A Little Haul …

The Hubster and I took our Child Unit to Barnes & Noble today. Because, really, when your kid asks for books, how can you say no? Yeah, exactly. You can’t. Because books are our friends.

There was a Nordstrom Rack right next to the Barnes & Noble. Of course, I had to head right in there. Because Nordstrom Rack often has nail polish. And, much like books, nail polish is also our friend. Or … maybe that’s just me? *ahem* It’s okay. There’s no judging here. This is a safe space.

I ended up scouring through two fairly large bins of OPI polishes. I gave in and impulse-purchased two of them. There is another OPI polish, called Princesses Rule, that keeps calling to me. Every time I see it, it calls to me. I keep seeing it at my local Target. And there were several bottles of it at the Nordstrom Rack this afternoon. I even had it in my hand to purchase. And yet, I made myself put it back. It is pink and possibly shimmery. It is either shimmery or frosty, and I can’t tell which just from looking at the bottle. So I keep reminding myself that it will probably look terrible on me, and that I will probably hate it once I get it home and try it on my nails. Am I the only one this happens to? You see a polish … it’s definitely not within the range of “polishes to love” for you … you know you should NOT buy this polish … and yet, it continually calls to some unknown, unexplored corner of your polish loving heart. Argh! The struggle is real!

But enough about me. Let’s talk about the polishes I actually purchased today. I did pretty well, because I only bought two. That’s gotta be a record for me! I’m also including one polish from the Essie Fall 2017 collection, which I recently purchased at my local CVS.


You Don’t Know Jacques is from the Fall 2008 France Collection. It is a medium brown with gray undertones. It’s kind of a “mouse” brown. The formula was great. It was smooth, creamy, easy to apply, and opaque in 2 coats. It was nearly opaque in 1, but I had some low spots that made me want that second coat, just to be sure.

I was immediately intrigued when I saw this one in the bin at the store. I’ve heard great things about it during my inter web wanderings. And you guys know how I love a good brown. I really, really LOVE a good brown — so much so that I can’t believe this one wasn’t already in my stash. I don’t remember ever running across it for sale before, and I thought it was one of those limited or discontinued “goodies” I had missed in the years before I started back into my hard core polish-hoarding ways. There were quite a few bottles of this one in the Nordstrom Rack bin, though. This makes me wonder if it’s part of the OPI core line. I hope so, because I already love it. It’s a beautiful brown with a fabulous formula. I might want a second bottle someday.

I’m interested to compare this polish to some of the browns from the recent Iceland Collection. It reminds me of Icelanded a Bottle of OPI and That’s What Friends are Thor. But I think they may be different, with Icelanded being a bit lighter in color and Thor being a bit darker.


Miami Beet is from the Spring/Summer 2009 South Beach Collection. It is a deep, vibrant red-pink with, perhaps, a touch of purple in the mix. It reminds me of the color of beets, although I feel it’s more red/pink. The formula on this was amazing for me. It was opaque in 1 coat. That’s 1 coat (!!) in my swatch picture.

Again, I’m not sure if this is in the OPI core line or not. I’ve never noticed it in stores before, but that really doesn’t mean anything. I can be terribly unobservant at times. And I’m often all about the blues where polish is concerned. There were several bottles of it at Nordstrom Rack, so it might be an easily-available color.

But I do know this: This polish is FABULOUS. I love this color. Initially, I wasn’t going to purchase it because it looks so similar to an Orly Breathable I already have in my collection (The Antidote). Once I had it on my nails, I felt like it was probably lighter in color. Even so, it will be interesting to compare the two of them. I don’t think it will diminish my love for this polish in the slightest. It is so fantastic. I was blown away by both the color and formula. Love it!!


Essie, Dressed to the Nineties is from the Fall 2017 Collection. It is a deep, dark indigo base that seems to shift from purple to green to blue. The blue wasn’t strong, but I could see it in and around the edges, both in the bottle and on my nails. I think the formula is OK. It seemed to have a tendency to gunk up and pull away if I worked the brush too much. But it was fairly easy to get this opaque in 2 coats. The trouble I had with my first coat might have more to do with Essie’s brush than with the actual formula for this polish. Essie has the eeniest, teeniest brush. I hate it.

Let me just say, up front, that Essie is not a favorite brand of mine. I don’t have many in my stash, and I don’t buy them often. I almost never buy them for full price. But I still watch reviews for their collections. What can I say? I’m a polish obsessed gal. I watch reviews for pretty much everything. After watching a couple of reviews for this collection, I was interested in three of the polishes: As If, Mixtaupe, and Dressed to the Nineties. This is a LOT for me, Essie-wise. When I saw the collection in one of my local CVS stores, I wasted no time in scoping out the three polishes that had piqued my interest. I ended up talking myself out of As If and Mixtaupe because I feel like I probably already have similar things in my collection. That left Dressed to the Nineties, which really looks fabulous in the bottle. And fairly unique, although it kind of reminds me of both OPI’s Turn on the Northern Lights and China Glaze’s Crown for Whatever. It also kind of reminds me of Zoya’s Olivera. Hmm … the longer I type, the less unique it seems. >.O

Overall, I feel a little bit “meh” about this polish. I don’t hate it. It is dark and moody. I feel like I can see a decent bit of the shift on my nails, and the formula wasn’t that bad. (I still hate that teeny Essie brush, though!) I feel like it is different enough from Northern Lights and Crown for Whatever that I don’t need to have much guilt or worry over accidentally duping them. I’m interested to compare it to Olivera, though. I still think it’s the most unique polish from Essie’s Fall collection, and it is very pretty on the nail. But … I don’t love it. From looking at it in the bottle, I expected it to look much more blue. On the nail, it is a very dark indigo — almost purple. I might grow to love it more as I wear it. I guess I just feel a little underwhelmed by it right now. Eh. It happens, sometimes.

5 thoughts on “A Little Haul …

  1. Both You Don’t Know Jacques! and Miami Beet are extremely popular colors in OPI’s core line. They carry them both in my Fred Meyer, which only has a smallish display. You Don’t Know Jacques was the ultimate trendy polish when it first came out… it is also close to Squeaker of the House, although not a dupe.

    It’s also clear that those bottles were made recently, since they both have the NEW bottle style. Those were probably shipped straight to Nordstrom Rack — there really hasn’t been time for them to go to another store, then get marked down and sent to the Rack!

    As far as the Essie – you definitely made the right choice skipping the others. I’m sure you have an exact dupe for both of them. And despite your obsession with them, you rarely wear whites or lights (I know you say you do! But I’ve been watching for a year now, and I know they’re not your faves.) I suspect it’s because they aren’t your most flattering colors… and also boring. There are always more exciting choices on the rack, and so many better brushes!

    The dark one you got is so promising, but it’s sooooo dark. I think it suffers from “it doesn’t look that way on the nail.” I do have to give them points for creativity tho.


    1. The dark one is not terrible. But it’s also not as great as I had hoped. I really can’t see the shimmer/color shift on the nail. Total bummer. I’ll hang on to it for now, but I am not sure it will stay in my collection long-term. Eh. Win some, lose some — ha, ha!

      I thought Miami Beet and You Don’t Know Jacques must be part of the core line. It didn’t occur to me about the new style bottle, but you’re totally right. Probably a direct ship to the Rack. But — I love it that they are in the core line. This means that I can probably get another bottle if I need or want it. Yay!


      1. I hoped that dark blue would be as awesome as last year’s fall “Ready to Boa,” an incredible one coat brown with red shimmer. But womp-womp. Ready to Boa is a polish I recognized on my barista’s nails, it’s so creative and unusual!


  2. PS I have been eyeing Miami Beet for so long!!! I might have to get it now!!! I know I have many similar colors but how can I resist a formula like that!! How much does the Rack sell OPI for?


    1. It was $8 (7.97 … but with tax …). It’s not a fantastic deal, but still a bit of a discount from the normal price. I had no idea you were eyeing up Miami Beet! It’s funny, because I totally thought of you when I saw it. It’s such a fantastic color and polish!!


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