My Week in Nails

Here I come … stumbling in here a day late with my weekly manicure wrap-up. (I think WordPress will call this 2 days late by the time I actually post it. But I swear it’s not midnight at my house yet. So I’m only a day late. Really! It’s true!!) I don’t really have any good reason for it. I just didn’t get around to it yesterday. Even though we had a cloudy day with lots of rain, especially in the morning, the light in my office was pretty nice. I spent most of the morning editing photos I had already uploaded, and I spent most of the afternoon taking photos of some swatches and some polish comparisons that have been on my “to do” list for a while. It took a pretty long time. But I felt accomplished when I was done!

The great thing about being a day late with this post is that it gives me a chance to sneak one more manicure into the mix. Um … like I need a chance to do more manicures — ha, ha! We all know I’m a manicuring fool. Woo Hoo!


My first manicure of the week was this hybrid mani in honor of my hybrid Hogwarts house. I’m a RavenPuff, so I used Hufflepuff Just and Loyal and Ravenclaw Wit and Learning.  These are both from Moon Shine Mani, and they are part of her recent 4-piece The Houses Collection.

This mani was so much fun. I love both of these polishes, and I really love them together. I’m not a major, die-hard Harry Potter fan, but my daughter is. We did the Pottermore quiz/sorting together, which showed we were both in Hufflepuff. Later, she found a hybrid house quiz so we could figure out where we fall on the hybrid side of things. (Mostly, I just love typing “hybrid”. Can you tell? o.o) I love the glitz and glam of Hufflepuff Just and Loyal, and I love the contrast of the calm, cool, and ocean-like Ravenclaw Wit and Learning. It’s such a pretty combination!


Since I had done a manicure for my hybrid house, my daughter felt I should also do one for her hybrid house. She is SlytherPuff, so I used Moon Shine Mani, Hufflepuff Just and Loyal and Slytherin Ambitious and Cunning.

So, let’s ignore the fact that my daughter should have done her hybrid house manicure on her own nails. She doesn’t wear nail polish. At all. It’s the only way in which she has disappointed me. (This is a joke, in case you guys were wondering. My daughter is amazing and creative and an all-around fabulous person.) I think I liked this manicure even more than my previous RavenPuff one. These two polishes are beautiful together. It’s like seeing them side by side brings out all the best qualities in both of them. Of course, part of my love for this manicure probably comes from the fact that these two were my favorites from the collection.


My next manicure was with Le Polish, Pop!, which was part of my February Polish Pickup.

This polish is just … *le sigh*. I can’t find enough words to explain how much I love it. It is so pretty and subtly sparkly and girly. I want to pour this polish out on the floor and roll around in it like a happy cat. I mean … of course, I won’t. Because, then, I wouldn’t have my beautiful polish! Nooooo! Say it isn’t so!


My next manicure was with Moon Shine Mani, Welcome to Real Life. This is a wicked-neat multi chrome with an unexpected and fun shift.

I loved Pop! so much that I normally would have worn it longer. I think I wore it for about 2 days, and I would have kept it on for the rest of the week, except … We had a cloudy, rainy day. And a cloudy, rainy day calls for multi chromes. I was looking for the perfect excuse to wear this beauty, too, because it’s new to my stash. This is a great polish! Easy to apply, beautifully opaque, and that zooming shift had me at “hello”.


Next up, I wore OPI, Chills are Multiplying! from the Spring/Summer 2018 Grease Collection.

I swore I was not going to get anything from the Grease Collection. It all kind of looked “same old, same old” to me. Um …yeah. Famous last words. I had a coupon, plus there was a sale … so I ended up with a few from this collection, as well as a few from Lisbon. What can I say? I’m weak — don’t judge me! Rawr.

Guys, I freaking LOVE this polish. It is gorgeously jelly-like on the nail, and I love the subtle but beautiful glimmer from the glitters. I realize it looks like there are low spots on a couple of my nails, but I think this is how the light is falling across them in this picture. I couldn’t see any low spots in person, even in full sunlight.


We had another cloudy day, which meant I headed back to my nail polish stash for more multi chrome goodness! Colores de Carol, Sombrero was the polish for me. Yay!

Last week, I wanted to wear this polish. Sadly, I waited until fairly late at night to do my nails, and I couldn’t find it in my drawers. I knew it was in there, but I got too impatient to dig through everything. I ended up settling for another polish that, while beautiful, just didn’t satisfy me at all. Luckily, I had no such problem this week. I was so happy to have this on my nails. I love, love, love this polish. It was my favorite from the original Cosmic Summer Collection, and I think this is the third or fourth time I’ve worn it. Now that’s some LOVE!!


And, finally, here is my “extra” manicure for this week. This is Colores de Carol, Azalea.

Last night, after all my swatching and photographing and editing, I was in the mood for a thermal polish. All of my Colores de Carol thermals are sitting out on my desk, and this pretty pink caught my eye. I’m having a pink moment today, guys! I love her.


It turned out to be a pretty busy and fun manicure week. I think I almost always have a busy manicure week. I do love to do my nails, after all! Once I sat down and put everything into this post, I realized I had more manicures than I thought. Ah … how the time flies when we’re having fun. And painting our nails …

What? I’m not the only one who does this, right? Right? *ahem*

Anyhoooot … I’ve been thinking about what might be coming up in the blog next week. I have some of the OPI Lisbon and Grease collections, which I’ve swatched. So I’m hoping to have a partial review-type thing up for those guys.  I’m planning for my usual weekly swatch my stash post on either Monday or Tuesday, depending on whether or not I do Topic Tuesday. I am pretty sure I will be finishing out my Sinful Colors stash this week. And I might have a polish comparison post. Maybe. It’s a series I’ve wanted to start for a while, but I haven’t figured out yet exactly how I want to set up those posts. I have lots of comparison pictures ready to go, though. Yay!

I hope you all had a great week, and that it was full of beautiful nail polish, or lots of whatever it is that brings you joy. And I hope you’re having a great weekend, too!

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