Nail Mail Monday: Polish Pickup!

I’m so excited to share Nail Mail Monday today! It even made me look forward to the end of the weekend — just a little bit. Now that’s some fantastic, magical, polish sorcery! I know. It’s crazy!!

Today, I have my September Polish Pickup order to share. September’s theme was Fall Foliage and Fun. I’m not sure if it is because I am a complete sucker for Fall, both as a season and with regard to polish colors, but I felt like every single maker killed it for September. The inspiration pictures were beautiful, and the polishes created from them were breathtaking. Every single polish on offer for September was just … BAM!! Yep. They were all that darn good.

I ended up purchasing 7 polishes from the event. It was so, so, so painfully hard to narrow down my choices to these seven beauties. I wanted every single polish in the shop. Sadly, that money tree I planted in my front yard never grew. Maybe the raccoons dug it up or something. Darn raccoons and their obsession with the shiny things.

Even though choosing was hard, I am beyond thrilled with all of these. As I was swatching the first one, I thought, “Ooooh! This one is my favorite!” Then, as I was swatching the second one, I thought, “Ooooh! No. You are my favorite!” Needless to say, I thought this same, exact thing with every single one of these polishes. Can you believe it? They are all my favorites! I’ve never had that happen with a polish order before. So … let’s look at my favorites! Ha, ha!


Crows Toes, Buck Yoooouu! is a golden-orange base with holographic glitter. It has a fabulous formula, which is opaque in 2 easy coats. It’s nearly opaque in 1, although I had a couple of low spots that made me want to go in for that second coat. Also, can we talk about the name? Because it makes me cackle like a fiend every time I think about it.


Can I even find words to say how much I love this polish? Well …  yeah. I probably can. This is me, after all, and I tend to be overly chatty here on the nail blog. I. Freaking. LOVE. This. Polish. In a way that should be illegal. It is magnificent. No, it’s whatever comes beyond magnificent. I love the rich color tone. It reminds me of honey or, maybe, a cross between whiskey and beer. (It also reminds me of Pretty Serious, Wish You Were Beer, although Beer is lighter in color.) Buck Yoooouu! is so, so, so holographic and glittery. It goes onto the nail smoothly, with no texture. It is gorgeous under a glossy top coat, and the holographic looks like it is on fire in the sun.


Poetry Cowgirl, Take Me Home is a purple-taupe base packed with glitters in different colors: magenta, lighter pink, salmon-peachy pink, and small black (maybe dark brown?). I don’t remember if there is holographic in this polish, but the glitters are very reflective. I feel like I can also see a scattering of gold shimmer throughout this polish, too. The formula is beautiful: opaque in 2 easy coats.


I felt like the base for this one looked more purple-toned in the bottle. On the nail, it seems to be more of a grayed-out taupe, although I can see the soft purple undertones in it. The glitter mix is beautiful. It creates a lot of depth and dimension on the nail. I love the dusty, muted quality. It gives this polish a vintage sort of feeling.

There were four new-to-me brands in my September order, and this is one of them. I’m impressed with the beauty and formula of this polish, and I love their packaging. The label has a lovely vintage or country feel to it.


Le polish, What’s Up, Bog? is a periwinkle/blurple base with shimmer and scads of tiny red glitters. The formula for this polish is fabulous. It is opaque in 2-3 easy coats. I used 2 coats in my swatch picture, and I was happy with the opacity in real life. Looking at my photo now, I feel like I could have gone in for a third coat on a couple of nails.


This is beautiful on the nail. It is delicate and feminine, and the color combination is unique and surprising. I love the contrast between the base and the glitters. This one was a no-brainer purchase for me. I knew I needed it as soon as I saw the first pictures of it. I can’t get enough of this one on my nails. So, so pretty!


Rise and Shine Nail Lacquer, Skyline Drive is a dusty, light sky blue with shimmer and iridescent flakes/shards. The formula is fantastic. It is opaque in 2 easy coats.


If I were pressed to pick a favorite out of my order, this one might be it. Because I can not stop staring at it. And, when I had it on my nails, I did not want to take it off. I usually mani every day, but I wore this polish for almost three days. That is a LOT for me! I love everything about this polish. The base color is a perfect blue to me. It is peaceful and calm without being too “sweet” or “heavy”. The iridescent shards are delicate and pretty. They flash a lot of purple tones, which makes a beautiful contrast to the base color. This polish has that muted, dusty quality I love so much. I wish I had ordered a second bottle of this one.

This is another first-time-for-me brand this month. I’m impressed! And I’ve already been scoping out their Etsy store front. I can see more from this lovely brand in my future. As with Poetry Cowgirl, I really like the packaging, too, because the label has that vintage or country vibe that makes my heart happy.


Contrary Polish, Looking Up is a cerulean blue base with iridescent glitters. The glitters flash red-green-orange, depending on how the light hits the nail’s surface. The formula for this polish was nice. It was opaque for me in 2 easy coats.


The combination of this base color and these glitters pretty much had me at “Hello”. I’m an absolute and complete ho for iridescent glitters. These look beautifully ephemeral and pearlescent as they float throughout the base color. This combination gives the polish a magical feel. This one is just gorgeous, and I love it. Love it!!

This is the third of four new-to-me brands from my September order. As with the others, I am really impressed with the base and glitter combination, as well as the formula. I also like the Contrary Polish bottle shape. It feels comfortable in the hand as you manicure.


Colores de Carol, New England Escape is a deep, dark forest green jelly base with iridescent glitters and flakes/shards. The glitters flash a lot of red and orange, but I also caught flashes of blue, gold, and lighter greens as the light played over my nails. The formula is fabulous. It is opaque in 2 easy coats, and nearly opaque in 1.


A Polish Pickup offering from my beloved Colores de Carol? Uh … Yes, please. Sign me up NOW!! This beauty was first on my list. I love this brand so, so much. And this polish is delicious. It has a lush, luxurious feeling on the nail. I love the contrast of iridescent flakes and glitters with the cool, rich greens of the base. This beauty is like an entire New England forest of fall gorgeousness right on my nails. Love it!!



Ellagee, Ablaze is a rusty red base with glitter and shards. I think the glitters may be iridescent, but it was hard for me to tell through the base color. I can see golds, oranges, and deeper reds glinting at me through the base. The formula is fab: opaque in 2 easy coats.


This is a fantastic and fantastically beautiful Fall red! I love the combination of these glitters with this base. It is elegant and rich. Maybe I’m crazy, but it also feels a little bit playful to me. Can a polish be elegant, rich, and playful all at the same time? If so, this one does it! The base color is oh-so-good. I love rusty reds, and this one is pretty much perfect.

This is the fourth of the new-to-me brands from my September order. As with all the others, color me impressed as heck. Beautiful base color, fabulous glitter mix, and a bang-on perfect formula? Yep! I’m already a fan. This polish also came in an adorable, rainbow-colored box. I love that little extra touch.


I’m pretty sure anyone running across this blog will already know all about Polish Pickup ( But, just in case, here are some basic details.

Polish Pickup is a limited time indie shop. It is open for four days (Friday through Monday) over the first weekend of every month, and different indie makers participate. I think there are around 50 polish makers. I am not sure if that is a set number, or if it varies from month to month. Each month has a theme, and the makers design a polish around a picture relating to that theme. The polishes are limited edition. They can only be purchased during the Polish Pickup event.

I have ordered from this event twice now, and I have found the order process easy and hassle-free each time. There is a flat-rate for shipping, which is affordable and great. Your order through the Polish Pickup site is a pre-order. Once all the orders are in and the shop has closed, every maker has 10 days to ship their creations to Polish Pickup. After that, Polish Pickup ships them out to the buyers. You generally receive your order 3 weeks or so after the event’s conclusion.

The next Polish Pickup event happens on October 6-9. The theme is “Monsters & Mythical Creatures”. You can find more information about the October polishes over on the Facebook group page.

2 thoughts on “Nail Mail Monday: Polish Pickup!

  1. LOL I was noticing that Cowgirl Polish and Rise & Shine both had that old fashioned label style, and was wondering if that was part of what attracted you to those particular brands…. and then you said so! Sweet. I think the Crows Toes is my fave out of all of these!


    1. The CrowsToes is fabulous. I have it on my toes right now. I think the old-fashioned label is part of what attracted me. Although the Rise & Shine one was a total no-brainer b/c of the blue base. I love that so much. I also loved the combination of glitter and base in the Poetry Cowgirl one.


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