Nail Mail Monday: November Polish Pickup

It’s that time of the month again. I got lucky and received my November Polish Pickup order just before Thanksgiving. Which was an amazing and unexpected surprise, as I wasn’t expecting them to arrive until the Friday after. I love it when a plan comes together — even when there isn’t a plan. Ha!

November’s Polish Pickup theme was “Fandoms”. As always, every polish maker brought their “A” game. Every single polish was fabulously gorgeous … or is that gorgeously fabulous? Either way — yippee!! Although all the polishes on offer were fabulous, I wasn’t into most of the fandoms. I obsess hard over my fandoms, folks! Buuuuut … I think I also like pretty odd or old fandoms. For the most part, the things I love are not on trend. Also, I bought a lot more polish in October than I should have. I have no regrets, mind you. But my crazy October spending spree made it a little easier to tone it down a bit for November. I purchased 4 beautiful polishes in the November sale, all from fandoms I enjoy and all blue. (Go figure! Ha!)


First up is Pretty Jelly, Breath of the Wild. This is a teal blue crelly base with orange shimmer and pink, aqua, and green flakes. The formula is fantastic. It was opaque for me in 2 easy coats.


Breath of the Wild was inspired by, of course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! This is the inspiration picture. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the colors in this picture, and I knew I needed this polish as soon as I saw the inspiration picture. I’m not much of a gamer, but I’m a huge fan of this particular game. My daughter played her way through it, and I kind of came along with her for the ride. So, lots of great memories there for me.

And this polish is stunning! I love it! It’s so pretty on the nail. The base color strikes me as more of a turquoise than a teal. I love the pops of color from the flakes against the base color. I especially adore the pink flashes. Ugh! So, so, soooooo pretty!!!


Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, Handsomest Boys is a purple-leaning periwinkle with ultra-fine red/pink shimmer, fine red/pink, gold, and blue shimmer, and blue and gold micro flakes.


The formula for this polish is fabulous. I did 2 coats for my photo, and I was pretty happy with it. Although I could also see myself wanting 3 coats if I had longer nails.


Handsomest Boys was inspired by Ouran High School Host Club. That, alone, would have been enough to make me want this polish — no matter what color it was. I. Love. This. Show! So, so, so much.

But this polish!! Man, do I ever love this polish. I think it may be my favorite from my order, and that’s saying a lot. Because everything I ordered was amazingly, gorgeously, fantastically FANTASTIC!! But this polish blew my mind. I have to admit it didn’t look like much in the bottle. I wanted it because of the Ouran connection, but I wasn’t sure I would really like it. Let me tell you this: On the nail, this polish is beyond spectacular. It is so, so, so pretty. The shimmers give it a beautifully delicate and pretty look on the nail. It’s just fantastic. That is all. (Also, I wish I had purchased 2 of these!)


Lollipop Posse Lacquer, Spirit of the Kohaku River is a blue crelly base with duo chrome shimmer that shifts between green and blue, scattered holo pigment, and a smattering of pink/gold/bronze/green multi chrome flakes.


The formula is great. It’s a bit sheer, which is to be expected with a polish of this type. After all, you want to see all that loveliness through each layer on the nail. I did 2 coats for my swatch. I think this would be okay for real life wear, but I wish I had done 3 for the photo. So I’m going to call this one a 2-3 coater.


Spirit of the Kohaku River was inspired by Spirited Away. This is one of my favorite Studio Ghibli films. Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro — that’s my “magic trio”, right there. Needless to say, I NEEDED this polish. Also, look at the inspiration picture! One of the best scenes in the movie. And it’s full of blues and all these colors that look fabulous with blues. Right up my alley, right?

This polish is stunning. It’s so beautiful, I can’t even. Like … for real. It’s so watery and gorgeous and perfect. The pops of color against the base are stunning and sparkly, like the light playing across crystal clear water. I love it beyond words, which kind of sucks because this is a blog. And blogs are full of … you guessed it: words.


Moonshine Mani, The Department of Mysteries is a green-leaning sapphire linear holographic with shifting chameleon flakes (teal/blue/violet), blue holo flakes, aqua holo and iridescent blue glitters, and a dusting of scattered silver holo.

msm-thedepartmentofmysteries-macro-smThe formula for this polish is amazing. It’s easy to apply and opaque in 1-2 coats. I needed 2 because I think I got a slightly wonky brush. I struggled with that a bit, but it had nothing to do with the polish itself.


The Department of Mysteries was, of course, inspired by Harry Potter. I like Harry Potter. I enjoyed both the books and the movies. But I wouldn’t consider myself a hard-core fan. It’s not a fandom I particularly follow. Even so, I was pretty much in love with the color tones in this inspiration picture. I had a suspicion Moonshine Mani would go above and beyond in doing it justice.

And I was right!! This is a rich, deep, and mysteriously vampy blue. I love how it glistens across the nail. It is mesmerizing. The base color and glitter combination are sparkly and pretty darn spectacular. I would go so far as to say it does the HP fandom justice by being magical as heck. I swatched this one last, because I knew I NEEDED to have it on my nails in a full mani right away.

It was yet another good Polish Pickup month! I’m hoping to keep my December purchases to 4 or 5 polishes. I can only go “October crazy” one or two times — ha, ha! It might be hard, though. December’s theme is “Holidays Around the World”. And I’m certain it’s going to be pretty fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Nail Mail Monday: November Polish Pickup

  1. And you thought you wouldn’t be influenced by the fandom thing! Little did you know….

    So Phoebe did do a Harry Potter polish. I wasn’t crazy! Just mixing up collections.


    1. Yes! There were quite a few Harry Potter polishes for November, including Phoebe’s. Which is spectacular. I was definitely influenced by the fandom thing. Luckily for me, there wren’t many fandoms I like. Probably saved me some moolah. Ha, ha.


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