Topic Tuesday: Fave Mani You’ve Done or Worn

It’s Topic Tuesday! Yay!! Topic Tuesdays have given me a great reason to look forward to Tuesday. Well, that and the fact that one of my favorite restaurants has my favorite dish on the menu as a special every Tuesday. What can I say? It’s the little things in life.

Today’s topic is …



When I first read the topic, I thought there was no way I could pull my answer together in just a day or two. Because, of course, I couldn’t pick just one manicure. You guys know I can’t choose. It’s impossible! I managed to narrow things down to my five favorites. I know, I know. It’s kind of cheating. But even five was hard for me. I decided to go with just nail art manicures. If I had included “plain” manis, there’s no way I would have been able to answer the question. Because I love too many things.

The manicures aren’t in any particular order in my collage. This is just how they fit together in a way I found most aesthetically pleasing.


Starting in the top left-hand corner, we have this manicure. It was with Colores de Carol, Rainbow Sno Cone as the base color. I stamped over it on two accent nails with a paisley design using Funky Fingers, Dark Knight for the stamping polish. The design is from (I think) Born Pretty plate BP-22.

This is a fairly recent manicure, from March 2018. But I think it is destined to remain a favorite for me. I freaking LOVED this manicure. I didn’t want to take it off, ever. As I recall, the only reason I changed it was because the black stamping started showing tip wear. Because I tend to keep my nails on the shorter side, tip wear happens a lot from keyboard use and other day-to-day activities. Still, I think I wore this manicure for a solid 3 or 4 days, which is a lot for me.

Rainbow Sno Cone is supposed to be a topper, but I love it in a manicure on its own. There is so much holo in here that it gives the base a beautiful, silvery look on the nail. And the glitters in here are so, so fun and playful. This topper is similar to Camellia, also from Colores de Carol. But Camellia has metallic flakie shards instead of hex glitters. I love them both, but I think I like these hex glitters a smidge more. And this paisley image has become one of my favorite stamping images. I love how I can get a lot of detail, even on my shorter nails, but it remains a bold and graphic design.


Next, on the top right-hand corner of the collage, is my peacock manicure. This manicure used Pretty Serious, Davy Jones’ Lacquer as the base color. I created a decal with the peacock design using China Glaze, Don’t Desert Me and Meet Me at the Mirage to fill in the peacock. And the rest of my nails have a flower design stamped with China Glaze, Meet Me at the Mirage. I didn’t make a note of the plate number.

This manicure is from August 2017, which is why it has an older (and not so great — sorry!) swatch picture. This is also why my nails are quite a bit longer. I spent most of last Summer visiting my parents in Texas, so I let my nails grow out quite a bit. Once I returned home and had to do adulting stuff (like dishes, laundry, taking care of my dogs, etc …), I had to take my nails back down to their normal, shorter length. I also ended up taking a picture of my Cindy hand for this manicure. I felt my peacock design turned out better on my right hand. Plus, even Cinderella needs her chance at the ball, right?

So, this manicure … I loved this manicure! I remember feeling so proud of this one. I worked hard making the decal and filling in the design. Plus, I wanted to use this peacock image for a while, but I never felt my nails were long enough for the design to show. I am not good at shrinking images. I’ve tried many times, and I’ve failed every time. I felt like this manicure had an “art deco” vibe to it due to the design and the color scheme.


Starting at the L-hand side of the bottom row, we have my brown and blue manicure extravaganza. Woo Hoo! This manicure used several polishes. For the water marble, I used OPI: Rich Girls & Po Boys (dark blue), Gelato on My Mind (light blue), and Shhh … It’s Top Secret (brown). For the gradient, I used OPI: Suzi Loves Cowboys (brown), Rich Girls & Po Boys, and Gelato on My Mind. I stamped over the gradient nails with Funky Fingers, Gesso, and the design is from Born Pretty plate BPL-024.

Whew! That was a lot! This manicure is from April 2018, so it is another recent one. I was so, so, so, so happy with how this turned out. I often have manicure ideas in my head. Usually, they don’t turn out exactly as I pictured them. Not that this is bad. I’m usually fine with it. But this is one of those rare times when my idea and my actual manicure matched up almost exactly! I loved the blue and brown tones in here. And I ended up loving the roses over the gradient nails. I had a hard time figuring out which image to use. Blues and browns are my polish jam, anyhow. So it was fun mixing them together into a manicure. This manicure was a lot of work. I did both hands, and I think it took me an hour or hour and a half. But it was worth it! If I hadn’t had tip wear, I would have worn this manicure for the duration. Having it on my nails made me happy as heck.


I couldn’t possibly do a favorite manicures post without including my unicorn nails! This manicure is in the bottom middle of the collage. It uses Cameo Colours Lacquers, Rainbow Moonstone Magic as the base color. The unicorn is filled in with Orly, Forget Me Not (light blue), Zoya, Goldie (gold), and Moon Shine Mani, True Love (dark pink). The stars are stamped with Bundle Monster stamping polishes in purple, blue, and pink.

This manicure is from February 2018, and Rainbow Moonstone Magic was part of my Polish Pickup from January. It is so pretty and delicate, with a subtle blue sparkle to it. It looks just like the inspiration behind it, and I love seeing it on my nails. As soon as I manicured with it, I knew — I just KNEW!! — that I had to do unicorn nails. This was a manicure I wanted to do for a while, but I never found the perfect base coat. Until Rainbow Moonstone Magic happened. And then, it all fell into place. My one complaint about this manicure is that I wish I had been a little more careful filling in the unicorn’s mane. I wish I hadn’t gone out of the lines on it, although it didn’t show in person. But the camera sees EVERYTHING. (eek)

I loved this manicure, and I wore it for two or three days. Again, I ended up with tip wear on the stamped images, and this was why I changed it. If not for that, I would have worn it longer. But that’s okay. I have the pictures, so I can still enjoy it. Yay! I kind of want to do unicorn nails again. Hmm …


And, finally, bringing up the right-hand corner of my collage is this manicure from December 2017. It uses Orly, Forget Me Not as the base color. The holly berries are free hand using acrylic paint. The snowflakes are stamped with China Glaze, Don’t Desert Me, with an image from What’s Up Nails plate B003. Everything is topped with a coat of China Glaze, Fairy Dust.

This manicure was part of my “Jolly Polish Days”, which means I only wore it for one day. I was so sad when I took this off my nails. I came ever-so-close to cheating and leaving this manicure on for another day. Or two. Or three … *ahem*

This is another manicure that turned out almost exactly how I had pictured it in my mind. I love, love, love this base color. I had seen reviews of Forget Me Not that indicated it had a bad formula. I didn’t see them before I purchased it on a random store browse, but I saw them right after. I was a little worried about this polish, but my bottle has a great formula. I had no problems with it at all. And I LOVE how this light blue looks on my nails. I have since destashed quite a few of my light/pastel blues, just because I love this one so much. I also loved the mix of pinks and greens with this light blue. And, of course, I feel you can’t ever go wrong with a bit of Fairy Dust!


Topic Tuesday is the brain child of Jodi from Jodi’s Polish. She is on YouTube and on Instagram, so be sure to check out her fun videos and beautiful IG posts! Every Tuesday of the month, there is a different nail-related topic. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome. If you decide to blog or vlog or IG your Topic Tuesday answer, be sure to use the special #topictues hashtag so people can find your post!

There is a Topic Tuesday page on Instagram (@TopicTuesdays). You can go there to check out past topics or upcoming topics. You can also suggest topics for upcoming months and vote for different ideas.

Here are the topics for May:

May 1: Fave mani you’ve done or worn.
May 8: First polish you would buy if you lost your entire collection.
May 15: Colors you have most of in your collection. Top 3 from each.
May 22: Polishes you regret buying.
May 29: Polishes you bought for the name.


So there you have it. Five of my favorite manicures. In a way, I wish I was able to go back years to find a favorite. I kind of feel like a poser because all of my favorites were done within the last year. (Actually, within the last 6 months!)

Unfortunately, I can’t go back years and years. I’ve only gotten into stamping and other forms of nail art within the last year — or two, at the most. And I haven’t been photographing my manicures for that long. I probably started photographing my manicures two or two and a half years ago at the most. I think I started taking pictures a few months before I began this blog. It’s funny to think about how I’ve been doing this for a relatively short period of time. Nails, nail polish, Instagram, and this blog have all become a big part of my life. Not that I’m upset about this in the least. It falls into the “sorry, not sorry” category for me.


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