Topic Tuesday: What Brand Would You Choose if You Could Own Only One?

It’s Topic Tuesday time! Always a fun time on the blog, because y’all know I love to chit-chat about polish! As the title says, today’s topic is:

What brand would you choose if you could own only one? (No Indies!)

This was hard for me. I had to sit and give this one some thought, so I’m glad it was on the last Tuesday of the month. (Also, is anyone else super surprised to realize we are rapidly closing in on the end of March? Why does it seem like I’m living in a time warp that makes days and months shoot by at super sonic speed? Argh!)

In reality, I don’t think I could choose just one brand. I love all the mainstream brands in my stash, and I love adding new polishes from all of those brands,  even though it tends to be sporadic. My inability to choose just one brand would be doubly true if I had to take indie polish out of the equation. My stash is quickly becoming more and more overrun with different indie polish brands. This is a good thing! The point is that it’s a little bit difficult for me to wrap my head around the fiction presented by today’s topic. I’m sure I am not the only polish junkie who feels a little surge of panic at the idea of most of their stash disappearing. Polish hoarder problems, y’all! The struggle is real.


After thinking on this, I realized there could only be one answer for me: Zoya. I’m pretty sure China Glaze makes up the biggest part of my mainstream polish stash, but I have come to love Zoya more and more over the past several months. I feel like my Zoya stash is quickly catching up!

There’s so much to love about this brand. I love that they are 10-free. I love that they seldom discontinue polishes. When Zoya brings out new collections, those polishes pretty much always end up as part of their ever-growing core line. As a polish-obsessed hoarder, it makes me happy to know I can probably get another bottle of a favorite polish if I want. Zoya has an amazing creme formula. In general, I feel like they hit it right out of the park with their creme polishes. I’m a girl who also loves her shimmers and glitters. And Zoya does a fantastic job with those, too. For a mainstream brand, I feel like Zoya takes chances and shows a lot of creativity within their collections. I think China Glaze does this, too. But nearly every polish China Glaze makes is a limited edition.

As part of my Topic Tuesday collage, I decided to show five of my favorite Zoyas. I have a LOT of favorite Zoya polishes, but these were the five that stood out to me today. Some of these are old favorites. And a couple are new loves that have become favorites over the last few months.


Dream is pretty much always going to be a favorite for me. I think it has been on every Zoya-themed favorites list I’ve done so far. And I’m pretty sure I have talked about it many times already here on the blog. My love for this beauty still rings true!

Believe it or not, I am pretty sure this wasn’t the first scattered holographic I purchased. I think I bought Storm first. But this one captured my heart at “hello”, and it has yet to let go. I love the rich blue base color, which has a denim look in most types of lighting. I love the scattered holographic. The Zoya scattered holos were my first experience with holographic polish! So they stand as an important gateway for me to the world of glitter and holographic-filled indie polishes.


Portia is a polish that doesn’t always get a lot of love on my blog. And yet, it is a favorite of mine and holds a special place in my heart. I don’t often wear these types of neutrals. I’m a gal who loves her bright, bold, or dark colors! But, when I’m in the mood for a lovely, calm neutral, I reach for Portia. I enjoy the heck out of this beautiful polish when it is on my nails. It is a wonderful balance between warm and cool tones, and I love the very slightly blush pink color. For such a light polish, Portia also has a great formula. I find it streaks somewhat on the first coat, but it evens itself out nicely.


You guys remember Padma, right? My love affair with this polish continues on. It is a story for the ages. For the ages, I tell ‘ya! I know I’ve already raved and raved about this polish here on the blog. The funny thing is that I am not sure I can really explain the reasons behind my love, other than to say I think this is pretty much a perfect “grandma rose” tone. Having this polish on my nails makes me happy.


Binx has been a favorite of mine for quite a while. I am pretty sure it has appeared in more than one blog post and on more than one favorites list. There is so much I love about this polish. I love the base color, which rides the line perfectly between pink and purple. I love the light and airy look it has on the nail. I love, love, love the iridescent glitters. This is a happy, bubbly polish that is always fun to wear.


And, finally, here is River. Oh, how I love her shimmery, sparkly, beautiful blueness! It is so perfect, bright, and gorgeous on the nail. I fell hard for this polish, even though it is a recent addition to my stash. I think, like Dream, it is destined to remain a favorite. I did not want to take this off my nails when I wore it, and I kinda want to put it back onto my nails every time I look at pictures of it!


So, there you have it. If forced to choose, I would go Zoya all the way. Well … sorta. First, I would beg and bargain in an attempt to keep more than one brand in my stash. And then, I would cry for a while. And then, I would beg some more. But, when the dust settled, I would go with Zoya. Being a polish hoarder is not for the faint of heart!


Topic Tuesday is a fun way for the polish community to come together and learn a little bit about each other. For each Tuesday of the month, there is a different topic up for discussion. You can join in on topics that interest you and skip topics that don’t. I think I get as much enjoyment out of reading other people’s answers as I do out of posting my own information. If you YouTube … or blog … or Instagram … or SnapChat … or FaceBook … or … whatever! … Topic Tuesday is for you! Just be sure to use the #topictues hashtag so that others can find your post across all forms of social media.

Topic Tuesday is the brain child of the beautiful and talented Jodi from Jodi’s Polish. You can find her on YouTube ( and on Instagram ( @jodispolish ). There is a special Instagram account dedicated to Topic Tuesday ( @topictuesdays ). You can go there to suggest topics, vote on topics, and see the list of current topics. Suggestions are open now for April topics, so if you have a fabulous idea, head over there to share it!



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