Sinful Colors: Halloween 2017 Night of the Living Red

I decided to share some of the Sinful Colors Halloween 2017 colors. I say “some” because I was only able to scare up (See what I did there? I’m so darn punny — ha, ha!) a few of them. And I drove all over my corner of creation to find these. I debated over checking a few additional stores for the remaining ones. But, really, I was hitting crazy town at that point. Sometimes, the polish mania takes hold of me, and I have to make myself take a step or two back. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does this!

Anyhow, in this case, taking a step back meant taking a good look at what was included in this collection (per the information on the Sinful Colors website) and deciding that I already had the colors I really wanted. Anything else I purchased would have been for the purposes of blogging it alone. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I want my polish stash to be a working collection. I only want to add things I want to wear and things I love to wear. My nail bestie and I were just talking about this this morning. Even though this is my ultimate goal, I have to remind myself sometimes. And my bestie is good at talking me through my madness, too. Thanks, gal! *cyberhugs* Also, I’m not on anyone’s PR list. Oh, how I wish I was!! But I’m not. And that money tree I planted in my back yard never sprouted. Yet another reason to only buy things I love.

I think this collection is called Night of the Living Red. One of the displays I found had this name on it, and this is the name I saw on the Sinful Colors Website. It looks like there are 12 polishes grouped together for this collection. These are a combination of new polishes and re-promotes. I think this is a pretty typical thing for Sinful Colors, too. I ended up getting only 4 of the 12, as these were of the most interest to me.


Courtney Orange is a bright orange with a strong gold shimmer. The formula is great. It is opaque in 2 easy, smooth coats.

I’m pretty sure this shade is a re-promote from last year’s Halloween Collection. I wasn’t able to find many of that collection in the stores near me last year, and I particularly wanted this polish. Re-promotes often annoy me, but this one made me happy, as it gave me a second chance at this gorgeous polish. And this one is a beauty! It is a beautiful, dark shade of orange, and I love the gold shimmer running through it. It looks like hard candy on the nail — really stunning!


Bitten is an orange-red creme. The formula is good. It was opaque for me in 1 coat, with just a hint of VNL. I ended up using 2 coats to hide all traces of my nail line.

I’m not sure if this is a re-promote or not. But, really, it’s not an unusual or unique color. I mean, it’s a red creme. It’s a really nice red creme for a great price, so I am not knocking it. I like it quite a lot.

I feel like this polish has more of a crelly-ish formula. I know the Sinful Colors site describes this one as being orange-red, but I’m not seeing a lot of orange in here. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me or something. I do think it looks more orange-toned on the nail than in the bottle. This polish has no bells and whistles. As I mentioned above, it’s a red. It is a really lovely and easy red, though. It’s beautifully vibrant on the nail and shiny, even without top coat. (I used top coat in my picture.)


Undead Red is a jelly red base with red shimmer and black shards. I can see blue undertones in this base. The formula is great. It is easy to apply and nearly opaque in 1 coat. I used 2 coats for my swatch picture. The cap and information on the Sinful Colors website says this polish has a matte finish. I have seen a couple of reviews of this polish where the reviewer mentioned loving the matte finish on this one. I did not see that. At all. In my swatch picture, I top coated 2 nails and left 2 of them “matte”. I don’t remember which are which, and, honestly, I can’t tell by looking at the picture.

I’m surprised at how much  I like this. I really like the base color. I really like the black shards. I really, really, really like the combination of the two. I was able to get a decent amount of shards out onto my nail without much effort at all. As if the base color and shards weren’t enough, there is that red shimmer. Ugh. So freaking fantastic. I love it.


Bite Me is a jelly orange-red with a metallic finish and black shards. The formula for this one is fairly sheer, but it is buildable in 2-3 coats. I was okay with it at 2, but I felt 3 made the base color deeper. I used 3 for my swatch picture.

I had a hard time searching up this polish. When I finally found it and got it home, I was a little disappointed. I put it next to Undead Red, and they look almost exactly alike in the bottle. I felt like I had been totally and completely taken in like the Big Dope that I am. But (!!) have no fear, because these two polishes are nothing alike on the nail. Bite me is more metallic looking, more orange-toned, and I feel like it has more shards in it. The formula for this one is much more sheer. Although it’s definitely buildable, it would also be beautiful as a topper.

Overall, this is kind of a weird polish. It starts out looking orange but finishes looking quite red. It has a strangely shimmering “liquid metal” sort of look on the nail. It can work as a topper or on its own. So, yeah … I like it!

Overall Thoughts:

With regard to the polishes I purchased from this collection, I’m happy. They are fun polishes with creative and beautiful finishes. And they are available at a great price point. I wish I hadn’t had to drive all over creation to get them, although I have to give in to the not-so-hidden polish junkie who lives inside my brain and admit it was worth it to me. It wouldn’t have been worth it for everything in the collection, but for these four … Yeah. It was. I think the reds are nicely cohesive, and I think they fit in nicely with the collection name. I feel like the orange (along with some of the other colors promoted on the Sinful Colors website as part of this collection) is kind of an oddball. It doesn’t seem to fit, although it’s a gorgeous polish that I’m happy to have. Although I love both Undead Red and Bite Me, I wish those two polishes were a little more different from each other. I feel like the inclusion of black shards in both polishes makes them too similar, in spite of the different finish on the nail and the slightly different base color.

So I’m going to go on a little bit of a rant here. I love me some Sinful Colors, y’all! It’s pretty much the only drugstore brand I buy on a regular basis. It’s pretty much the only drugstore brand I buy at all. At the same time, Sinful Colors frustrates the hoo-hah out of me. There is little to no rhyme or reason (at least from what I can see) to how they release their collections … or where they release their collections. Even if the stores in your area carry all the Sinful Colors collections as they are released, you will have to travel between different stores to find everything, because Sinful Colors has a habit of releasing certain colors in certain stores and not in others. It’s rare that you can go to one store for the whole collection. The stores in my area are crummy to the extreme when it comes to putting out the newest SC stuff. They will sometimes stick the new collections in with the old stuff, without showing the entire display. Or they will put the new displays in weird places in the store. Or they will put the displays out way early or way late. It’s a mixed bag of frustration. Don’t get me wrong. I still love this brand. I just wish it was a little easier to shop for it. Okay. Rant over. Until the next time — ha, ha!




2 thoughts on “Sinful Colors: Halloween 2017 Night of the Living Red

  1. Great comparison of Undead Red and Bite Me! I see how they are similar in concept but quite different looking on the nail.

    I’m no historian of this stuff — but I get the sense (??) that before it was acquired by Revlon, the marketing wasn’t like this. I heard there was a lull around the acquisition, and since then there’s been an avalanche of new releases.

    It’s my firm belief that Revlon/Sinful’s marketing strategy is to make you do exactly what you did. They actually want you to go all over town looking for their polishes, and then post about it on your blog to create buzz. They are employing a version of the limited edition craze to make you WANT to buy their polish. Then, they make it hard to find so you WANT to buy it even more. And as you go around from store to store you will buy more polish than you would have otherwise. And maybe some Revlon stuff.

    See what they do there? It’s evil and frankly abusive. They are the worst about this. I can’t hate them too much though for some reason, because (unlike other companies like Too Faced) they actually make affordable, mostly good products.


    1. Yeah, I agree that Sinful has become … well … “sinful” (ha, ha) since Revlon acquired them. It’s starting to work in the opposite way for me, though. The idea of HAVING to go around to a dozen stores to find new releases is quickly becoming a turn-off for me. Ditto with how they continually release scads of new collections. And how they often re-release old things and pretend they are new. I hate saying it, because Sinful Colors has been my favorite drug store brand for a long time. They are pretty much the only drug store brand I buy. But it’s just getting to be too much trouble to hunt them down. It’s not fun to me, and nail polish should be fun!

      Isn’t it wild how Undead Red and Bite Me are so different on the nail? I was not expecting that when I looked at them together in the bottles.


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