Nvr Enuff Polish: Copper Carnival Collection

I’m so excited!! And I just can’t hide it!! Come on, everybody sing!!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it, because today I have the Copper Carnival Collection by Nvr Enuff Polish. Not only is this a beautiful collection, but it’s also my first time trying this brand. EEEK!! I’m having a lot of trouble containing my excitement. I want to use dozens of exclamation points and squeal all over the page. I know … polish fangirling is a scary thing.

I’ve wanted to try Nvr Enuff Polish for quite a while. I love watching videos of their collections on YouTube. Their polishes always seem so delicate and detailed to me. It might sound completely cheesy, but I’m going to say it, anyhow. They have a fairy tale quality to them. Sadly, there is never enough (see what I did there? ha, ha — I’m so punny.) money for all the polishes. I mean, we all dream of buying all the polish. But we all know it’s not going to happen. Not as long as we need stuff like food and housing and gas for the car. I had almost resolved myself to the idea that this brand would remain a “someday” sort of dream.

Until … I saw Sloppy Swatches’s video for the Copper Carnival Collection. Oh my gosh, but I was in love. I watched that video about a dozen times, trying to find some fault with the collection … trying to find some reason why I didn’t need it … trying to talk myself out of wanting it. I failed. Miserably. After watching the video for a dozen + 1 times, I put in my order for the whole collection. Nvr Enuff’s creator was at Polish Con during this time, so my order acted like a pre-order for the collection, to be filled once she returned home. Yesterday evening, these lovelies showed up in my mailbox! Talk about a fantastic surprise and a great ending to the day. I could not wait to get these on my nails. Rawr!

The Copper Carnival Collection has 4 polishes. Each polish in the collection has copper spark as one of its components. The copper tones show up in varying degrees in combination with each base color, but it is a nice unifying element to the collection. In addition to the collection polishes, Nvr Enuff also sent a little mini bottle of the Prize Booth polish they took to Polish Con. This was a little extra as a “thank you” for ordering during their convention “down time”. I’ll include this cute little extra at the end. The polish descriptions are from the Nvr Enuff site.


Murder at the Marquee is a “blood red based polish with silver galaxy chrome chameleon glitters, a splash of gold holo shift, and a beautiful copper spark topped with linear holo”. The formula was great. It was easily opaque in 2 coats, and could have almost been a 1-coater.

This is such a lovely red. It has a nice, coppery tone to it, which I love. The glitters are apparent on the nail, and I like how they contrast with the base color. It makes for a beautiful combination.


The Artisan King is a “blueberry based polish jam-packed with copper galaxy glitters in different sizes, a copper spark flair, and tons of linear holo”. The formula for this polish was great. It was opaque in 2 easy coats.


Is it any surprise this one is my favorite? Um … nope! This is a beautiful shade of blue. It is bright and vibrant without being “too much”. Copper against blue is one of my favorite things in the universe. It’s a great color combination: delicate and beautiful. This was the polish that made me want the whole collection. And, this is the one I kept on my nails once swatching was done. I’m wearing it right now! It is so, so pretty. And it looks aaaah-mazing in the sun!


Modern Vintage is a “deep plum based polish filled with silver galaxy holo, tons of gold flakes, a copper spark flair, and linear holo”. The formula for this polish was great. It was an easy 2-coater. If I had done just slightly thicker coats, it would have been opaque in 1.


This color combo! Ugh — I love it. It is so understated, elegant, and luxurious. The gold and copper against this deep purple is beautifully bold and vampy. I think it’s fabulous.


Cirque Noir is a “charcoal based polish filled with silver galaxy holo, a splash of lime/gold UCC flakies, pink/green UCC flakies, a copper spark flair, and a heavy dose of linear holographic”. The formula for this one was great. It was easily opaque in 2 coats, and almost opaque in 1.


This polish was the “wild card” for me in the collection. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it. I pretty much love black polish. I pretty much love gray polish. I don’t always love charcoal polish. Sometimes, it can have a hard or harsh look on the nail that makes it look more like a graphite.

I shouldn’t have worried. This polish is so pretty! I love how the charcoal color has a soft look to it, as well as how it leans more toward black than gray. At first, I felt like the copper tones weren’t as obvious in this one as some of the others in the collection, but I think I’m going to change my mind on that. In looking at my swatch picture, I feel like the copper is apparent. It lays over the base color, giving it a softer, almost black-brown look in certain light. The pops of lime green against this base color are to die for. I think that’s one of my favorite things about this one. This one might be my second favorite from the collection.


Prize Booth was the fun little extra that came in my order. It is a topper that has linear holographic with gold, blue, red, silver, and pink metallic hex glitters in different sizes. The formula for this topper is great. It isn’t base heavy at all, and you can get nice coverage with just one coat.


This is so pretty and sweet on the nail. I love the different colors of glitter in here. It looks great over a variety of base colors. In my swatch picture, I tried it over a dark blue, and I love how that sets off all the glitter colors and the holographic. I don’t wear toppers often, but this is a nice one. It is playful and pretty. And it was a nice surprise freebie!


I wanted to mention the bottle and brush shape. I don’t always do that, but I particularly liked both of those things with this brand. The bottle is a great shape. It’s square/rectangular, so it will fit easily into my storage drawers. But it is very rounded off in feel and appearance. It feels comfortable in my hand when I hit the mani action. And the brush! Oh my gosh, the brush! I love it. It is wide/thick, and a bit rounded at the bottom. There was a bit of a learning curve for me with this brush. I’m not gonna lie. Once I got comfortable with it, I was completely in love. The shape helped me get a nice, clean cuticle line, and I was able to get most of my nails covered with just two strokes of the brush. Because of this, I didn’t have much cleanup at all. Color me impressed!

I was pretty blown away with this collection. I like the base colors. A Lot. Even with varying base colors, this collection felt cohesive to me. I like the unifying aspect of the copper touches in each polish. There is a definite “Fall” feeling to this collection, which I think is great.

Although I felt the collection was nice as a unit, I also feel each polish is strong enough to stand on its own. Each polish has its own personality, flash, and flair. And each polish is gorgeous in its own right. I love the attention to detail within each one of these. Just reading the descriptions of them wowed me. There is so much awesome stuff inside them. And it all works oh-so-well together! Now that I have hopped on the Nvr Enuff Polish bus, I hope there will be more from this brand in my future.


4 thoughts on “Nvr Enuff Polish: Copper Carnival Collection

  1. You crack me up 🙂
    “I watched the pizza commercial 15 times trying to talk myself out of craving a pizza”

    I feel the same way that you describe about the Orly brush, that I can just do two strokes and get my cuticle perfect most of the time!


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