OPI Grease Collection: A Partial Review & Some Comparisons

I have part of the OPI Grease Collection to share today. This collection is a Spring/Summer 2018 release, and, as the name suggests, it was inspired by the movie Grease, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. (Can we just take a moment to think about how old that makes some of us feel? Argh!) It is a 12 piece collection that contains a mix of pastels, brights, and darks. It also has a mix of finishes. There are a couple of shimmers in the collection, as well as 3 polishes that are billed as a “Leather Like Finish”. The online bottle pictures I’ve seen are beautiful. I like the mix of lights and darks in here, as well as the mix of finishes and textures. Even though I am not a fan of textured polish, I still appreciate OPI putting something a little bit different into the mix.

When I first saw teasers about OPI putting out a Grease collection, I was pumped. We are talking beyond excited. I love the original movie. I must have watched it a gazillion times, and some of the songs are on a never-ending loop inside my brain. I wanted to want every single polish in the collection. Because … Grease! Hello!!! Sadly, this wasn’t meant to be. The temptation to buy the entire collection was strong for me, but I resisted. I knew I wouldn’t wear most of the colors. A lot of the colors felt generic to me. I’m not saying they aren’t pretty. They are beautiful! But these are colors we’ve seen before. And even before that. I think the most unique polishes in the collection are the “leather like finish” textured ones, but I knew I would never wear those.

In the end, I got 4 of the 12 polishes. I know it’s a teeny, minuscule amount compared to the collection as a whole. But these were the colors I thought I would wear. I feel they aren’t necessarily unique or different for my stash, but they are colors I like. And, I felt I could destash in other areas of my collection in order to justify adding these. I’m not sure this makes any sense at all. Or if it even matters. But this is the thought process of a polish addict.

I planned to wrap this little review in with my OPI Lisbon post, but then I decided to add a few comparisons into the Lisbon post. This made it longer than expected, which gave my tiny Grease haul its own moment in the sun. Er … so to speak.


Chills Are Multiplying! is a deep blue jelly base with blue micro glitter. This polish has a good formula. It is sheer because it’s a jelly, but it builds up easily on the nail. I ended up loving it at 3 coats for real life wear. I feel I could have done an extra coat for my swatch picture, because there are a couple of low spots. I’m not sure if this is the polish or the way the more direct sunlight is hitting my nails. Either way, I did not see any low spots or nail line when I wore this polish at 3 coats.

So, it’s a no-brainer that I would HAVE to have this polish. Could it be any more up my alley if it tried? Um … no. I don’t think it could. This was the first polish I purchased from the collection, and it was a total impulse buy on my part. I have no regrets about this in any way. I have a lot of blue in my stash, so I probably have things that are similar to this polish. A few came to mind (China Glaze, Up All Night; China Glaze, Simply Fa-Blue-Less; OPI, Yoga-ta Get This Blue; OPI, Turn On the Northern Lights) when I saw this one. I did a quick bottle comparison of these, and none of them seemed that close to Chills Are Multiplying. I haven’t done an on-the-nail comparison for this one — yet. But I may do that in the near future, just to confirm my first impression.

Truthfully, even if I had an exact dupe of this polish, I would have still purchased it. And I would have been happy about it, too. Because I am weak, and dark, shimmery blues are my Kryptonite.


Was It All Just a Dream? is kind of hard to describe. I’ve seen online posts calling it a baby blue or a sky blue. To me, it looks like more of a pale green-blue … perhaps a slightly green-leaning turquoise. Some people might consider this one a minty green or minty blue. It doesn’t give me that vibe, but I recognize this is a slippery slope. This polish has a good formula. It was opaque for me in 2 easy coats. I used 3 for my swatch photo, but I was more than happy with this for real-life wear in 2 coats.

This polish is really pretty. I’m kind of surprised I like it as much as I do, because it is a lot more green on the nail than I expected. I felt it looked more blue in most swatch pictures I’ve seen. And it looked more blue in the bottle. But it looked more green on my nails. Not completely green, but more like a green-blue with an ever-so-slight tendency to lean toward the green side of life. Does this make any sense at all? Probably not. I get a vintage vibe from this color, which I like. It has a “50s” kind of feel to me. I also like how it is pastel without being super whited-out or pastel. I think this will be a great pedicure color this Summer.


This was an obvious comparison, particularly because Lisbon and Grease came out almost at the same time. So, of course, as soon as I brought this polish home, I thought, “You doofus! You just purchased a color exactly like this from the Lisbon Collection. Argh!” Yeah. Buying dupes isn’t unusual. I mean, we all like what we like. And, if you’re a polish addict like me, you like lots of it. But I don’t typically purchase dupes within less than a month of each other. With a sinking heart, I decided I had to compare these two polishes.

Huzzah! Because you can see they are not exact dupes of each other. Belém is deeper and darker, while Dream is lighter, with a fluffier or more pastel feeling to it. In person, the difference between the two is even more noticeable. Belém looks quite a bit darker in person. With that said, these two polishes are really, really similar to each other. So much so that I find myself a bit annoyed with OPI for releasing two collections, nearly at the same time, with such similar polishes. In spite of the color difference, these both have similar formulas. They have a similar finished look on the nail.  They are in the same color family. I don’t mind having both, because I like both of them. But, if I had realized how close they were (or if I had stopped to think for a moment), I probably would have purchased Was It All Just a Dream and left Belém at the store. I prefer the lighter color of Dream, as well as the vintage-type vibe it gives me.


Frenchie Likes to Kiss? is a pastel lilac with delicate shimmer running throughout. The shimmer looks blue or, maybe, purple to me. In some lights, it also looks pink. This polish has a good formula for a shimmery pastel. I had some streaking and low spots on the first coat, but it evened out fairly easily. I did need 3 coats for full opacity. I went in with thinner coats, so I might have been able to get this one opaque in 2 if I had done a thicker application.

I like this polish. It is pretty and delicate and feels nicely girly on my nails. I like the mix of pink and purple tones in here, as well as the shimmer. I found the shimmer very pretty, but I don’t think it shows a lot on the nail. It’s definitely not going to jump out at you as “shimmer”, but it gives the polish a pretty and delicate sheen as the light plays over the nail.


I had a couple of things from OPI that I thought could compare to this polish. I compared it with I’m Gown for Anything and Polly Want a Lacquer?.

Let’s talk about Polly first, because it’s the easiest. When I looked at Frenchie in its bottle and on its own, I felt like I could see more purple in it, particularly in certain types of lighting. But, when I put it next to a pastel purple like Polly, I can see they are nothing alike. Next to Polly, Frenchie looks a definite pink.

I’m Gown for Anything is a little bit tougher. I think Frenchie and Gown are really, really similar to each other. Each of them is a bit of a shifting color that dances between lilac and lavender. Gown is a smidge darker. In the photo, they have a nearly identical finish on the nail. In person, the shimmer in Frenchie was more apparent, which was another factor that made it look different from Gown. Do you need both of these polishes? Honestly, I really can’t decide. I feel like they are different enough for me due to the darker color in Gown and the shimmer in Frenchie. But your mileage may vary.


Tell Me About It Stud is a bright red creme. This polish has a great formula. It is more of a crelly consistency, and it was opaque for me in 2 super-easy coats.

As I was applying this for my swatch picture, I said, “Wow. This is a great red.” Yep. I said it out loud, right there in my office. The dogs heard everything. You guys know, because I have said it many times, that I’m not much for red nail polish. I really only bought this for the name, because I can picture that scene from the movie where Sandy is all dolled up with that bright red lipstick and those famous leather pants. But … I. Love. This. Polish. There. I said it. I love a red polish. What is this madness?


I’m not sure I should share my thoughts on this collection, overall. It seems like a cheat or something, since I only purchased four polishes from it. But the fact that I, a huge Grease fangirl, only bought four from this collection kind of says something, in and of itself. Right? Yeah. And you guys know I’m gonna share. Even if I shouldn’t. And even if I already did in the intro to this post.

I don’t think it’s a bad collection. At all. The colors are beautiful. The formulas I experienced are decent. The polishes I tried look great on the nail. I think there is a fun mix of brights, pastels, darks, and textures in here. It has a playful and “Summer” vibe to me. So there’s a lot of good stuff about this collection.

On the negative side, at least for me: It’s just … basic. The other creme colors are a milky white creme, a pastel yellow creme, a pastel peachy-pink creme, a medium-toned (slightly warm) pink creme, an orange creme, a raspberry pink creme, and a teal creme. The other shimmer/glitter is a charcoal gray with blue and silver shimmer (which looks very similar to Coal Mates from the last Holiday Collection). The textured, “leather like finish” polishes are a pink, a white, and a black. We’ve seen all of these colors before. We’ve seen them again and again and again. We’ve seen them in at least three collections just this Spring and Summer.

Even the polishes I purchased are basic in terms of color. I recognize this. I think mainstream brands are at a disadvantage with someone like me, who has a large polish collection and who regularly purchases from indie makers. Overall, I’m happy with what I got from this collection. I think the formulas for these polishes are solid, and I think I will enjoy wearing them. I wish OPI had gone a little more crazy with this collection. I wish they had pulled in more unique or unexpected colors or finishes or something, just so I could have justified buying the whole collection and indulging my love for Grease. But, I’m speaking as a polish hoarder and lover, not as a big corporation that has to sell lots of polish. Still … it could have been so grand.


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