Moon Shine Mani: Is This a Kissing Book?

For today’s “Nail Mail Monday”, I’m coming at you with a collection review for the brand-new Moon Shine Mani collection. It’s called “Is This a Kissing Book?“. This is an 8-piece collection inspired by the film The Princess Bride.

So, I’m just going to give you guys a Spoiler Alert moment right now. This collection is FABULOUS!! Have you ever gotten a collection and you absolutely can not pick a favorite? That was me with this collection. I would put one of these polishes on my nails and think, “Yeah! This is amazing. It’s my favorite!” Then, I moved onto the next polish and thought, “Yeah! This is amazing. It’s my favorite!” Um … yeah. These are all amazing. And they are all my favorites. I’m loving on this collection in a big way.

Inspiration-wise, I don’t think Phoebe could have picked anything better than The Princess Bride. (Well, maybe Starsky & Hutch … *ahem*) That movie is such a classic. It really has it all: true love, revenge, death, life, and everything in between. I’m old, guys. So I remember when this movie first came out. I was a freshman in college, and I must have watched this movie in the theater at least a dozen times when it was first released. In the years after, I’ve seen it gazillions more. Every polish name in this collection makes me think of a line or a memory from the movie. I’ll share these as we go along, but I feel compelled to warn that they might be spoilerific if you haven’t seen the movie. But, I mean, this movie is a classic. And it’s 30 years old! If you haven’t seen it  yet, why not? And also, stop reading this right now and go watch it!


Anybody Want a Peanut? is a soft, peanut butter brown creme. The formula for this polish is fantastic. It is opaque in 2 easy coats. It was nearly opaque for me in 1 coat, but I preferred the look of it in 2.

This is such a soft and pretty polish. As I put this on my nails, I thought to myself, “What?!? This is the exact color of peanut butter!” This doesn’t seem like something a person would be excited about, but I have to tell you I was excited about it. Totally excited. I love me some brown nail polish, you guys. But I don’t think I have anything exactly like this in my stash. When you hoard polish the way I do, this is more than enough reason for giddy excitement. This is also an amazing creme polish. I can’t get over how easy this formula is. It’s like butter going onto the nail. Butter … peanut butter … I’m getting hungry now!

I like the yellow undertones in this polish, and that surprised me a little bit. I even like this polish on my skin tone. With that said, this is a lighter brown, which brings it closer to a “mannequin hands” color for me, due to my extremely light skin tone. This isn’t a type of polish I would likely wear in a manicure on its own, but I think this will be gorgeous under different glitter or flakie toppers. And it will be a fabulous base for nail art. I’m excited to play around with this one!

Of course, this one automatically makes me think of Vizzini screaming (in response to Fezzig and Inigo’s rhyming game), “No more rhymes now. I mean it!” And Fezzig’s reply, “Anybody want a peanut?”


Hello, My Name is Inigo Montoya is a pecan creme base with blush undertones, gold shimmer, copper and gold holographic dust, and gold holographic glitter. It has a fantastic formula, and was opaque in 2 easy coats.


Here is my macro shot for Hello, My Name is Inigo Montoya. Just look at those glitters! And that shimmer!! And the base color! Ugh. I can’t even, because this polish makes me a little bit crazy.

This polish is so freak-frakkin’ GORGEOUS!! It’s like all the adjectives currently in existence aren’t enough to encompass the fantastically phenomenal beauty of this polish, so I feel the need to make up new words. I won’t … much. But I want to … a lot. So let’s talk color combination, because this polish has it on point. I love, love, love the sweet-toned base color combined with all the different tones and types of gold in this polish. The glitters are, of course, beautiful and amazing. But I think it’s the gold shimmer and dust that really make this polish. Those elements give it a magical, fairy-tale quality that is still refined and elegant. I think this is an incredible neutral and a very special polish.

We all know the movie line my mind associates with this one, right? Every time I type the name of this polish, I automatically finish out the line in my head. “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” I could write a book (or at least a whole blog post) on how Inigo was such a tragically brave character, and how his “tag line” went from comedic genius to heart-wrenching gut check as the movie played out to its conclusion. This is the magic of Princess Bride. Buuuut … we’re here to talk polish, so I won’t bore you with my movie thoughts.


Princess Buttercup is a powder-blue base with cyan-blue-violet shifting mermaid flakes and iridescent teal-blue micro glitters. This has a good formula, but it is a sheer polish. I don’t hold this against the polish in this case. Without a bit of sheerness to the formula, those amazing glitters would be lost. I preferred this one in thinner coats over the nail, and it was opaque for me in 3.


Here is my macro for Princess Buttercup. See what I mean about those flakies? Because the formula is sheer, you can see the flakes through every single layer of base color. And you get some beautiful purple shifts!

This polish!! This polish has crawled into my little, stone, polish-loving heart and curled up for the duration. I freaking LOVE this polish. The base color. The flakies. The flashes of different blues and purples and teals. It’s all so perfect. It makes me want to cry, but in a good way. This is such a pretty and airy polish. It’s like wearing a fairy tale on my nails.

Every time I see the name of this polish, I think of the wedding scene, where the officiant says, “And do you, Pwincess Bwuttercwup …”


A Battle of Wits is a pewter linear holographic with red-copper-gold-green multi-chrome flakes and green-cyan-sapphire shifting flakes. The formula is great. It’s opaque in 2 easy coats.


Here is my macro for A Battle of Wits. Catch the rainbow!!! I mean, seriously … Look at all that rainbow amazingness.

This polish is fabulous. Fabulous, fabulous, FABULOUS!!! The silvery base sets off each and every color shift from the different types of flakes. I love how it reflects back the whole rainbow of colors. I also love how the flakes give such a strong, deep, almost jewel-toned shift of colors. I couldn’t love this baby any more if you paid me! And, for the record, no one paid me. The point is that I love it for free. Or … something. Ignore me. I’ll just be over here in the corner, snuggling with this pretty rainbow-toned polish.

The movie-related memory this polish conjures for me? It has to be Westley, telling Vizzini, “Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.” This, of course, is shortly followed by Vizzini falling over dead mid-laugh. Classic.


As You Wish is a sapphire blue jelly base with green-cyan-sapphire flakes, silver holo flakes, and purple, raspberry, and bronze glitters. This has a great formula, although it’s a little bit sheer so you can see the glitters. It was opaque for me in 3 thin coats.


Here is my macro for As You Wish. Loooooooook at it! I love this so much. That blue base and all those sparkling glitters make me want to dive right in for a refreshing swim. Yeah, that makes no sense. But this polish just does that to me. It makes me want to do crazy things!!

Phoebe calls this a “jelly bomb”, as in a jelly glitter bomb. This is right on the money. There is So. Much. GLITTER!! in here. I love every single thing about this polish. The end.

Movie-wise, the name of this polish, makes me think of Westley as the poor and perfect farm boy who first captured Buttercup’s heart. “As you wish” is what Wesley would say to Buttercup to show that he loved her. Any request she made of him, no matter how large or how small, he would reply with that intense expression of his and the words, “As You Wish”. Aaaaah. Young love. *sigh*


True Love is a raspberry linear holographic with blue undertones. This has a great formula. It was opaque for me in 1 coat, but I used 2 coats for my swatch picture. I will also likely use 2 coats when I wear it, as I find polishes generally wear better for me that way.


Here is my macro for True Love. Look at that holographic goodness! So pretty.

So I don’t usually consider myself a “pink gal”. But I’ve been having some pink moments in recent weeks. And this pink hits all the buttons. It really is true love at first sight with this beauty.  It is a stunning dark pink. It is vibrant and rich and just … beyond incredible. I love this. Love it!

As far as movie memories go, Princess Bride has the theme of love and “true love” running all through it. For me, though, I always think about the wedding scene and the officiant saying, “Wuv … Twue Wuv … Will fowwow you …”


Inconceivable! is a multi-chrome that shifts from fuchsia to teal to green, and it has red-copper-gold-green multi-chrome flakes. The formula is great. It was opaque for me in 2 super-easy coats.


This is my macro for Inconceivable! This polish has such a strong color shift. You can see the polish changing colors even as you brush it over your nail. The pink, in particular, is gorgeously rich and deep. I think I love the pink tones in this one the most. I told you I was having a pink moment. This polish is such fun. I love it!

On a side note, this polish was a diva when it came to taking swatch photos. I had the hardest time capturing any of the shift. I’m still not completely satisfied with my swatch photos, but these were my favorites of the lot.

Movie memory for this one? Vizzini, of course! “Inconceivable” is his tag line. He says it again and again in the movie, usually right before something that shouldn’t happen actually happens. Oddly enough, though, the name of this polish makes me think of Inigo, who, at one point, replies, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


The Fire Swamp is a rusty, fire-orange jelly base with red-gold-green multi-chrome shimmer, red-copper-gold-green multi-chrome flakes, gold holo flakes, and red-gold-green shifting glitters. The formula for this one is great! It was opaque for me in 2-3 coats. I was happy with 2 coats on some nails and 3 on others.


Here is my macro for The Fire Swamp. Just look at the shifty-shiftiness in these glitters and flakes! Magnificent!!

I felt a bit unsure of this one in the bottle. I worried it was a little too orange for me. Not that I dislike orange, but there was a “tomato-esque” quality to the base of this one that kind of put me off. In the bottle.

On the nail … forget about it! It was fabulous, and I loved it. I liked how the base color deepened up to a more rusty-toned orange-red-brown. And the gold from the glitters is beautiful in contrast to the base tone. Plus, there are these unexpected pops of pinkish red to green. Gorgeous!!

My movie memory for this one? It has to be Westley and Buttercup, reunited and walking along in the Fire Swamp as Westley explains to her how easily they can disappear into it and live out their lives in peace because they now know how to overcome all of its secrets. Westley lists the first two secrets, flame spurts and lighting sand. “What about the R.O.U.S.s?” Buttercup asks. “Rodents of Unusual Size?” Westley replies, “I don’t think they exist.” And then … WHAM! A Rodent of Unusual Size comes flying out of nowhere and pins Westley to the ground.


So I think you already know what I’m going to say here. Right? I am no longer an unbiased person, because I have fallen in lovey-lust with each polish in this collection. But here goes:

Go! Buy this collection! Yes, the whole thing! Because it is just that darn good.

I was all-in on this collection from the very beginning, simply because it’s themed on The Princess Bride. I would have been all-in even if it wasn’t a great collection. But it is a great collection! Having seen each polish in action, I can happily say this collection blew my mind. I feel excited and enthusiastic about every single polish in here. I can’t wait to get these on my nails. I’ve already worn A Battle of Wits, and it was spectacular — as expected.

I think this collection is beautifully cohesive, but with a nice variety in terms of color, finish, and glitter. I love how the shades all blend and work with each other. I love how the glitters and flakes give a cohesive feeling from polish to polish. And the glitter bomb polishes in this collection are incredibly special. There is so much amazing stuff in them! This collection, taken as a whole, has a fairy tale sort of feeling to me, which pays perfect homage to its inspiration. In short, I love this collection. I want to take it out. I want to buy it dinner. And I want to buy it breakfast the next morning.

4 thoughts on “Moon Shine Mani: Is This a Kissing Book?

  1. Woah, could you love these any harder? They are beautiful; Phoebe is getting really good huh?

    I have never seen Princess Bride. I don’t hate movies, and I’m not sure why I’ve missed so many classics, I guess it’s probably due to not owing a TV most of my adult life. Especially back in the heyday of VHS when it was the thing to do. Also, I think I thought I was way too cool in college to see a film called The Princess Bride. I don’t remember hearing about it until it was already a classic, and wondered how I had completely missed its existence LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! I seriously could not love on these any harder. This is one of the nicest collections I’ve seen come out in a while. I couldn’t agree more that Phoebe is quickly becoming a polish mixing master (mistress?). She is pretty amazing!

      Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you’ve never seen Princess Bride. I love that movie so much. It’s funny and campy and silly. But also incredibly deep and filled with heart-wrenching moments of truth. *sigh* I love it.


    2. I just checked Netflix, but like EVERY classic movie I’ve never seen, it’s ONLY ON DVD. That doesn’t help much seeing as I don’t own a TV or DVD player (and don’t subscribe to the DVD part of the service). Netflix, you are not helping me catch up with the cultural zeitgeist!

      Liked by 1 person

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