Zoya Spring 2018: Thrive Collection

My blog is starting to look like a Zoya-rific love fest. Just a little bit. There’s been a lot of Zoya in here over the last few posts. Overall, I’m pretty okay with that. It won’t be all Zoya, all the time in here, but, over the last year, I have come to realize how much I love this brand. I’m not sure I can say yet that it is my favorite mainstream, but it might be getting there.


Today, I have Zoya’s Thrive Collection for Spring 2018. Spring collections are not generally my thing. I like the dustiness a lot of spring tones have to them, but I don’t always love pastels. I have to admit the Spring offerings from China Glaze and OPI both left me feeling a little bit flat. There are a few polishes in each of those collections that I like and might purchase, but I wasn’t at all interested in them as a whole. I figured the same would hold true for Zoya.

Color me surprised to find out this was not the case. It took me a while to come to the decision I wanted to purchase the whole Thrive Collection. I looked at a lot of swatches from the collection. I read a few blog posts. I watched all the YouTube reviews I could find. With each one, I kept thinking about how much I wanted every polish in here. I tried talking myself out of it. Usually, I can manage to do this, especially with Spring or Summer collections. This time, I failed utterly. I finally had to admit I wanted every polish. And so, here it is.

(All color descriptions are from the Zoya website.)


According to the Zoya website, Brandi is a “blush pink cream”. I’m sitting here, trying to decide if this pink tone qualifies as “blush”, and I can’t do it. To me, a blush pink would be slightly lighter. I think of this one as a light to medium rose tone. Brandi has a great formula. It is smooth, creamy, and lovely to apply on the nail. This beauty is opaque in 1 coat, although I love it at 2 on my own nails. I do 2 coats with pretty much every polish because I’ve found I get better wear this way.

Brandi, Brandi, Brandi … You are such a “grandma” color. And I love you so much. What is going on in my life, guys? What? I have no idea, but my “pink moments” are becoming more and more frequent. I particularly love these types of grandma rosy pinks. This polish has a beautifully dusty, muted look to it, and I love it on my skin tone. In some lights, it seems to have a subtle orange or “salmon” undertone. Maybe I imagined this, but I found I quite like it. I think this polish is perfect for Spring and for heading into Summer. But I think this could be a lovely color for Fall, too. I also think this one would be beautiful on many different skin tones.


Trudith is a “muted wisteria purple cream”. Trudith has a fantastic formula. It is easy, creamy, smooth, and opaque in 1 coat. I have 1 coat in my swatch picture, but, as always, I would wear this one with 2 coats in real life.

I enjoyed the heck out of this polish on my nails. It is such a pretty tone of purple. I love the dusty, slightly muted look to it. There is something peaceful and calm about this color. Again, this is a perfect Spring- to – Summer color, but I would be happy wearing this one all year long. I think it will be beautiful combined with other colors in nail art, too.


Darby is a “dusty, gull gray metallic”, according to the Zoya website. I find this polish rides the line between blue and gray, although it leans more blue to my eyes. It has a beautiful aqua or blue shimmer, which is subtly sparkly on the nail. In spite of the Zoya description, this one doesn’t look like a metallic to me. This polish has a great formula. It is smooth and easy to apply onto the nail with minimum clean-up required. The shimmer gives it a slick feeling as it goes onto the nail. It can be a bit more sheer than a regular creme, and I found it was opaque in 1-2 coats.

Darby is my favorite from the collection. I know y’all are surprised by this. Right? Yeah … well, this leopard doesn’t change her spots very quickly. Or at all. I love the blue tones in this polish. It’s gray. It’s blue. It’s shimmery. It’s freaking perfect in every way. The shimmer is subtle and pretty. It gives this polish a beautiful depth and dimension. This is another perfect polish for Spring, as it reminds me of a cloudy or misty Spring day. But I think it has a slightly icy feel that is also perfect for Winter.


Zoya says that Monroe is a “glamour pink cream”. I’m not sure exactly what this means, but this is a pretty color. It is a pink-red, or, maybe, a red-pink. I think it leans slightly more toward a dark raspberry-rose pink than toward red, but in certain lights it seems pretty balanced between the two colors. Monroe has a perfectly fantastic formula. Like the other cremes in this collection, the formula is smooth and easy and opaque in 1 coat.

This is another rosy tone, but it is stronger in appearance than Brandi. Whereas Brandi is dusty and muted, I don’t see those qualities in Monroe. This polish is rosy, slightly sweet, playful, and super pretty on the nail. I really enjoyed seeing it against my skin tone. This is me, loving on a pink! I know!! Wha-aaat?!?!?


Leisel is a “sheer sparkling topper”. This polish has a strong pinky-purple tone to it, which you can see both in the bottle and on the nail. The formula is sheer but buildable. It is opaque on its own with just a hint of VNL at 3 coats. It is lovely as a topper at 1 coat.

This polish is beautiful on the nail. Putting it over a dark color brings out the purple-blue tones. If you wear it alone, it looks like a light pink in most lights, although you can see the purples and blues as the light moves across your nail. I like this polish both ways, although I think I prefer it on its own. It has a delicate, light look on the nail that is worth the effort of doing 3 coats.


Haruko is a “soft violet metallic”. I feel like this has more of a pink tone to it, which brings it into lilac territory. I don’t see the metallic in this polish, but it has a subtle and soft blue-purple shimmer. It has a good formula, although it is sheer. Each coat deposits a sheen of color onto the nail, so you have to take the time to build this one up. I have it at 3 coats in my swatch picture, and I like the opacity it has. I could see this polish needing 4 coats if my nails were longer. Because this is such a sheer polish, you can also wear it as a topper at 1 coat.

This polish was the biggest surprise for me out of the whole collection. Because I have been loving hard on the “grandma” rosy pinks, I knew I would love Brandi and Monroe from the start. I knew I would love Trudith because of the dusty quality it has. Darby is a blue, so … duh! And Leisel had my heart from hello because I love a shimmery topper. But Haruko was the wild card. This isn’t at all a type of color I generally enjoy or wear. But I found I loved seeing this on my nails. Maybe my “pink moments” are carrying over to this polish, too. Or maybe I am just oh-so-ready for Spring. Whatever the case, seeing this on my nails made me super happy. It is delicate, bright, and kind of girly. I love the shimmer, even though it is subtle. This polish was my second favorite from the collection. How do you like them apples?


Thrive is available right now on Zoya’s website (www.zoya.com or http://www.artofbeauty.com). The 6-piece set is priced at $60 plus the cost of shipping. Zoya frequently runs sales, so you might be able to get these at a reduced cost or with free shipping at some point.

You can also find this collection on Amazon, priced at $50 for the whole set. It is an Amazon Prime item, which means free shipping if you are a Prime member. I realize ordering polish off of Amazon can be a little dicey because Amazon doesn’t always package polish securely to guard against breakage. I got mine from Amazon, and it came to me packaged exactly as it would have if I had ordered it directly from Zoya. The polishes were securely packed in their official collection box. And this was in a mailing box with an air-filled pillow pack.


I think it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it, anyhow: I like this collection. A Lot. I like the size of it. At 6 polishes, it feels like a nice addition to my stash without becoming overwhelming. Collections that have 10 or 12 pieces to them are nice, too, but I often find them to be a bit “too much”. I think this collection is cohesive. The polishes all share qualities that make them go together well, whether it is a dusty quality to the base color or a similar shimmer or similar color tones. Every formula in this collection is fantastic. This is even true for the sheer polishes. They are easy to use and apply, and I think all of these would be beautiful on a variety of skin tones. I think most of the polishes in this collection can cross seasonal lines from Spring into Summer and, to a certain extent, even into Fall and Winter.

There are a couple of negatives to this collection. It doesn’t contain anything that is really earth-shattering, surprising, or new. Several colors in Thrive are very similar to things from recent collections. Brandi is similar to Zoya, Padma and OPI, Aurora Berry-alis. Trudith is similar to OPI, One Heckla of a Color. Darby is similar to OPI, Check Out the Old Geysirs. Leisel has a similar look to Zoya, Leia. I’ve done some comparison photos for this, and I plan on doing a separate comparison post in the next few days.

This collection is heavy on the pinks. Out of the 6 polishes, three are obvious pinks (Brandi, Monroe, and Leisel).  And one is a very pink-toned purple (Haruko). The proliferation of pinks and reds in Spring and Summer collections tends to be a turn-off for me. It has taken me a while to realize this because it seems most people love Spring and Summer collections. I’ve always felt there was something wrong with me because all of the cheerful pastels tend to leave me feeling more than a little “meh”. I happen to like the pinks in here and think Zoya did a good job of making them interesting by varying the dustiness of the base shades, adding different undertones, or adding shimmer. But there are a lot of colors out there. It would have been nice to see a few of them in Thrive.

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