was LOVE, on a whole other level. I wore every manicure this week for multiple days, which means my week’s total was small.


I started my week with Quixotic Polish, Lazurite. And Oh … My … Gosh!! I have a serious love affair going with this polish. I’m not going to blab at length about this one in here, because I want to do a nail mail post with this and one other Quixotic Polish. But let me say this: New Favorite Blue in the house! Yes! I wore this polish for 3 or 4 days, which is unusual for me. I would probably still be wearing it, except it got too much tip wear. I couldn’t repair it any more. Once I took it off, I felt compelled to wear something else, because I have all these new polishes waiting for their turn to mani.


My next manicure was with LynB Designs, Spoon! You will probably remember this was part of my May Polish Pickup. I posted about it last Monday, and I mentioned I wasn’t sure how I felt about this polish. It looks a lot different in person than I expected. After wearing this one in a full manicure, I can happily say I’m all in. All in!! This polish was so delicate and pretty on my nails. I loved it.


My last manicure was with Dollish Polish, Black Hole Sun. This is another pretty from my May Polish Pickup order. This was one of the polishes I was most excited about receiving.  And that excitement definitely translated to my manicure, because I LOVED this on my nails. Its a gorgeous black, and I could see so many pops of red from the glitters. The holographic was spectacular, too. This beauty was a winner, all around!


I love weeks where I’m in a manicure frenzy, and I want to “wear them all … right now!” But, I equally love slow/low manicure weeks. Because that means I managed to find polishes that truly speak to my heart. There are a lot of polishes out there that I feel I could wear forever. And it’s fun when a few of these hit in the same week.

For the coming week on my blog, I hope to have a nail mail post or a collection review in addition to my normal Swatch-a-palooza, Topic Tuesday, and Friday wrap-up posts.


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