Topic Tuesday: Nail Polish Back-Ups

It’s a Tuesday that feels like a Monday, since my daughter had Monday off from school. I generally hate Tuesdays that feel like Mondays, because they throw off my balance for the whole rest of the week. But, how can I ever hate on a day when there is Topic Tuesday? I can’t, that’s how!

Today’s topic is …



And here are all of my nail polish back-ups, all together in one collage! I have previously mentioned how I feel a collage is necessary to get that true “Topic Tuesday” feeling, right? Um … yeah. I mostly want an excuse to include a picture of one of my dogs. I’m a dog mom, what can I say?

I was glad this topic was later in the month, because I knew I needed a little bit of extra time to think about it. A couple of polishes came to mind immediately, and I thought I might have two or three back-ups. After scrounging through my drawers, I realized I have 9 polishes that are backed up in my stash. Is this a lot? I’m not sure. I change my mind from moment to moment. In one moment, I feel it might be a lot. I have a large-ish polish hoard, and we all know it takes a long time to use up a whole bottle of polish. In the next moment, the starry-eyed polish addict who lives in my soul reminds me there is no such thing as “too much” or “a lot” when it comes to polish. And so, I am going to try my best not to guilt myself, but to enjoy the joy and happiness these little pots of paint bring into my life.

In the collage, the polishes are as follows:

Top Row, L to R: China Glaze, Simply Fa-Blue-Less; Colores de Carol, The Gifted Stone; and Pretty Serious, My Immortal.

Second Row, L to R: Pretty Serious, Wish You Were Beer; and China Glaze, Flying Dragon.

Third Row, L to R: China Glaze, What I Like About Blue; China Glaze, Up All Night; OPI, Rich Girls & Po’ Boys; and Colores de Carol, Rooster.

So … Let’s talk about some polish! There is something of a method to my madness, although I have to be honest and say it’s mostly just madness. This is Polish Hoarder Life, guys. It’s not for the faint of heart.


China Glaze, Simply Fa-Blue-Less is one of the prettiest, most perfect navy blue jelly polishes I’ve ever seen. It might actually be THE prettiest and most perfect. I wanted this polish in the worst way when this collection came out. Sadly, it seemed to sell out almost instantly in every store in my area. I could not find it anywhere. It’s also possible that I was unable to find it online, but I can’t remember for sure. Eventually, my sweet nail bestie, @jenniferwallenfels , found a bottle and sent it to me. Huzzah!!

Did I love it as much in person as I had in pictures? YES!! I love everything about this polish on my nails. The formula is beautiful. I love the slight hint of nail line and that slightly darker blue toward the ends of my nails. I love the color. I love the look of it when it dries. I wear this one on its own. I wear it under glitter. I wore the heck out of it when I first got it. After having it on my nails one time, I knew I wanted a back-up. I knew I wanted the ability to have this polish on my nails for a long time. While I was visiting my family in Texas for summer vacay, I found another bottle at the Sally’s in my parents’ town. I wasted no time in grabbing it! I would have gotten a third bottle, too. But they didn’t have one.


Colores de Carol, The Gifted Stone was from (I think) the January Polish Pickup sale. You guys know how I love a great blue, and this one looked so beautiful and shimmery and sparkly in the swatches I saw online. Right away, I knew I would want more than one bottle of this lovely. I did not want to repeat the heartache of my Demeter mistake. Oh, how I long to have another bottle … or two … or three … of that polish!

Because Polish Pickup polishes go away so quickly, I took a chance and ordered two bottles during the sale. I have no regrets. I love this one, and I feel like I can use it to my heart’s content!


Pretty Serious, My Immortal was a limited edition polish. It might still be available on their website, but I am not sure. I didn’t go over there to check. I ordered this beauty right away when I saw it on their site. This is a no-brainer, right? I mean, look at all that blue!!! Sooooo preeeetttyyyy!

Once I received this polish, I was mesmerized by how it looked in the bottle. I HAD to have it on my nails right away! It didn’t take long for me to realize I was hard-core OBSESSED with this polish. It is like magic in a bottle to me. I couldn’t get over how this looked on my nails. I could not stop staring at them. I didn’t want to stop staring at them. As soon as I saw this on my nails for the first time, I knew I needed a back-up. I wasted no time at all in obtaining it.

ps-wishyouwerebeer2-sm copy

Pretty Serious, Wish You Were Beer was (I think) a Road to Polish Con polish. I love some gold nail polish. I love some holographic nail polish. You guys know this about me. So, I figured the odds were good that I would love this polish. But really, let’s be honest: I bought this polish for the name.

This is yet another hard-core OBSESSION polish for me. From the first moment I saw it in the bottle, it was love. I carried the bottle from room to room in my house, just to see it in different types of lighting. I took it outside to see it in full sun. Once I was done with my initial starry-eyed lusting, I put this on my nails. Oh. My. Good Googley GOSH!! I wore this polish two or three times in a row, which is a lot for me. This polish is everything. I don’t know how else to describe it. It is just Everything. And a bag of chips. The base color is the most amazing tone of amber. The holographic is gorgeous in any type of lighting. It did not take me long to realize I needed to acquire a back-up before it disappeared completely. I am so glad I did. Dear Wish You Were Beer … I love you. *sigh*


China Glaze, Flying Dragon. This is a “kind of” backed up polish. My picture is of my much-loved OG dark purple version of the polish. This was one of the first China Glazes in my stash, and I still remember how fascinated I was with watching it transform under a glossy top coat. It’s like magic to me every darn time. I also love the deep, rich, and dark purple of the base color.  I know this polish isn’t for everyone. It’s one of those polishes people either love or hate. I am firmly in the LOVE IT camp.

Once my bottle started to get down toward the end of its lifespan, I realized I wanted a back-up for it. I was excited when I randomly located one in my local Rite-Aid store. Success (!!) I thought. Sadly, it was not to be. My second bottle was much more pink. It was nowhere near the color of my beloved original. Several months later, I found another bottle of Flying Dragon, and this one looked more purple in the bottle. I hoped it would be closer to the original. It was and wasn’t. It is more purple. But it’s also more pink. So it’s in-between the really pink one and the darker OG version. If you’re counting, that’s 3 bottles of this polish. And none of them look alike. Why, China Glaze? Why you do this to meeee??? Haven’t I always loved you? Haven’t I given you most of my money?


China Glaze, What I Like About Blue. This is another polish that jumped out at me right away when the collection first released. I wanted it immediately. I was practically salivating over the swatch pictures, and I wasted no time in heading to my Ulta and Sally’s to get it. It was sold out. Everywhere!! Again, I don’t remember if I had trouble finding it online, too. But it’s possible that this was the case. My cousin, who lives in Texas, located a bottle for me.

This polish is LOVE. It is such a beautifully perfect and gently sparkly aqua/turquoise. I loved this on my nails. Loved it!! Wearing it made me happy. I made the mistake of water marbling with it, which put a sizable dent in my bottle. Months later, I found another bottle at my Sally’s. It was on clearance, which was so weird considering how hard it was for me to get the first one. But I figured it was the universe, telling me I NEEDED a back-up of this one. And when the universe tells you to jump, you don’t hesitate. You just ask how high.


China Glaze, Up All Night. This is probably my favorite polish of life. I can’t explain it, but this polish just does something to me when it’s on my nails. If this polish was a person, I would marry it. Well, not really. I’m already married. Maybe we would just have a torrid affair or something.

I have 3 back-up bottles of this polish. This is slightly ridiculous, since this polish is still listed as available on the China Glaze website. I think this means it’s part of the core collection, but I’m not sure. I can sometimes find it in stores around me. I can sometimes find it online. But not always. So I decided to hedge my bets and get a couple of extra bottles. Because I love this polish so much, I use it often. I wear it in full manicures, although not as much as I used to when my stash was smaller. I also like it under glitters. It looks amazing under iridescent or UCC flake toppers. It water marbles like a champ. And it makes a fantastic gradient addition.


OPI, Rich Girls & Po’ Boys. This was more of an “accidental” back-up. I love this color. I think it’s a fantastic blue. It’s beautifully bright and vibrant, and it looks amazing on the nail. It also has a pretty fantastic formula. Even so, I had no plans for backing it up. I like it a lot, but it didn’t rise to the level of obsession that typically leads to me backing up a polish. But, one day, I was browsing at Ulta. I was in a bit of a hurry, and I saw this lovely blue polish in a new collection display. It was the only polish for that particular name in the display. I thought it was so pretty that I grabbed it up — without checking the name on the bottom. So dumb of me! You can imagine my annoyance when I got home and realized I had accidentally purchased a second bottle of Rich Girls & Po’ Boys. Actually, I wasn’t annoyed. But I did laugh at myself.

At first, I thought I would destash my extra bottle. But I realized this polish water marbles really well. I decided to keep both bottles so that I would have one to use in marbles and one to use in manicures.


And, finally, here is Colores de Carol, Rooster. This was a limited edition polish to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. I love the gentle gold color of this polish, as well as the linear holo and the red and gold glitter combination. I quickly fell head over heels for it on my nails. It is so delicate and special and elegant. I love wearing it. Plus, I was born in the Year of the Rooster! It was meant to be, guys. Meant to be. And so, I had to order a back-up. I have no regrets.


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This was a fun topic! I had a great time going through my stash to find my back-ups. I was a little surprised at realizing I had several more of these than I originally expected. But I am happy to have all of them. It was great pulling them out, looking at them, and revisiting the wonderful memories associated with each one.

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