Nail Mail Monday: Glam Polish and Pretty Serious

I have wanted to do this post for the longest time. I’ve had these Glam Polish polishes (try saying that three times really quickly — ha, ha!) for a little over a month. I was waiting to post them because there were “only” two of them. Shortly after I ordered these, I ordered two polishes from Pretty Serious. And I thought it would be perfect, to do the two orders in a post together. Well … it wasn’t all that perfect, in the end. There were some supplier problems at Pretty Serious. So my Pretty Serious order took a bit over a month to reach me. It’s no one’s fault, and these things happen. I totally get that. But it meant that I put off this post way longer than I originally intended. First world polish problems, people! That’s what we have here.

Anyhoot!! My long-awaited Pretty Serious order finally arrived. There was much joy and celebrating. And I feel like I can finally do this post, so that it’s not sitting in the back of my mind, bugging me. My mind is a scary place. I’m just gonna toss that out there … *ahem*


First up is Glam Polish, Dreamcatcher. This polish was one of the Halloween Horror Shop offerings. It’s an indigo, almost like a blackened blueberry, base that is packed with holographic, shimmer, and flakes. The formula is great. It was nicely opaque for me in 2 coats, although I think 3 would deepen the color. I may try it at 3 next time.


I love this. It jumped out at me right away when I looked at the Halloween Horror Shop polishes. I love the different tones of blues in here, as well as the flashes of turquoise and purple I can see sparking against the base. In looking at this in the bottle, I expected a deep and dark, almost vampy, look on the nail. But this polish is bright and vibrant with a lot of motion and depth. I’ve already worn it in a full manicure, and it wears beautifully. The last I checked, this polish is still available on the Glam Polish website.


Glam Polish, Hannibal Rising is also from the Halloween Horror Shop. This has a delicious rusty red, almost like a rusty berry, base with holographic and purple, orange, and deeper red glitters. There is a lot of glitter in this beauty, but it did not feel textured on the nail. The formula is great. It was opaque for me in 1 coat on my nails, although I needed 2 coats when I swatched it on my swatch wheel.


This is such a pretty and unusual red. It kind of has that “dried blood” tone to it, although it has a hint of sweetness underneath. I think this is because it leans toward a berry, but with the more rusty tones in the mix. I love the glitter mix in here. It is beautiful. Unfortunately, I checked the Glam Polish site, and I think this polish is no longer available.

ps-thedragonscurse2-sm copy

Pretty Serious, The Dragon’s Curse is part of the Museum of Naileontology Collection. It is a soft, rather grayed-out jade green with gold shimmer. The formula for this polish is good. It’s easy to work over the nail, but it is a bit sheer. I think I ended up doing 3 coats.

I have wanted this polish for about forever. Every time I went to the site to order it, it was sold out. Finally, I managed to catch it at the beginning of a restock. Yaaaaas! Victory!! Of course, I then had to wait for a month for it to arrive. But still … Victory!! I love the soft green tone of this polish. It’s beautifully pale without being minty, at least to my eye. I love the contrast of the cooler base color with that warm golden shimmer. That golden shimmer just gets me where I live. For reals. I’m so happy I finally have this beauty in my stash. This polish is still easily available on the Pretty Serious website. One thing I love about Pretty Serious as a brand is that they don’t discontinue a lot of their polishes. If you love something from them, the odds are that they will continue to restock it.


And, finally, here is Pretty Serious, My Immortal. This is a vibrant, bright blue — almost an electric blue — base with turquoise shimmer, as well as hints of purple, which you can see at the edges of the bottle, as well as on the nail in certain lights. The formula is great. It’s easy to work onto the nail, and it was beautifully opaque for me in 2 coats. I had virtually no clean up with this polish. That’s how fabulous it is!

This polish … zOMyGosh!! I am so incredibly, completely in love with this polish. As soon as I got my Pretty Serious package, I swatched these babies. And I could not take this off my nails. This is one of those polishes that I would happily dunk myself in, if I could find a vat big enough. (And if it wouldn’t, you know, make me die or something — ha, ha!) It is so beautifully bright and vibrant, and that turquoise shimmer has the perfect amount of zing. This polish comes to life on the nail, and it’s mesmerizing to watch the light play over it. I love it so much that I ordered a back up! Yeah. I know. Shocking!

This polish is Limited Edition. It’s one of the rare instances when Pretty Serious won’t restock once this beauty is sold out. At the moment, it looks like it is still available on the website.

Aaaaand, that’s it for my (at least in my mind) long overdue Nail Mail Monday for Glam Polish and Pretty Serious. Even though the wait for my Pretty Serious order was unforeseeable and unavoidable, it was annoying having to wait and wonder when my polish might reach me. Having now seen these beauties in person, I can confidently say the wait was completely worth it. So much polish love!!!!

2 thoughts on “Nail Mail Monday: Glam Polish and Pretty Serious

    1. Thanks! I agree, their site is a bit overwhelming. It feels like they are constantly putting out new collections. I generally can’t keep up with them, which is probably why I don’t have a large stash from this brand. >.O


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