The Indie Nail Polish Tag

It’s officially Spring! Yay!! Of course, it doesn’t look at all like it outside my window today. We had snow last night and all day today. Not that I’m complaining. I like snow, and we haven’t had much this year. We have mostly had rain. I much prefer snow, although both leave me with a muddy yard and doggy foot prints all over my floors. At least snow is pretty, and school was cancelled. Always an occasion for celebration at our house.

Today, I have The Indie Nail Polish Tag, take 2. I did this tag a little over a month ago, but I realized I somehow messed up and left out several of the questions. I even messed up the numbering on it and everything, so I’m not sure what was going on with me. It was a total brain fart moment. Or two … or three. I’ve also realized that some of my answers have changed, even in the span of a month. Which I find pretty funny. It makes me wonder if I am super wishy-washy or something, but I think it’s a factor of the indie polish world moving at a fast and furious pace. I think this is one thing that makes indies so fun. I haven’t been into indie polish for very long, but I fell fast and HARD into that rabbit hole. It was more like I jumped in with both feet! Because of that, I thought this would be a fun tag to do and/or redo here on the blog.


A few days ago, the lovely and talented Alli Evette ( tagged me in her video for this fun tag. I love Alli’s channel, and I’ve never been tagged for anything. I had a total squealy fangirl moment over it. It wasn’t pretty, but oh well. Alli tagged me on Instagram, and I’ve already done a series of posts on there. But I thought it was also a great chance to redo this tag here on the blog. Hopefully, I manage to get all of the questions in here this time! The first time I did this tag, I took it from Moon Baby Nails (, who said anyone who wanted to do it should join in on the fun.

I think the Indie Nail Polish Tag was the brainchild of Peony Polish ( . It has 9 questions, all relating to different aspects of the indie polish world. Which, I’m sure, you already guessed. Because it’s called “The Indie Nail Polish Tag”. Um … yeah.




I just talked about this at length for this week’s Topic Tuesday. My first indie purchase was an order of five polishes from Colores de Carol. From L to R in the picture, they are Demeter, Feronia, Ceres, a Purple Glitter Prototype, and Sapphire Princess. I thought about including individual photos for each one, but I have individual photos of all of these in yesterday’s post. In the interest of keeping this post a little shorter, I’m just going to go with the group shot in here.

I destashed the purple glitter prototype three or four months ago. But Demeter, Feronia, Ceres, and Sapphire Princess all continue to live happily in my stash. I love them!! I feel like Colores de Carol was a fabulous introduction to the indie polish world. Carolina, like every other indie maker with whom I have communicated, is warm, friendly, and amazingly kind. I was so nervous about this first order, because I had never ordered polish over the internet. But Carolina’s kindness helped boost my confidence!!


I don’t feel like I have any true “lemmings”, either for mainstream polish or for indie polish. But I think this is especially true for indies. These polishes tend to be so limited. I try to keep up with what’s coming out in the brands I love, but the truth is that there is just too much. There are new things coming out all the time, and it’s impossible to keep up with them. I try to remind myself that, for everything I miss out on, there will be new things I NEED to have in my stash. Otherwise, I feel like I will make myself crazy.

But … There are a couple of polishes in my stash that I love beyond measure, and I wish I had purchased a back-up of them when they were released. So I am letting these two take the “lemmings” spot for this post. If I ever ran across bottles of these for sale, I would jump on them in a heartbeat and a half. Maybe less.


The first one is Colores de Carol, Demeter. I have talked about this polish a LOT in various posts. It is one of my all-time favorite polishes. I love it so much, and I wish I never had to be without it. I wish this to such an extent that I actively avoid wearing it because I don’t want my bottle to run out. Rationally, I know this is ridiculous. But the maniac polish-hoarder that occupies my brain insists we all live this way.


The second is Colores de Carol, 1776. This polish is all the things I love in a bottle. The very MOMENT I saw this polish swatched online, I knew I needed to have it. I could not get over those large circle glitters. And the contrast of red sparkling glitters with the blue jelly base. I fully intended to buy a second bottle of this, but it sold out before I managed to snag it. I should have purchased two bottles in my initial order, but I felt like I was being selfish. Now, though, I regret it.


lep-littlewoodenhorse2-sm copy

LePolish, Little Wooden Horse immediately came to mind for this question. I haven’t re-swatched my LePolish polishes yet, so this is an old swatch picture. This is a polish Sloppy Swatches did in collaboration with LePolish. I wanted this polish immediately when I saw it on Sloppy Swatches’s YouTube channel. But I had never purchased from LePolish before. And I was really new to indies at the time. I let fear take control, and I talked myself out of buying it. It, of course, sold out, and I spent months living with bitter regret. Luckily for me, LePolish brought back some of their holiday polishes, including this one. I wasted no time at all in ordering it! And I am so happy to have it. It is a rich and vibrant brown. I love the red tones, and the hints of gold are magnificent.


I’m also sticking this photo back in here, because it fits for this question, too. I decided to purchase from Colores de Carol because of BonitaJuanita on YouTube. She is one of my favorite nail YouTubers, and she has the most amazing reviews of Colores de Carol polishes. After watching several, I decided to jump in and give it a try. In a way, I can thank Juanita for all of my current nail polish madness!


I am pretty easy-going with regard to polish. And I’m a little bit of a magpie. I have found I like almost everything the indie polish world has to offer. If it sparkles or shimmers or glistens or glows or changes colors, I want it on my nails. Rawr!


One particular favorite is any polish that has strong color-shifting flakes in it. I think these are called UCC flakes or chameleon flakes. I love how they shift from orange to red to gold and sometimes to green. They have a mysterious glow, and I love how they look different depending on the base color surrounding them. Ever After, Playing With Fire is a fantastic example because the color changing flakes look amazing playing off of the black jelly base. Man, I love this polish.


Another particular favorite is any type of glitter bomb. I am showing Moon Shine Mani, As You Wish as an example. It is a gorgeous, amazing, and perfect jelly glitter bomb. Or, as Phoebe calls it, a “jelly bomb”. I love the glitter mix in here. I also love the mixture of shapes and colors. This polish has so much interest and detail on the nail. I love it!


As far as a “least favorite” type of polish goes, I would have said thermals were my least favorite — up until a few days ago. Now, though, I have to back off from that. I always felt thermals would be wasted on me because I tend to keep my nails on the shorter side. I figured they wouldn’t change at all, but I told myself I would try one if I found one that I liked a lot in its warm state. I purchased my first thermal as part of my March Polish Pickup order. It is Colores de Carol, Sayuri. Guys, it changes on my nails! I don’t really get the hard shift that looks like a french mani. I think I don’t have enough free edge for that. But the polish shifts and changes throughout the day. I. Am. OBSESSED!! I am obsessed with this polish. I have had it on my nails for 3 days now, which is unheard of for me. I keep running hot and cold water over my hands to see it change. I love it. And I recently ordered a few from Carolina’s Spring Thermals collection.

So now, I don’t think I have a least favorite type of indie polish. My bank account is still crying over this, but I guess we will all have to adjust to the new reality.



So you knew this lady would be back, right? Yep, this is Colores de Carol, Demeter. And she is one of the polishes I think fits my personality to a “T”. This is a polish that seems really simple and straight forward at first glance. Once you put it on your nails, you can see it has different color nuances and a lot more depth and detail than you expected. I think I tend to be like this, too. I keep my thoughts and my feelings to myself most of the time. As a result, people who take me just at face value think they know me, but, really, they don’t. My husband and I have been together for about 30 years, between dating and marriage, and he always says that he will never really know me, even if we are together for a hundred years. Although I will say he knows me pretty well. Ha, ha.


This is the second indie polish that fits my personality to a “T”. It is LynB Designs, Siren Song. When I posted this on Instagram, my nail bestie commented that this polish was “so me”. I thought about this, and I realized she is right! This is a happy and bubbly sort of polish. It’s cheerful and upbeat. I don’t consider myself to be particularly bubbly in personality. I tend to be rather reserved. But I am optimistic, and I generally try to look on the bright side of every situation.


My favorite indie maker is Colores de Carol. I don’t even have to think about that at all. I think this has been my favorite brand from the first moment I jumped into the indie world. In the beginning, it was a favorite for me because it was my first foray into indie polish. But now, it’s more than that. I love this brand for the creativity and consistency behind her collections and formulas. I also love how she tries a lot of different types of polishes and/or finishes. And she does all of them beautifully! There are quite a few other indie brands in my stash now, but I think Colores de Carol is going to remain a favorite for a long time.

But … I don’t wish I owned every polish from this brand. I only want to own polishes I want to wear. As it is, I have more polish in my stash than I can wear. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of this. It is just a fact of life. There is no point in me buying polishes in colors I don’t like against my skin tone or that I know I won’t wear.


I have a few that fit into this question. You guys are shocked by this, right? You should know by now that I am going to pick multiple polishes whenever possible! Ha, ha!


Lollipop Posse Lacquer, Spirit of the Kohaku River. This was part of a Polish Pickup Order — for November, I think. Funny enough, I wasn’t particularly impressed with this polish when I saw photos of it online. I’m not sure why. I ended up ordering it because it was based on the movie Spirited Away, which is one of my favorite anime movies. Plus, it was blue. So I knew I would wear it. But I wasn’t as excited about it as I was about other things in my order that month.

When I put this on my nails to swatch it, I literally said, “Oh … My … GOSH!!” out loud. It is so much more amazing and fabulous in person. There are so many details in this polish with the different flakie colors and the base color. It looks exactly like beautifully sparkling water, and it ended up being my favorite from that month’s order.

ps-wishyouwerebeer2-sm copy

Pretty Serious, Wish You Were Beer. I was OBSESSED with this polish when I first got it. I could not get enough of it. I carried it around my house so that I could look at it in different types of lighting. I carried it outside, chasing patches of sun, so I could see it in direct sunlight. I wore it 2 or 3 times in a row. This polish just grabbed something deep down in my heart, and it still hasn’t let go. I wear other things. You guys know this. I wear other things all the darn time. But I think about this polish almost constantly.


Colores de Carol, 1776. This was a polish I loved immediately when I saw it swatched online. But nothing — nothing! — could have prepared me for seeing it in person. This polish triggered all the feels in me when I put it on my nails. I’m not sure how to explain it, but there is something about this combination of the red glitters, the silver hexes, the large circle glitters, the scattering of holographic and the perfect, watery-colored blue jelly base. It is a perfect storm of awesomeness. And it blew my mind.


Moon Shine Mani, As You Wish. This is another polish that blew my mind when I saw it. I had seen swatch photos and videos of this polish. And, of course, I saw it in the bottle when my order came to my house. But this is another polish that doesn’t look like much until you see it in person on your own nails. As I swatched it, I had to slow down to fully appreciate the true depth and beauty in this polish. This glitter mix is one of the nicest I have seen. It uses color, shape, and size to grab your attention and never let it go. Top all that off with a beautiful blue jelly base, and you have one jaw-droppin’ polish!


So, of course, formula is first and foremost. Formula is King. (Or Queen, if you prefer.) But I pretty much expect a great formula with indie polish. Because these are hand mixed in smaller batches, I feel like there is a really low chance of getting a dud. So far, I haven’t had a bad formula in any of the indies I have purchased. Maybe I’ve gotten lucky. Or maybe these amazing indie makers have spoiled me!

After formula, I think I look for an interesting, unusual, or detailed glitter mix. I want to see something that is going to strike my fancy in some way. That might be with a combination of glitter shapes and colors, a combination of glitter types, or the combination of the glitter color with the base color. It’s not something I can fully explain, but I know it when I see it!


I don’t really have a great answer for this one. I have never failed to be amazed at the creativity shown by all of the indie brands I have purchased. From my limited dealings online with various makers, they all seem enthusiastic about their brands and amazingly knowledgable about polish, in general. Overall, I would just like to see these amazing companies continue to bring awesomeness to my world and my polish stash!


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