Nail Mail Monday: January Polish Pickup

It’s that time of the month yet again! My January Polish Pickup pretties arrived on Saturday, and I’m excited to show them. These are all limited edition polishes, created for the Polish Pickup store. So they are no longer available for sale. I apologize for that, as always. But, if you like these, you may be able to find them in a destash sale. There is a buy-sale-trade page for Polish Pickup that is very active. I’ll put additional details about Polish Pickup and the dedicated sale page at the end of the post.ppu-jan2018-sm

January’s theme was crystals and gemstones. I have to admit I wasn’t terribly excited about that theme. I didn’t think there would be much to interest me, although I do love jewelry. I don’t know … it just wasn’t a theme that got my juices flowing. But (!!) I was wrong. I should know better than to think I won’t like a theme. I’m always astounded by the beautiful polishes and creativity of every maker who participates in this sale.

I ended up buying 5 polishes. I have 4 of them to show today. One accidentally escaped from my order when it was shipped, and the wonderful ladies who run PPU are sending it along to me. All of the polish descriptions come from the Polish Pickup website. There’s a lot going on in each one of these babies, and I didn’t want to miss a thing!


Heisenberg is from Scofflaw Varnish. It is a cheerful aqua crelly with holo flecks, baby blue holo micro shreds, and finished off with aqua sparkles, micro glitters, and shimmer highlights.


Here is a macro shot of Heisenberg. I love those baby blue micro shreds! They really pop out against the base with an icy look. So pretty!! The formula for this polish is good. It isn’t hard to apply, but it was thicker than I expected it to be, especially for a crelly. It was nicely opaque for me in 2 coats. I could have almost gotten away with 1 coat, which makes me wonder if I was too heavy-handed with my application.


I’m including an extra picture in this one of the label. I don’t usually do that, but this label cracked me up. I love it. I’ve never purchased from Scofflaw before, so I don’t know if their label always looks like this. Or if this is something special they did just for Polish Pickup. The inspiration for this polish was the crystal from Breaking Bad. I’ve never seen this show, but I think it’s called “Blue Sky”.

As I mentioned, this is my first experience with this brand, and this polish is a little bit of a wild card for me. I’m nervous at having purchased it, because I’ve been destashing a LOT of these types of blues and blue-greens. I had quite a few in my China Glazes, and I think I got rid of nearly all of them. In general, I don’t love neonish/minty/institutional-looking blues or blue-greens. I feel like this polish skirts right on the edge of being that type of color. So, I don’t know.

I loved this one when I saw the online pictures. It was one of the first ones to give me that gut punch of “I NEED THAT”. In person, it has more of a minty look to it than I expected. I feel like it skirts the edge enough that it will continue to look like a baby blue or light turquoise to me, as opposed to a minty thing. And it has all that gorgeous shimmer and holo in it, which definitely kicks things up a notch. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m going to love it when I wear it in a full manicure.


Ever After, Playing With Fire is a black-based jelly with red/copper and green flakes, sapphire holo, and green glitters. This has a great formula. It is easy to apply, although the black base can look a little bit sheer. I did 2 coats for my picture, and it looked completely opaque to me in real life. In looking at the photo, I can see a couple of low spots in the base, so I might have done better with 3 coats.


Here is a macro for Playing With Fire. Just look at all those colors!! I love how the reds seem to burn out at you within the base, and the sapphire blues really pop out to catch the eye. The inspiration for this polish was a fire opal, and I think Ever After hit it right on the mark!

This polish is just … stunning. I was mesmerized by the play of light over the flakes and glitters. I love how all those colors seem to pop right out of the black base. And I love how the base is a beautiful, deep, and rich black. This one is magical.


Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, The Corundum Conundrum is a bright fuchsia crelly with fine blue shimmer, gold and blue micro flakies, and two different color-shifting flakies: blue-violet/pink/gold and blue/green/gold. The formula is great. It was opaque in 2 easy coats, and almost opaque in 1.


Here is my macro for The Corundum Conundrum. The inspiration for this polish was, as the name suggests, corundum. This is the stone that gives us sapphires and rubies. (Also, the name of this polish cracks me up. It’s really hard to type, and also a little hard to say. And, for some reason, it makes me laugh every time.)

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer has become more and more of a favored brand for me, and I never would have discovered it if not for Polish Pickup! If I can ever stop spending all my money at the Polish Pickup event, I would love to get more from this wonderful brand. I had instant feelings of lovey-lust for this polish the moment I saw swatches of it online. I tried to talk myself out of it. Because, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s pink! And I’m not a pink girl. And I don’t wear a lot of pink. But … Well, I do have pink moments. What can I say?

This is the type of pink I can get behind! I love the purple undertones to it, as well as the richer, darker tint to the base color. And those flakies!! Oh my gosh, but those flakies had me at hello. I love how they give a gentle sparkle and hints of pastel color as the light plays over the base. This is beautiful!


Colores de Carol, The Gifted Stone is a cobalt blue with unicorn shimmer, blue flakes, holo micro flakes, and purple to blue iridescent shreds. The formula is great! This polish is so easy to apply, although I had a bit of a shaky hand, and ended up making a mess. It did leave some slight staining on the skin around my nail. This was beautifully opaque for me in 2 coats in real life. I used 2 coats in my photo, too, and I think I could have done with a third. It looks a lot lighter in the photo than it does on my nails in real life. Go figure.


Here is my macro for The Gifted Stone. Just look at all those twinkling, sparkling blues!!!!! It’s like an ocean of blue, sparkly goodness on my nail. Or, well, an agate. Because that was the inspiration behind this polish: The blue agate.

This was, of course, first in my cart. I know. You’re shocked, right? Shocked! Yeah, well, it’s no big surprise. I love my blues. I love this polish so much that I bought two bottles of it. Because I’m crazy like that.

This is one of those polishes that could, literally, live on my nails. I have pink on my toes right now, but this is going to be my next pedicure color. And I think it’s going to be on there for a while. I already have this polish as a full manicure. I put it on the very evening my package arrived, right after swatching everything else. For today, I added a little stamping. I didn’t want to give this one up just yet. Needless to say, I love it. Oh, so, so, so much. It is a great tone of blue that looks rich and deep on the nail, and I love the lighter blue sparkles, as well as the hints of purple you can see here and there. It is magnificent and perfect and All The Things.

And, of course, I have to ask myself, “Self, just how many blue polishes do you need?” To which the answer is, of course, ALL OF THEM!! Rawr!!


Polish Pickup is an online indie shop that is open for a limited time every month. The sale can be found at:, and it runs from the first Friday through the first Monday of every month.

There are somewhere around 70 indie makers who create things specifically for this sale every month. I stick to my first love, which is, of course, nail polish. But there are many other products in the sale, such as jewelry, bath bombs, mani bombs, wax melts, and cuticle oils and creams. The products range in price, although most of the polish I’ve purchased has been in the $10-12 range. Shipping is a flat rate of $3, no matter how much you order, and no matter how many times you order. If you make one order … then go back a little later for a second order … or a third … or fourth … or … (you get the idea), you will still pay the flat rate of $3 for shipping.

The sale operates as a pre-order period. Once the sale closes, each maker has about a week to make their products and ship them to the Polish Pickup organizers. These amazing ladies, who also run Fair Maiden Polish, then pack up all the orders and ship them to their final destination. In all, it takes about 3-4 weeks before you receive your polishes (or other products). I realize this seems like a long time, but there are a lot of moving parts to this sale. Also, Polish Pickup has amazing customer service.

You can find additional information on the FaceBook page, which is called Polish Pickup Pack. This is a fantastic page full of funny discussions, theme brainstorming, and inspiration teasers. And, of course, sneak peeks at upcoming polishes! I love this group. It has quickly become one of my favorite “happy places” on FaceBook. I retreat there whenever my feed gets too clogged up with political vitriol and rhetoric.

If you missed out on a polish, there is a separate FaceBook page for sales. It’s called PPU BST, which stands for Polish Pickup Buy-Sell-Trade. You can post there in search of a polish, and there are always new sales and trades popping up in that feed.


The February theme is “Sugar Rush”. As usual, the polish makers are bringing their A++++ game to this theme! The sneak peeks I’ve seen through the PPU FaceBook page have been wonderful! February’s sale runs from February 2 through February 5.

The Polish Pickup website is already up and running in anticipation of the February sale. You can’t order yet, but you can preview the polishes and create your wishlist. Again, it is at:

I say this every month, but I’m gonna say it again: If you love indie polish and haven’t shopped Polish Pickup, what are you waiting for? Get over there and buy yourself some polish! You deserve it!!

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