Topic Tuesday: First Polish You Would Buy If …

It’s Topic Tuesday … Hey! It’s Topic Tuesday … Hey! Sing it with me!

I know. I know. The theme songs in this blog are pretty bad. They don’t even rise to the level of “cheesy”. But we have fun, right? Right? *ahem*

Perhaps I’m the only one having fun. But … whatever! Woo Hoo!

Today’s Topic Tuesday is … *drumroll please*


My polish collection is vast. I think I can safely say this. Or, maybe, I should hedge and say it’s “large”. But I don’t feel “large” conveys the true depth of my madness. I am constantly running out of storage space. I am constantly destashing. I am constantly adding new things into the collection. So, if I lost everything, I would be devastated. I’m not gonna lie. You would hear the screaming. Doves would cry.

Given the level of my insanity, you would think this would be a hard topic for me. Guess what? It wasn’t! Are you surprised? Maybe not. Because the first polish I would purchase is one I’ve talked about many times in here. It’s appeared in several favorites posts. It’s appeared in at least a couple of Topic Tuesdays so far, too. It is …


China Glaze, Up All Night. You’re surprised, right? I know, I know. It’s shocking — utterly shocking. No one was expecting this at all. (And yes, this is all sarcasm. I am sitting here rolling my eyes at myself through the computer screen.)

Here is a bottle shot of my darling. Even though this is not a fantastic photo, I feel like you can see the slight shimmer through the bottle. If you look hard enough, you can also see the wear line, which is slightly above the lettering in “China Glaze”.


Here she is, in all her glory, on my nails. I love this polish. I FREAKING LOVE this polish. And you know what? I can’t even really explain why. Or, maybe it’s more accurate to say there isn’t any one reason why.

I love how this color is dark and inky. It’s a beautiful blue that is super dark but always looks blue on the nail, as opposed to looking black. It is kind of moody and mysterious. I love the contrast between this polish and my so-light-I’m-invisible skin tone. This is one of those rare polishes that I could wear non-stop for days and days on end without getting tired of it or wanting a change. I love the shimmer, which is subtle. It doesn’t jump out and grab me by the eyeballs, but I can see it on the nail as a lovely little surprise when the light glances across my nails. I love it on my fingers. I love it on my toes. I would paint my dogs’ nails with this if they would sit still long enough.

I think this is part of the core line. I always see it in the China Glaze displays at various stores. Even so, I have several backups of it. This is the depth of my mad, mad love. And, without question, this would be the first polish that would go into rebuilding my stash.


Topic Tuesday is the brain child of Jodi from Jodi’s Polish. She is on YouTube and on Instagram, so be sure to check out her fun videos and beautiful IG posts! Every Tuesday of the month, there is a different nail-related topic. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome. If you decide to blog or vlog or IG your Topic Tuesday answer, be sure to use the special #topictues hashtag so people can find your post!

There is a Topic Tuesday page on Instagram (@TopicTuesdays). You can go there to check out past topics or upcoming topics. You can also suggest topics for upcoming months and vote for different ideas.

Here are the topics for May:

May 1: Fave mani you’ve done or worn.
May 8: First polish you would buy if you lost your entire collection.
May 15: Colors you have most of in your collection. Top 3 from each.
May 22: Polishes you regret buying.
May 29: Polishes you bought for the name.


So, there you have it. Confirmation that I am a nutty nail polish hoarder (as if you needed it!). And confirmation that I am a nutty nail polish fangirl for this lovely China Glaze beauty. I’m sitting here thinking I need to go put this color on my toes right now. Love it so much! Argh!!!!

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