My Week in Nails + September Favorites

Yesterday, I had that “It’s Friday!” feeling all day long. I had to keep reminding myself it was only Thursday, and I felt a little disappointed every time I had to do that. It was a loooong day. Today, though, it really is Friday. Yay!! This morning was the first morning that had a touch of Fall bite to the air. My daughter doesn’t have a football game tonight. And I had pumpkin pancakes. In short, life is feeling pretty darn great at this moment. That could change at any time, but I’m going with it for now.

I feel like I had a pretty good mani week. I went a little mani-crazy, like always. But it wasn’t too bad. It was like … crazy but not too crazy. If you’re a polish lovin’ peep, you understand. If you’re not a polish lovin’ peep, you probably think I’m insane. You would be in good company. Most of my family thinks the same thing, at least with regard to my ongoing nail polish obsession. I decided I would also include my September favorites in this post. We still have one day to go, but I’m so in love with what’s on my nails right now that I’m pretty sure I won’t mani again until October. That sounds so serious and dramatic, right? “I won’t mani until October.” *dramatic sigh* It’s okay, though. We can make it. October is only a day away (not counting today).


I started out my week with this stamped mani. I used Pretty Serious, Precipitation as the base color. The butterfly is done with regular white stamping polish, and the flowers are stamped with China Glaze, Meet Me at the Mirage. The designs are from Born Pretty plate BP-08.

Butterflies and flowers feel a bit summery, which was perfect for the hot weather we’ve been having. But the base color definitely says “fall” to me. It’s also one of the polishes on my “want to wear it” list for Fall. I love everything about this base color. It has a rich, creamy look on the nail that I like, and I also find it a bit moody. It reminds me of a rainy day, or a rainy evening, just before nightfall. I love that!


Next, I used  Colores de Carol, Jelly Candy Apple. What else would I stamp over this but apples? I know … I’m being kinda lame. But I love this apple design. It’s super cute and playful. And it’s from a set of fall-themed plates I recently purchased. That makes it even more fun!

This red is so, so pretty. I was impatient with this manicure, so I didn’t set my bottle upside down before going after it. That’s why I didn’t get as many glitters onto the nail. Next time, I will have to be more careful and really take my time. Because the glitters in this beautiful jelly base are magnificent. Even without a lot of glitter on the nail, the jelly base alone makes for a gorgeous and vibrant manicure. I love this polish. Love it!


My next manicure was Colores de Carol, Cozy Autumn, stamped with a simple leaf design in black.

I love this polish, too! I keep saying this, but it continues to be true: “fall in a bottle”. The base color is peaceful and calm. At first glance, it seems like a “meh” sort of color. You know: bland and beige. But it has a surprising amount of depth. It shifts in the light from a more brown-toned to a more pink-toned sort of beige. It’s very pretty, and there is a delicate shimmer running throughout. I love the combination of these things with the glitter mix.


And, finally, this is what I have on my nails today! It is Rise & Shine Nail Lacquer, Skyline Drive. This beauty was part of my September Polish Pickup order.

Words kind of fail me with this polish. I love it. No, it’s more than that. I LURVE it. This polish is so delicate and pretty. It is a perfect shade of sky blue, and the flakes running throughout give it a delicate and feminine feeling. It’s charming and perfect in every way to me. I love seeing it on my nails. It gives me definite happy vibes!



Colores de Carol, Bountiful. I think this one was a top favorite for me from her Fall Collection. Huge surprise, right? Um … yeah.


Zoya, JordanOPI: Mad for Madness Sake, Aurora Berry-alis. I loved everything about this pink water marble. It’s crazy to see this much pink on my favorites list, but what can I say? When I get lucky, I get really lucky!


Zoya, Dory stamped with black. Dory is such a perfect blue: bright, vibrant, and oh-so-happy. And I loved the contrast with this black design.


Colores de Carol, Sapphire Princess + Sinful Colors, Copper Pot. I rode the struggle bus hard on this manicure. But I ended up loving this gradient. It might be one of my favorites of all time!


Colores de Carol: The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (yellow), The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight (orange), Slappy’s Tie (red). These colors are magnificent on their own. I wasn’t sure how they would gradient together, but they blended perfectly. I loved the look of this!


Rise and Shine Nail Lacquer, Skyline Drive. Even though this manicure is from the current week, it has to go onto my favorites list. I am too in love with this polish to leave it out!


I had planned to do an update about my progress in going through the fall polishes I listed in my “wanna wear them” posts. (Well, 2 posts so far, and 1 more to come this next week.) But I’ve changed my mind. I think I will do a wrap-up at the end of the season to see how I did, overall. Remember, I will end up with a total of 45 polishes on my lists. That’s a lot of polish! It will be fun to see how successful I am at getting all of them (or even a majority of them — ha, ha!) onto my nails this Fall.

But, as a mini-update, I think I have worn 7 or 8 so far. And they have come from each of the lists (2017 polishes, mainstream oldies, and indie oldies). I think I may slightly lose my momentum in the coming week, because I just received my September Polish Pickup order. This means there are some new, fabulous indies calling to me. Argh! I must be strong! Or … not.


2 thoughts on “My Week in Nails + September Favorites

  1. OMG your Pretty Serious with stamping is stunning!!! (Of course, you know I love foil stamping)… did I miss that one? I remember you posting the base polish on Instagram but I didn’t see the stamping. It’s great!!


    1. Awww, thanks! It turned out OK, although I felt it was a bit “summery”. Maybe because of the butterfly. It’s been hot as heck around here, though. So I suppose it’s fitting to go with a summery theme — ha, ha!

      I did post it on IG, but you know how IG sometimes hides our posts. I missed one or two of yours when you posted them. I saw them later, I think, but only because I was scrolling through my feed.


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