A Mini Haul

Is it still a “haul” when it’s disorganized, unplanned, and mini? I am not sure. But I wanted to do a nail blog post today, and I didn’t have any nail mail available. And I didn’t have anything else ready yet for the other posts I want to do. I’m still in the midst of … More A Mini Haul

My Week in Nails

Here we are: Friday again. This school year, I can’t seem to get as excited about Fridays because my kiddo is in marching band. This means we have commitments most Fridays, as well as quite a few Saturdays, too. But she is having fun. That’s what matters most. So, in some ways, this wasn’t a … More My Week in Nails

Swatch My Stash! OPI #14: Whites, Metallic, Misc. Glitter

I am nearing the end of my OPI swatch-a-thon. My last group of polishes has whites, white-toned neutrals, metallics, and miscellaneous glitters. When I started this project, I figured this would be my smallest group of polishes. I was surprised to find how wrong I was. It turns out that this group (at a whopping … More Swatch My Stash! OPI #14: Whites, Metallic, Misc. Glitter

My Week in Nails

It’s been a crazy, polish-lovin’ week at my house. I have been feeling more stressed and anxious than usual, which always leads to more manicure time. I even managed to toss a little bit of nail art into the mix. I started out my week swatching the Colores de Carol Halloween Collection (Goosebumps), and I … More My Week in Nails