Swatch My Stash! China Glaze #12: Neutrals, Metallics, Misc. Glitters, Part 2

I’m back with another installation of my China Glaze Swatch-a-palooza. Today, I have 10 more polishes from my Neutrals, Metallics, and Miscellaneous Glitters to show. I will have one more post of around 10 or so for this color category, so we should finish up the neutral and glittery goodness next week — if I’m able to post. My parents are coming for an extended holiday visit this Sunday, and my office doubles as our guest room. I’m not sure what is going to happen, blog-wise, while they are here. As with my previous post, these will be in rather random order. I hate that, but my notes ended up a mess. So I’m going with what I have.

I wanted to say a quick word about my swatch pictures. My pics are going to seem to bounce back and forth a bit for a while in terms of quality. I recently got a new macro lens, which encouraged me to start using my DSLR more for my swatch photos. I’ve been experimenting a little with angles, hand poses (something I never thought I would care about — ha, ha!), and even macro shots. But virtually all of my “Swatch My Stash” photos are older pictures. They aren’t bad shots or anything. But they do look different from what I’ve had in my last couple of posts. They also aren’t watermarked. It didn’t occur to me to do that until recently. What can I say? I’m still learning as I go.

With that said … Away we go! (woo hoo!)


Beach It Up is from the Spring 2017 Spring Fling Collection. This is a sandy-toned metallic with gold or coppery hex glitters and holographic bar glitters. I’m not sure if the hexes are holographic or not. The formula for this polish is good. It was opaque for me in 2 easy coats.

This polish is a wild card for me. I’m really on the fence about it. In general, I don’t like bar glitters. That would usually be enough of a deal breaker for me to keep me from buying a polish. When I purchased this one, believe it or not, I didn’t realize it had bar glitters in it. I saw this in the store, didn’t notice the bars, and loved the overall color and sparkle of it. I hadn’t seen photos or reviews of it online. If I had, I don’t think I would have purchased it because … you know, bar glitters. And yet, I find I kinda like this polish on the nail. The bars aren’t overwhelming, and I like the balance of color and glitter, as well as the almost coppery color tone of the base. I’m going to keep this one for now. But it might end up getting destashed in the future.


Getting to Gnaw You is from the Halloween 2014 Apocalypse of Color Collection. It is a black jelly base with copper metallic glitter. The formula is good. It’s opaque in 2 easy coats, although it has a slightly textured look and feeling on the nail.

I really like this polish. I love the mix of copper and black. And it is packed to the brim with glitter goodness. It has that “ugly pretty” vibe going, but it’s so much fun. I would definitely ask this polish to prom. It’s a keeper!


Electrify is from the 2012 Hunger Games Collection. This is a clear base packed with red and gold glitter. The formula is good. It is opaque on its own in 2-3 coats. It also looks great over another color at 1 coat as a topper.

What can be said about this beauty? I love the color combination. It packs such a visual punch. I love how bold it is. This one is a keeper, for sure.


Holo at ‘Ya Girl! is from the Fall 2016 Rebel Collection. This is a clear base with green, gold, and blue glitters. The formula is good. It was opaque for me in 3 coats on its own. It would also work as a topper with 1 coat over a base color.

I ADORE this polish. If I’m remembering correctly, it got a bit of bad press online when this collection came out. I seem to recall quite a few people didn’t like it much. Happily, I don’t fall into that group. I don’t love this one as a topper. I much prefer it at 3 coats on its own. In spite of the name, this isn’t holographic at all. But it is beautifully sparkly and glittery. It sparkles like crazy in the sun. I wore this polish on a vacation — a whole week — without touching it up at all. At the end of the week, I only had minor tip wear. I also got tons of compliments on it when I wore it. This one is a keeper for me, for sure! (In fact, I’m sitting here thinking it might work well in my “Jolly Polish Days” …)


It’s a Trap-eze! is from the 2012 Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Collection. This is a white crelly base with silver, green, red, blue, yellow/gold, and pink metallic glitters in different sizes. The formula is good. In spite of being glitter heavy, it is easy to apply and generally opaque for me in 2-3 coats.

I love this polish! It changed my life as a polish maniac/hoarder. Yes, for real! This was my first-ever crelly polish. Before I randomly ran across this at my local Ulta, I had never heard of a crelly polish. I was mystified by the vibrant colors running throughout it, and I HAD to have it on my nails. Right away! Once I put this baby on, I knew I loved crellies. Now, I’m much more advanced in my polish shopping and hoarding ways. My stash has grown A LOT, and I generally head toward indie polishes for my crelly fix. Even so, this baby will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s a keeper!


Point Me to the Party is from the Summer 2015 Electric Nights Collection. It is a clear jelly base with green, blue, orange, and yellow glitters. The formula is good. It has a good base to glitter ratio, but it’s definitely a topper. It’s great at 1-2 coats over a base color. In my swatch picture, you can see it at 1 coat over black, and 3 coats on its own.

I love this. It’s fabulous, fun, and festive. It looks great over a variety of colors because of the mix of glitters. This is a keeper.


Fairy Dust is from the 2004 Fashion Fairy Collection, although this is part of the core collection. It is a clear base with fine holographic glitter. The formula is good. It has a nice base to glitter ratio, but it’s definitely a topper.

What can I say about this one? It’s a classic. It’s fabulous. It’s dainty and gorgeous. This is one of those polishes you either love or hate, and I happen to love it. I have other holographic toppers that are similar to this, but this one remains my favorite. Keep!


Throne in Shade is from the Fall 2017 Street Regal Collection. It’s a light, toasted taupe with the barest pink undertone. The formula is pretty great. It was opaque for me in 2 easy coats, and nearly opaque in 1.

I don’t always LOVE neutrals. But I do love this one. It’s a great color. I like it on my skin tone. And the formula is fantastic. What more could a polish junkie hope for? This one is a keeper.


Hay Girl, Hay! is from the Summer 2017 My Little Pony Collection. This is a clear or slightly white-tinted base with iridescent shimmer/glitter. This one is billed as a topper, and it’s fantastic that way. But you can get it opaque on its own with 3-4 coats, depending on application technique and nail length. It’s beautiful as a topper at 1-2 coats.

Some people loved this one. Some people hated it. I love it. I can’t get enough of this iridescent, shifty sort of topper. I love it over a dark base color. It looks especially magnificent over a black polish. But I also love the look of this one on its own. It has a delicate, snowy, fairytale sort of quality to it. I have several toppers that have a similar iridescent, color-shifty look to them. I should stop buying them. Even so … I’m gonna keep this one. Have I mentioned I have a problem? *ahem* Yeah …


Accent Piece is from the Fall 2017 Street Regal Collection. It is a pumpkin-toned, yellowy orange with strong gold shimmer. The formula is good. It was opaque for me in 2 coats.

This is such an odd color. I fell for it immediately when I saw the bottle in the store. And I really like it on my nails, too. It also water marbles like a champ. So this one is a keeper, even though I know, realistically, I won’t wear it a lot. I don’t always think of my polishes in terms of seasons, but this one will probably be one that I only wear in the Fall. It just has a strong “fall” vibe to me.

That wraps up my second installation of neutral, glittery, metallic yumminess! And I did not manage to destash a single thing. Argh! Total fail. But that’s okay. I think all of these polishes are pretty fantastic, and I’m happy at having them in my stash. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I have one more post for this color category, which I will share next week. I just counted, and that post should have 8 polishes in it, all of them fairly recent purchases. Well, it will have 8 polishes if I don’t add anything else between now and then! I’m a maniac, I tell ‘ya!

I’m not sure there is much activity coming up this week on the nail blog. I may try to toss in another post on Thursday, but I don’t have anything planned right now. I think I’m caught up on all my Nail Mail and all of the collection posts I wanted to make. I will have my usual Weekly Nail Wrap-Up on Friday. That post should be fun, as Jolly Polish Days remains in full swing. Yay!



2 thoughts on “Swatch My Stash! China Glaze #12: Neutrals, Metallics, Misc. Glitters, Part 2

  1. Woo China Glaze!! I think the reason people disliked Holo at Ya Girl was because of the name. Classic case of marketing and development not working together. Of course in nail polish we are very picky about our holo (THANKS, Cristine…). But since then a buttload of not-holographic “holographic” makeup has been released, and I have seen other nail polish mislabled as holo. I guess we are used to it now. I think you should wear it for Jolly Polish Days, it would be such a unique pick! But even before I read that, I was thinking it reminds me of Sinful Colors Ice Dream which is perfect for winter/snow. Do you still have snow there now???


    1. Yes!! I think that is probably why people didn’t like this polish. The name is misleading, because you are expecting holographic goodness (even though it’s a main stream brand and there’s a part of your brain telling you it won’t happen), and then you end up with just glitter. I mean, really pretty glitter, but … yeah. LOL Interesting re: SC Ice Dream. I hadn’t thought of that. I should look at them together to see. I decided to put on OPI Less is Norse for my latest manicure, stamped with I Sea Ponies. But I might pull out Holo at ‘Ya Girl for the next round. So much polish! So little time!! (story of my life — ha, ha!)


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