My Week in Nails

I’m running a day late and a dollar short on my weekly mani wrap-up. Truthfully … and old sayings aside … I’m always several dollars short, thanks to my nail polish habit. But do I have any plans to quit? Um … no! Problem? What problem? *ahem*

Guess what, y’all? I had a whole week of shopping my stash this past week! What?!?!? I am really excited about this, as I love the idea of shopping my stash on a regular basis. At the same time, I feel a little guilty, because I still have quite a pile of stuff I haven’t worn yet and want to wear. It’s a polish hoarder’s life for me! As I’ve mentioned a few times, I am slowly working my way through most of my stash in an effort to get updated, better swatch pictures of everything. This week, I spent several days working on this project, which led me to shop my stash, instead of grabbing all new polishes.

I’m starting this week’s post off with a hold-over from last week. I had my new photo for this manicure on my camera, but I didn’t manage to pull it off and edit it in time for last week’s post.


Glam Polish, Chamber of Secrets is from their Wizardly Ways Collection. Wizardly Ways is one of the few full collections I have purchased from them. I love me some Glam Polish. This brand was one of the first indie brands to come into my stash, right behind Colores de Carol. Or, really, at about the same time. But I don’t buy a lot from them. I’m not sure exactly why, but I think it is because I find their website overwhelming due to all the available choices. This maker puts out a crap-ton of polish. I mean this in the very best way, by the way. This is a good thing. But it often feels impossible to keep up with them, so I tend to check out on this brand unless they come up with a collection that really grabs my attention and heart. Wizardly Ways was one of those types of collections for me.

So … this polish. It is so, so pretty. I had forgotten how light and bright it is on the nail. I loved seeing the vibrant base color on my nails, and those flakies are to die for in the opinion of this polish junkie.


My first official manicure of this week was with Native War Paints, Goblin King. I realize this polish seems very inappropriate for the season. Although a lot of people are still buried under never-ending snow, we are heading quickly into Spring, which naturally makes most people think of lighter, brighter colors and pastels. Personally, I like a nice, dark polish any time of the year. I tend to enjoy the contrast of bold or dark colors against my extremely fair skin tone.

In this instance, I decided to wear Goblin King because my husband and I were supposed to attend a funeral. It seemed to fit with the solemn occasion. We ended up being unable to go, as I was under the weather with my allergies. But I can’t regret pulling this beauty out of my stash. I had forgotten how unexpectedly complex this polish is. The base is beautiful, and I love the addition of the silvery-blue or aqua shimmer. There is also a pink or purple shimmer, which seems to spark red at certain angles.


My next manicure landed on a cloudy day in the midst of a whole string of cloudy days, so I decided to pull out one of my Colores de Carol multi chromes: Pandora. This is a gorgeous polish with a strong and very pretty shift on the nail. It also has a scattering of holographic throughout the base, so you get color shift AND rainbows. Best of every world!!

Overall, I was a little disappointed in this manicure. It had nothing to do with the polish. This is a beautiful polish with a fabulous formula. But I was in the mood to wear Sombrero, a different multi chrome, that day. I couldn’t find Sombrero and got tired of looking through my drawers for it. So I settled for Pandora, which left me feeling a little “meh” about my manicure all day.


When the sun finally came back out, I wanted to celebrate. And I immediately thought of Colores de Carol, The Cuckoo Clock of Doom. I decided to stamp over a couple of nails with this zig-zaggy pattern that reminded me of crackling electricity. The design comes from Bundle Monster plate BM-XL212, and I stamped with Funky Fingers, Dark Knight.

I did not feel “meh” about this manicure at all. I LOVED IT!! I love wearing Cuckoo Clock. It is the most amazingly bright, eye-searing linear holographic yellow. It looks like fiery velvet on the nail, and it tosses rainbows like mad in the sunlight. I freaking love this polish.


And, finally, my last manicure for the week was with Pretty Serious, HTF. This is a somewhat sheer black base with color-shifting flakes. The flakes mostly shift from red to orange, although I often see greens in them at certain angles. This type of polish is right up my alley. It is a look I particularly love. I wish the base of this polish was slightly less sheer or grayed-out. But it still builds up nicely. I generally need 3 coats of it for the base to get to the color I want to see on my nails. They are easy coats, though, with minimal clean-up, even on my sloppiest days.


So that’s it, guys! Another week of manicures down and done. I didn’t set out to shop my stash this week, but I am happy it worked out that way. It was fun to rewear and rediscover some older loves. With the rate that my stash tends to grow, I feel like polishes I love can get lost in the mix. This is especially true when I feel compelled to wear all the new things first!


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