Moon Shine Mani: The Houses Collection

I actually have a collection post today. Yay!! I’m pretty excited about this. I feel like it’s been a little while since I had a collection post. As the title suggests, today’s collection comes from Moon Shine Mani. It’s a small, 4-piece collection that is based on the Hogwarts houses from the Harry Potter universe. I don’t have to explain the houses, right? I’m guessing everyone knows what Harry Potter is, what Hogwarts is, and what the houses at Hogwarts are. I mean, unless you’ve been living under a rock. And if you do live under a rock, you probably don’t have internet. Or a computer. It’s hard to run a power cord under a rock without fraying it and electrocuting yourself. You know — because of the sharp edges.

I dithered for a while over whether or not I wanted to buy this collection. I was enchanted and enticed by the online photos and swatch videos I had seen. At the same time, I am not a huge Harry Potter fan. I feel like I should duck behind some kind of protective covering while I type that out loud. You know, to avoid the stones being slung in my direction. But it’s the truth. I enjoyed most of the books. I loved most of the movies. But I am not a hard-core fan. I’m actually kind of over Harry Potter-themed things, in general. I feel the same way about Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. Perhaps I’m just no fun … or something.

But (!!) I am definitely NOT over this gorgeous collection. In the end, the lovely glitters and finishes in these won me over. So, here they are. Yay!!


First Up is Griffyndor Nerve and Chivalry. The Moon Shine Mani site describes this polish as a “scarlet to brick red cream filled to the brim with sparkling gold and ruby glitters, flakies, and shimmer”. This pretty polish really is jam packed with glitter and sparkling goodness! The formula is nice, nice, nice. Even with all of the glitters in here, it is easy to apply and work over the nail. It was opaque for me in 2 easy coats. I found this polish to be slightly textured on the nail after it dried, but it wasn’t terrible. I liked it best with a thick top coat, but you could probably get away without it, if you don’t mind the texture. You guys know me: I always wear a glossy top coat. My inner magpie demands it!


Here is my macro for Gryffindor. Look at all those glitters! We are talking glitter up the wazoo, here, guys. And I love it.

This is a beautiful polish. If I had anything negative to say about it, it would be that this one wasn’t as glitzy and glamorous as I expected it to be. It is packed with glitters, but the overall effect on the nail was more like a jelly sandwich manicure. You can see all the glitters through each layer of polish, and they are beautiful. But they are not overly sparkly or glittery. I like the slightly muted, dusty base color, which is a lovely and, to me, really wearable shade of red. I also like the combination of gold glitters and shimmer against the base. It’s a beautiful combination of colors. I love the different glitter shapes, which gives the polish a lot of detail, as well as beautiful depth and dimension. What can one say, other than … “Go! Go! GRYFFINDOR!!!”


Hufflepuff Just and Loyal is a “gleaming buttery gold base packed with gold shimmer and an abundance of black holo glitters and dots in various sizes, gold holo glitters, and iridescent yellow glitters for an extra sparkle”. This polish has a great formula. Again, even with the abundance of glitters running throughout it, it is easy to work onto the nail. This one definitely dries down with a textured finish, so you will want to use a nice and thick layer of top coat over it. Or, maybe a glitter food and then a top coat. It was pretty much opaque for me in 2 coats, although I felt I could see a little more nail line than I liked. So I would call this one a 2-3 coater. But it’s worth it.


Hufflepuff in macro glory. Um … yes, yes, and YAAAAS!! This polish definitely has extra sparkle. Without a doubt, this is the glitziest, glammest polish in the collection. It is so great that I had to make up words to describe its fabulousity. Fabulousness? Fabu-extravaganza? Well … you get the idea.

I love, love, LOVE the buttery and rich base color on this polish. It is bright and cheerful. It is a lovely counterpoint to all of the gold glitters in here. And those black holo glitters sing through the polish to add the perfect high note. As the light shifts across your nail, you will see golds, and greens, and even some slight blue tones in the glitters. But then, those black glitters zing out at you unexpectedly — but in a good way. Can you tell this is my favorite from the collection? Because it is. And I’m not just saying that because Hufflepuff is my house. Even though it is. And so this one would probably be my favorite, even if it wasn’t the most incredible one in the collection. Which just cancelled out my talk about not playing favorites, didn’t it? Ah well …

I also realize the hypocrisy of knowing my Hogwarts House, even though I am not a die-hard Harry Potter fan. But my daughter is. And we did the sorting thing together on Pottermore. I did it for love, guys. Hypocrisy be darned!


Ravenclaw Wit and Learning is a “rich azure blue, sparkling with aqua and sapphire flakes, bronze and blue glitters in a mix of shapes and sizes, and micro bronze and blue flakies that make for a dazzling finish”. As with the other polishes in this collection, this one has a great formula. It is nicely pigmented, easy to work over the nail, and opaque in 2 easy coats. Personally, I feel I can see a hint of VNL at 2 coats, so I might do 3 of this polish when I wear it in a manicure. I wore Unt peel-off base coat under this, and I didn’t have any problems with staining. This polish is slightly textured when it dries, so a glossy top coat or glitter food plus a glossy top coat is probably a must.


Here is my macro shot for Ravenclaw.

I love the brassy, bronzey glitters against this blue base. And I like how you can see a lot of the smaller round and hex glitters twinkling down through each layer of the polish. I love this shade of blue, too. Blue and any tone of coppery bronze is one of my favorite color combinations. I’ve always loved those two colors together. Plus, blue is my jam, as you guys already know. You would think this would be my favorite from the collection, and I do love it. But the glitz and glam of Hufflepuff could not be denied. Similarly to Gryffindor, my one small negative on this polish is that it somewhat lacks the glittery sparkle factor. This polish also has more of a jelly sandwich effect on the nail, but I feel like that is slightly more muted due to the base color. But (!!) this polish has an ocean feel to me when it’s on my nails. I love, love, love that. It’s beautiful!


Slytherin Ambitious and Cunning is a “shimmering deep hunter green linear holo with silver holo micro glitters and flakies and shifting teal/green micro glitters”. This polish has a wonderful formula. It’s smooth and easy and a delight to apply. It was nearly opaque for me in 1 coat and completely opaque in 2 easy-breezy coats.


Here is my macro for Slytherin. Oh. My. Gosh! Just look at the depths and the shades and the tones of green in here. Ugh. I’m just … kill me dead.

This polish surprised the heck out of me. Based on the online photos I saw and the reviews I saw, I would have passed on it. I ended up getting it because I wanted the whole collection, and also because my daughter’s hybrid house is SlytherPuff. She would have been quite offended if I had left this polish out of my order.

So … let me tell you this: You have got to see this polish in person to truly appreciate it. Because it is super-cali-fantastic! Seriously. This polish jumped onto my nails and dropped the mic. To me, this polish looks kind of “meh” in the bottle. On the nail, it’s a different story. On the nail, this polish is mysterious and moody and deep and oh-so-GORGEOUS!! I love how it seems to glisten and twinkle. This is going to sound crazy, but it reminds me of snake skin as the light plays over it. This one was my second favorite out of the collection. Huge surprise!!


Overall, this is a nice collection. I enjoyed all of these polishes, and I liked seeing them on my nails, too. Slytherin was a huge and wonderful surprise for me. And I will never get over the glitzy-glam of Hufflepuff. I thought the mixture of glitters and colors in each polish was fun and playful, and I liked how well they represented each house crest. I thought all the polishes had great formulas.

I really liked the size of this collection, too. It seems Phoebe enjoys releasing smaller (usually 4-piece) collections each month. Or, maybe, every other month. At first, I thought this would be kind of overwhelming. There are some brands that intimidate me with the amount of polish they release. Not so with Moon Shine Mani. I enjoy looking forward to each new collection release, and I really like that each new collection is smaller in size. I’m not sure how to explain it, but it makes it feel more manageable and less overwhelming to me. I love a good glitter bomb, and Phoebe is a master of this type of polish. She is a glitter sorceress, you guys! But, she makes gorgeous cremes and luscious holographics, too. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a fan. As I become more familiar with this brand, I find myself enjoying it more and more.

The Houses Collection is still available on the Moon Shine Mani website. Each individual polish sells for $11, and you can purchase the whole collection for $40. Phoebe does $3 flat-rate shipping for U.S. orders, and there is a code on the front page of the website that will give you 10% off for orders over $50.

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