My Week in Nails

Technically, I’m a day late with my “week in nails” post. What can I say, guys? I’ve had me a day. I had an appointment with my orthopedist this morning. That actually went well, although it took a long time. The rest of the day was spent dealing with High School Science Fair Hell. It’s a long story. And you guys don’t really want to know, anyhow, right? But the short version is that it is after midnight. And my daughter is still sitting downstairs trying to complete the online portion for her science fair experiment. Because the stupid website, apparently, doesn’t work. I hate high school. Also, typing out “High School Science Fair Hell” kinda gave me Rydell High, Grease vibes.

I know. I’m weird.

But let’s look at some polish!!


I started out my week with Lollipop Posse Lacquer, Spirit of the Kohaku River. Oh. My. GOSH!! But I am in love with this polish. Absolutely, completely in love with it.


I’m including a macro shot for this one. It’s from my November Polish Pickup, and I wasn’t doing macro shots when I posted my “Nail Mail Monday” about these polishes.

Anyhow … I think this is one of the most perfect, prettiest polishes I have ever seen. I love, love, love the shade of blue in this base. And these flakes. All the beautiful colors mesmerize me. I felt so happy when I had this on my nails, and it definitely went onto my running list for 2018 favorites. (Yes, I already have a list in the works! I’m a maniac!!)

Did I mention I really love this polish? Okay. I’m moving on. I promise.


My next manicure was with Poetry Cowgirl, Light Up Duval. This shimmery, gentle blue is so beautiful. I love the soft and delicate look it has on the nail. I think this one will also be beautiful in the Spring and Summer. You guys know how I love my blues, and this one felt fresh and light on my nails. I loved wearing it!


Next up was LePolish, A Great Miracle Happened There. Look at this beauty!! Ugh. I can’t even. I love this gray-blue. I love these gold and copper glitters. I love the way the light shifts over this polish, creating soft and beautiful glimmers of orange, pink, and red. This one is also on my running “2018 favorites” list.


For my next manicure, I veered away from the blues. And right onto some purpley-red goodness! This is Glam Polish, Hannibal Rising. I’ve had this polish for a couple of months, but this is my first time wearing it in a full manicure. It’s a fantastic polish! So easy to apply. I ended up being happy with this polish in 1 coat. I swatched this one earlier, and I kind of feel like I did 2 coats at that time. But I don’t remember for sure. At any rate, it was done in one this time. Yay!


My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, Phoenix. This is one of the multi-chromes from her Cosmic Summer Collection. And it is FABULOUS!!


I’m including a macro of this one, too, because I feel like the shift showed up fairly nicely in here. This polish is orange and red and gold and all things lovely and good and wonderful. It makes me want to run down the road, screaming at the top of my lungs. It is Just That Good. The shift is strong and easy to see in every type of lighting. I decided to wear this on a cloudy day, which is perfect multi-chrome weather. And I felt mesmerized by this polish. I was so fascinated with it, I could hardly drive for watching my nails!


For my last manicure of the week, I wore Moonshine Mani, Totality. I love the purple tones in this polish. It’s purple but also berry and a little bit red. And the glitter mix! It’s fabulous. I wanted this polish from about the first minute Phoebe released it. But I kept holding off on purchasing it because other stuff came up. I finally managed to grab it during her Black Friday sale, and I’m so, so, so, soooooo glad I did! What was I thinking in waiting so long? I was an idiot. That’s all I can say for myself. I love this one!


That’s a wrap for my week of manicures this week. Overall, it was a darn good week of nails! I had some great blues in here. And some multi-chrome shiftiness. And Totality, too. Which is All The Things.

I recently ordered the new “Is This a Kissing Book?” collection from Moonshine Mani, and that package arrived on Thursday. The main reason I wore Totality when I did was to celebrate the impending arrival of those new polishes, especially since the USPS tracking information wasn’t working at all. I had no idea where my package was or when it was going to show up. But Totality worked for me! It called those new polishes home. I’m sure of it. I spent most of today (or, yesterday, really …) swatching, and I hope to have that collection up on the blog next week.

Spoiler Alert: It’s a fantastic collection!!!!


2 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

  1. What a great week of polish! For some reason I don’t remember seeing the Lollipop Posse one on Insta – maybe my brain was full that day? But it’s a real standout to me now, and obviously, to you too! All tremendous polishes this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know … I will have to check to make sure I posted it to Insta. I’m pretty sure I did, but that whole week was a mess. So I might have forgotten to do it. It’s a great polish. I think all the ones from this week were great, but that Lollipop Posse one really stole my heart. I saw another bottle for sale on the PPU buy sell trade page, and I almost went for it. But I told myself to back away from the keyboard. LOL


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