My Week in Nails

I’m getting my Friday week full ‘o’ manicures post in just under the wire. It’s been a busy day in my corner of the universe. My daughter is off from school today. Thursday was the end of the second quarter, and they have today and Monday off for teacher workdays. Since she had the entire day off, we made an appointment for her to get her hair done. She’s been wanting to go shorter and blue for a while, and today was the day!

Guys … it took 4 hours! But her hair is fabulous. No, it’s more than that. It’s whatever comes after “fabulous”. It’s mermaid and anime hair, all rolled into one. And her new haircut is so cute. It was definitely worth the time investment. After hair was done, we grabbed an extremely late lunch. Then we walked in the early evening. And then, instead of doing my blog post, I decided to sit down and do my nails for tomorrow. I wanted to do a gradient and some stamping. For some reason, it took me forever to do this. It’s not even a very intricate design. I think I’m just off my game tonight. I do like how the manicure turned out, though. That’s something.

So! That is a long-winded recap of my day, as well as an explanation of why I’m just now sitting down at 11 PM to do this post. But I’m so excited to talk about my manicures for the week.


I started off my week with Moon Shine Mani, A Battle of Wits. This is a silver/pewter colored linear holographic base with all kinds of color-shifting flakes.

I was so, so excited about the arrival of the Is This a Kissing Book? collection. I did a review of the collection earlier this week, so I won’t go on too much about it in here. But I will say this: I freaking LOVE every polish in this collection! They all blew me away. Even the one that’s a straight-up creme. I couldn’t wait to get this rainbow madness on my nails. There are two blues in the collection, but I had to wear this one first. That should tell you everything. Right?


For my next manicure, I decided to wear OPI, Coalmates. I ended up topping it with Colores de Carol, Wizard Lizard.

Honesty time here. I felt really let down by Coalmates on my nails. I loved the look of that polish in the bottle. And I loved the look of the photos I saw of it online. It photographs beautifully, showing off all of the steely blues down within the gray base. In real life, you can’t see any of those blues. It’s just dark and gray and rather graphite looking. It left me feeling flat. So, so, so flat. I’m sad about this, because I wanted this polish so badly when it came out. I’m not sure if I should destash it or not. I wonder if I would have liked it more if I hadn’t put it on right after A Battle of Wits. I’m not sure.

Wizard Lizard fixes everything. Seriously. That topper is amazing. It’s so color shifty and magical. And it looks fabulous over any color. I love it!


My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, Palm Tree Topper.

I’m using a slightly older swatch photo for this one, but it was already loaded on the blog. This green is magnificent. I remember liking it when I first swatched the collection, but I don’t feel like it fully impacted on my senses until I wore it in a full mani. It’s lush and deep. And I love the little shimmers of red and orange you can see in there. Super delicate and pretty! I’m not always a seasonal polish person, as you guys know. But, if you were, I think you might enjoy this one during the Spring and Summer, too.


Next up was Colores de Carol, Santa’s Swimsuit.

The evening I took off Palm Tree Topper, I was in the mood for RED nails. And when the red nails mood hits, you’ve just gotta go with it. Thankfully, I had this gorgeously glittery red from my favorite indie brand sitting in the wings, just waiting to be used in a full manicure. And this red is magnificent. The day I wore it was sunny, and it looks amazing in the sunlight. The glitter and holographic are strong with this one. I love it!


And, finally, here is what I wore today. This is Nvr Enuff, Modern Vintage.

This polish tricked me! In the bottle, it looked (at least to my eye) like a slightly purple-toned brown. Even though I had read the color description, my eyes kept looking at the bottle and seeing brown. As I put it on my nails, I realized it is purple! Super cool. I love the mix of purple and brown/copper in here. And I love the copper flakes. If I had one complaint, it would be that I wish there were more flakes. But this is a minor complaint. This polish also has a beautiful linear holographic. It looked gorgeous in the sun!


That’s it for my week of nails! I think it was about an average week, in terms of how many times I changed out my nails. I enjoyed everything I wore this week, except for Coalmates. But I loved seeing Wizard Lizard over it. I am in lovey-lust with A Battle of Wits. I wore it for a couple of days, and I kind of wish I had left it on even longer. But I wanted to keep moving through my unworn polishes. I am making progress with this! My hope is that I will, in the next few months, manage to get to a point where I feel like I can shop my stash a little bit more, instead of always wearing new things.

I hope you guys all have a great weekend! I’ll catch you next week with more nail shenanigans!

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