Swatch My Stash! Sinful Colors #5: Purples & Stragglers

I just got a look at the Topic Tuesdays topics for May, and I’m stoked! There are some great ones on the list this month. Needless to say, this means I’m coming at you with my swatch-a-palooza post on Monday this week. But what a great way to kick off a week, right? Looking at and talking about pretty polish makes Monday a lot more bearable for me. Let’s face it: This makes pretty much every day more bearable for me. And a lot more fun!

I have a few things included in this post, because I’m trying to wrap up my Sinful Colors destash. So … it is going to be a little bit on the long side.


Before I jump into my planned post, I wanted to do a quick destash update. Since I am coming to the end of my Sinful Colors polishes, I decided to go back and look at previous posts. I wanted to reevaluate my choices regarding the polishes I kept. Now that some time has passed, do I feel the same way? In some cases, the answer was no. I decided to destash the following from my previous posts:


Dripping in Pearls. Much as I love the golden tones to this polish, I realized I don’t like the appearance on my nails. It has too many brush strokes and a little too much frostiness for me.


Purple Kraze. This polish is really pretty, and I like how it looks once it’s all dry and top coated. But it’s also similar enough to Kommotion that I don’t feel I need both in my stash. I like Kommotion slightly better.


Why Not? This is such a gorgeous blue. I did a comparison with it and some other blues in my OPI stash, and this was almost identical to Ogre the Top Blue. So I decided to destash this one.


Let’s Meet. This is a beautiful yellow, and the formula is pretty good. Originally, I had decided to keep it because of these factors. After some thought, I realized I don’t wear yellow that often. I have two or three in my OPI stash, and I have at least two in my China Glaze polishes. Some of these are similar in color tone to this one, so I feel okay with letting it go.


Yolo Yellow. My feelings on this one are similar to Let’s Meet. I already have yellows that are similar to this one in my stash. And I don’t feel I wear yellow enough to justify keeping this one.


Cloud 9. Much as I love the color and brightness of this tangy orange, I decided the sheer formula wasn’t worth it for me.


Flame Game. This is a great topper. I love the blue and green tones. But I realized I have several toppers that are similar to this, including one from Sinful Colors that I like slightly more.


Today, I have my Sinful Colors purples to share. I have 9 polishes for this post. I originally had 11 polishes in this color category, but I destashed 2 of them during my first round of swatch pictures. As has been my rule since I started going through and re-swatching for better pictures, I will leave my previous destashes out of the mix for posting purposes today.


Cheshire China is from the 2016 Porcelain Matte Collection. It is a pastel periwinkle with a slightly dusty or gray undertone to it. I’ve seen pictures of this polish online looking quite a bit more purple-toned and bright, but it looks like a blue-leaning and dusty or muted periwinkle on me. Maybe it could be a pale lavender? The formula for my bottle was really good, especially for a matte pastel. It was opaque for me in 2 easy coats. I feel like you can see a slight bit of streaking on my index finger in my photo. I think this has more to do with lighting than with the polish itself.

I’m torn regarding this polish. I love the light and peaceful/calm color. It has a simple appearance on the nail, which I find serene and kind of refreshing. I also like the finished appearance of it, although the fact that it is matte doesn’t matter at all to me. I always top it with a glossy top coat, but it still retains a sort of “rubbery” appearance. At the same time, I’m not sure if I will get a lot of wear out of this polish. I have other lavenders in my stash. While they are not exactly like this one in color, they are probably close enough that I wouldn’t miss this particular polish. Ugh. I can’t decide. I’ll have to come back at the end of my post. Fail!! Right at the beginning, too. Is this a bad sign?

EDIT, much later: OK. I have gone through the rest of my post. I have made other hard decisions. And I’m back for Cheshire China. Much as I love this polish, I think I’m going to destash it. I have other pastel, grayed-out periwinkles that I think I will reach for before this one.


Magik Touch is from the Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Collection. It is a grayed-out lavender or periwinkle that leans toward blue. It has a soft shimmer running throughout, which gives the polish a silvery appearance. The formula for this polish was good. It was opaque for me in 2 easy coats. It dries to a matte consistency.

I like this polish. It is a pretty and wearable color. I like that it has a lot of gray, and that it leans toward a blue tone. I think the shimmer is pretty and delicate. When this polish is matte, the shimmer shows nicely on the nail. As I’ve mentioned about a gazillion times, I always top with a glossy top coat, so I will never wear this matte. The polish looks beautiful topped with a nice layer of glossiness, but the shimmer is lost. This polish is really similar in color tone to Cheshire China, although I feel this one is slightly lighter in color. Of the two, I like Cheshire China better, which makes this one a destash for me.


Lie-Lac is from the 2017 SWAK Collection. It is a soft and powdery-pretty pastel purple. In spite of the polish name, I would call this a lavender. It seems more blue-toned to my eye, although maybe I am seeing things. I do love my blues, after all! This polish has a good formula. It was nearly opaque in 1 coat, and it was fully opaque for me in 2 easy coats.

Another really pretty pastel with a good formula. Ugh. Why is this so hard, guys? I want to keep them all. And yet, I also want to destash them all. The confusion!!!

Okay. Let’s just focus in on this particular polish. I do like this one. I like the color tone. It is pastel but not chalky in appearance. I had no problems at all with this formula. It worked over my nails easily, and I think it has a beautiful finish. But … I dunno. This isn’t a color I wear a lot. If I am going to go for a purple, I will usually try for something darker or bolder than this. I know I have polishes in other places in my stash that are close to this in color. I think I’m going to destash this one. Argh! The destash!! It burns!!! So. Painful.


Dream On is a vibrant pinky-purple (lilac, maybe?) creme that has a crelly finish or feeling on the nail. It has a good formula. It goes onto the nail easily, although I needed 2-3 coats for opacity due to the jelly/crelly consistency to the formula.

When I started loading up my photos for this post, I said to myself, “Self, I think we’re going to end up destashing Dream On.” My Self was quiet about this. She didn’t seem to have anything to add. Little did I know, she was quietly conspiring against me. Because now, looking at this swatch picture, I think I am going to keep this one. I like the red-purple color tone. I like the jelly/crelly look it has on the nail. Yep. It’s a keeper. I may end up destashing it later, but it’s going to stay with me for now.


Krushed Velvet is from the 2016 Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Velvety Demi-Mattes Collection. It is a reddish burgundy with gold shimmer. It dries to a rubbery-matte appearance, although I typically use a glossy top coat over it. This has a good formula. It is opaque for me in 2 easy coats.

This polish might have gone okay in my reds, too. It kind of rides the line between red and purple, but it feels like a rich and beautiful burgundy to me. This polish is beautiful with a glossy top coat over it, and you can still see the shimmer. I love the gold running throughout this polish. It has a delicate and very pretty look to it, and I like this base color on my skin tone. This one is a keeper.


Haute Koffee is from the 2016 Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Collection. It is a blackened purpley-red … or, perhaps, a reddy-purple. It dries down to a rubbery-matte finish. This polish has a good formula. It was opaque for me in 2 easy coats.

When this polish is matte, it’s kind of ho-hum to me. The mix of reds and purples in it are pretty, but nothing about it stands out that much. Once you hit this one with a glossy top coat, it comes alive. It seems to glow with a mysterious secret. I love it. This one is a keeper.


Namaste the Night is from the 2017 Desert Divas Stoned Crystal Shimmer Collection. It is a deep plum with silver flakes. It has a good formula that is nearly opaque in 1 coat. It is generally opaque for me in 2 easy coats.

This polish is stunning. I love this shade of deep, dark purple against my skin tone. Have I mentioned I could double as a ghost in my spare time? Um … yeah. I’m so pale that I’m practically invisible. I kid you not. This type of deep, dark, and rich purple is right up my alley. I love the silvery flakes in here, too. They give this polish a lot of interest and detail. This is a keeper.


Holla Dayz is from the 2016 Santa Bae Collection. It is a clear base with gold shimmer, small metallic blue hex glitters, and larger metallic purple hex glitters. The formula is decent for a Sinful Colors glitter topper. It’s a little base-heavy, but it’s not unmanageable.

This is a pretty color combination. I particularly like the gold shimmer, which feels delicate and kind of extra-special to me. Overall, though, I don’t love this topper. I think it’s a little bit too base-heavy for good glitter pay-off. This is a destash for me.


Frenzy is a clear base with purple and blue-green metallic micro glitters. The formula is not bad. It’s a little bit base-heavy, which I have come to expect from Sinful Colors glitter toppers. But it is workable, and not too difficult to get onto the nail.

This is a pretty glitter combination. I think it could be opaque on its own, although it would probably take at least 4 coats. I did 3 of it alone in my swatch picture, and you can see there is still a lot of bare nail showing. Overall, this color combination looks nice over a variety of base colors. And I like how small and dainty the glitters are. But … I’m going to destash this. I just don’t love the look of it as a topper.


Whew! Those purples were harder than I expected. When I first set out on my swatch them all project, I started out with 11 Sinful Colors purples. I destashed two of them in the first round, and I destashed five more today. This leaves me with a total of 7 destashed and 4 still in my collection. I feel really proud of myself! If only I could have done as well with the blues — ha, ha!


It seems there are always polishes that, somehow, fall through the cracks. Sometimes they come into my collection after I started swatching and posting. Or they somehow get left out of my notes. Or a combination of the two. I will be the first to admit I am not the most organized person. As I was going through my Sinful Colors drawer to remove all the polishes I had destashed, I ran across 5 that, somehow, got left out of their respective color family posts. If I’m wrong, and they have already appeared in a swatch my stash post, I apologize for going over them a second time.


Strawberry Milk is from the 2017 Kandee Johnson Pretty Vintage Collection. It is a pastel pink creme that dries matte. This polish has a good formula. It was opaque for me in 2 coats with minimal streaking. I recall having some low spots or streaks on the first coat, but they evened out with the second.

I’m not much for pastel pinks. But I like the look of this one on my nails. Although it’s a matte polish, I like the look of it with a glossy top coat over it. I’m going to keep this one for now.


Set the Dua-Tone is from the 2016 Faceted Illusions Collection. It is a shimmery polish that shifts from pink to purple-blue. This polish has an okay formula. It’s somewhat thin, but it is buildable. It leaves brushstrokes on the nail. It was opaque for me on its own in 3 coats with a hint of VNL.

This polish is pretty. It has a delicate and unexpected appearance on the nail that reminds me of the inside of an oyster shell. I don’t love it on its own. I think it looks best over black, but I’ve realized I don’t enjoy wearing shifting polishes over a black base color. This was a gift from my nail bestie, so I feel bad about destashing it. But I don’t think I will wear it.


Spoon Full of Sugar is from the 2017 Kandee Johnson Vintage Anime Collection. It is a clear base with rose gold metallic glitters and hexes in a variety of sizes. This polish has a good formula. It is not too base-heavy, and it has a decent glitter pay-off on the nail. I tried it on its own at 3 coats, and there was a lot of nail still showing through. I don’t think it could be opaque on its own. But it is nice over a base color at 1 or 2 coats.

This is such a pretty topper. I love the rose gold color, which is unusual in my stash. I feel like I don’t wear a lot of toppers, but I’m going to keep this one. I think I will reach for it. Plus, I love that it’s rather unusual, even in my always-growing stash.


Copper Pot is a metallic orange-copper. This polish has a good formula. It is opaque in 2 easy coats.

I freaking LOVE this polish. I can’t believe it managed to escape my Sinful Colors swatch-a-palooza. I guess it’s a sneaky little minx! This polish reminds me of the way copper cookware glows in candle light or low lighting. I know that sounds crazy, but I guess it means the name is fitting! This is a keeper for me.


Rich in Heart is a blackened reddish-brown. It has a good formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.

This polish is stunning. I love how it looks with a glossy top coat. It seems to glow down into the blackened base. It looks rich, elegant, and mysterious. Even though I love it, I am going to destash this one. It is similar enough to Haute Koffee that I don’t feel I need both of them. I like Haute Koffee a little more because it has some purple undertones mixed in with the reds.


Out of my 5 stragglers, I ended up destashing 2 and keeping 3.


I have come to the end of my Sinful Colors stash. Huzzah! I didn’t have nearly as many Sinful Colors polishes as OPI or China Glaze. But I had more than I realized.

I started out with 86 Sinful Colors polishes. On my first round of swatching, I destashed 18. None of those showed up in this series of posts, because I had already gotten rid of them. I wasn’t able to take new swatch pictures. On this second round of swatching, I destashed 41 more. This brings my grand total of destashed polishes to 59! Woo Hoo!! I went into this part of my project hoping to cut my Sinful Colors stash by half, and I managed to hit that goal, plus a little bit more. I feel great about this, mainly because I hope it will free up more storage space for new indie polishes. My Sinful Colors stash now numbers 28 bottles. (One of the bottles I destashed was a back-up. I kept my original bottle, and destashed my back-up.)


Wow. I know this ended up being a long post. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for sticking it out! It makes me feel great to know I have come to the end of yet another brand in my stash. As with previous brands, it has been fun to rediscover polishes I had forgotten. It’s sad to let some things go. I can’t deny this is true. But, overall, I feel like it will make my stash better. Plus, I will (hopefully) end up with more room for indies. More and more, my collecting madness heads in that direction.

Next week, swatch-a-palooza continues. I will still be working through the mainstream parts of my collection. I’m not sure which brand I will tackle next. Out of my remaining mainstream brands, I think Fingerpaints and Essie are the largest. I think I can do Fingerpaints in one large post, and Essie will take two posts. I will probably tackle one of them next week.


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