Nail Mail Monday: Moon Shine Mani & Cameo Colours Lacquers

It’s been a while since I had a Nail Mail Monday post. I’ve tried to keep things a little slowed down in the purchasing area. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t. In my case, I’ve had more collections than one or two-off bottles of polish. Today, I have three new pretties to share: two new Moon Shine Mani polishes and one gorgeous Cameo Colours Lacquer.


Moon Shine Mani, Welcome to Real Life is from Phoebe’s brand new Use the Schwartz! Collection. The Moon Shine Mani site describes this polish as, a “wicked watermelon multi chrome, shifting from green-gold-orange-red-pink with orange-gold-green crystal flakies flickering from within”. This polish has a great formula. It was easy to apply, and opaque in two gorgeous coats. It was nicely opaque after 1 coat, but I liked the way 2 deepens the color.msm-welcometoreallife-macro-sm

Here is a macro shot for Welcome to Real Life. Just look at those lovely, lovely flakies. And all that watermelon-y pink and red and green goodness. Ugh. I die. Seriously. I am dead now.

This polish really is wicked! And I mean that in the very best of ways. It has this amazing shift that zooms from color to color right before your eyes as the light plays across your nails. As if that wasn’t enough, there are those gorgeously bright, twinkly, shifty flakes. They complement the base color beautifully. The Moon Shine Mani site calls this polish a sister to the gloriously shifty Ragnarok. And I could not agree more! I love the unexpected color in this polish. And, just like Ragnarok, it looks velvety and gorgeous on the nail. I love it. I can’t wait for the next cloudy day so I can wear this beauty and see it in all its glory.


Moon Shine Mani, Good. You’re Married. Kiss Her. is from the newest Use the Schwartz! Collection. The Moon Shine Mani site describes this polish as a “soft blue jelly bomb packed with a rich mix of light blue, melon green, and periwinkle glitters, finished off with a lavish array of silver holo in a trio of dust, dots, and flakies.” This polish has a great formula, especially for being a complete and absolute glitter BOMB. Even with all the stuff packed in here, this one is easy to get onto the nail. It was pretty much opaque for me in 2 coats, although I used a third to get more of that beautifully soft blue base color into the mix.


Here is my macro shot for Good. You’re Married. Kiss Her. Can you say bomb-a-licious?!?! Because I can!!!

I freaking LOVE this polish! It makes me want to squeal in delight. Everything about it is perfection. I love the light blue base color. I love how you can see all the layers of glitter sandwiched down into every layer of shimmering light blue. And the glitter mix is gorgeous. I particularly love the melon green glitters. It feels a little bit unexpected and playful in this polish, with all the blue and silver tones. But it’s a gorgeous pop of color. It has kind of a 70s vibe to me, and it reminds me of wearing space rays or something like that on my fingers. I love this one so much that I think I’m going to grab a back-up of it while I can.


Cameo Colours Lacquer, Hex-Sea And I Know It is described as “a beautiful blue crelly full of neon pink, green, and blue hex glitters in a variety of sizes”. This has a lovely formula. It is easy to work onto the nail, and it was opaque for me in 2 coats. I think I used 3 for my swatch photo, but I feel I would be happy with it at 2 for every day wear.


Here is a macro shot for Hex-Sea And I Know It. I love the name of this polish, by the way. It makes me giggle. Just look at all the colors and sizes in here!

This polish is YUMMY. That’s the only way I can think of to describe it. It is layer after layer of yummy yumminess. The glitter colors are playful and fun, and I love how they look in the blue base. It’s fun to see all the sizes, too. I also like how the glitters are all the same shape, which gives some uniformity to the polish. But the different sizes shake it up enough to keep things interesting. This polish feels so, so summery to me. It was a total impulse purchase. But I have no regrets. No regrets, I tell ‘ya!!


Kind of a small nail mail for today. I am expecting my April Polish Pickup order today, but it hasn’t arrived yet. But I was so excited to share these pretties that I couldn’t wait. Maybe I will have nail mail next week, too!  Woo Hoo!

All of these polishes are still available on their respective websites. In addition, the whole Moon Shine Mani Use the Schwartz! Collection is still available for sale. Happy polish hunting!!

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