Fallin’ for the Oldies: Mainstream Style

For the second installment in my little Fall series, I want to tackle some of my mainstream oldies-but-goodies. As with my previous post, I decided to include 15 polishes, because 15 seems like such a great, almost-round number. This is also because I found it impossible to narrow it down to just ten. What can I say? I love polish, and I fail totally at containing this exuberance. If you think it’s bad on this blog, try to imagine the torture my poor family lives with every day. Or … you know, don’t. Because it’s scary.

Following along with my overall theme for this series, these are polishes that I particularly want to revisit or rediscover this Fall season. These might be polishes that have been in my collection for a while, which means they’ve gotten a bit lost in the mix of all the polish craziness. Or, they might be older polishes that are new-to-me. I’m kind of grouping these into ROYGBIV-ish order, although I might not have something for every category. I mean, you know … there has to be some sort of organization. Right … ?? Um, yeah. Right. *ahem* This is going to be another long one, so grab a snack and buckle in!


I’m starting this off with the reds, of course, and my first one is such a doozy. This is Orly Breathable, The Antidote. And what a luscious, gorgeous red this is! I love it. It doesn’t quite qualify as an “oldie”, but I don’t think these came out in any certain collection. So it ended up in here.

Anyhow, I just feel “fall” when I look at this beauty. I love how deep and rich it is. I feel like it rides the line between a deep berry and a red. It really is delicious, and it has a fantastic formula, too. If I’m remembering correctly, this one was pretty much opaque in 1 coat. I think I used 2 for my picture.


Zoya, Blaze is from the Winter 2012 Ornate Collection. It is such a gorgeously deep and beautiful cranberry red. Plus, it has scattered holo — wha-aaaat?!?! It has a beautiful, easy formula that is opaque in 1-2 coats depending on nail length and application technique.

This one could easily work for winter and the Christmas holidays. Also … hello, Valentine’s Day! It’s so perfect and gorgeous and perfect. When I look at this one, I think about Fall and football and Thanksgiving dinner with my whole family gathered around the table. Yep. This one really does it for me.


So, I have to include Zoya, Autumn in my wanna-wear-it-for-Fall post. I mean … Hello! It’s called “Autumn”! How much more perfect could that be? This beauty is originally from the Fall 2014 Ignite Collection, although it’s only lived with me since the amazingly incredible Black Friday sale of last year. I haven’t worn it that often — yet. But I hope to change that in the coming months. This one has yet another fabulous Zoya formula: opaque in 2 easy coats!

But how perfect is this one for Fall? I love the coppery undertones. It looks rich and luxurious. It reminds me of bonfires, crisp-cool nights, and falling leaves. What’s more “Fall” than that?


Sinful Colors, Copper Pot is the perfect orangey-copper shade. It seems to glow right off the nail, and it’s opaque for me in 2 easy coats.

I wore this one last year in the Fall, too (which is when I purchased it). But this one definitely needs a repeat engagement. I love the glowing, coppery tones in this one. It really does look like a freshly scrubbed copper pot. This is another one that makes me think of falling leaves crunching underfoot and Thanksgiving.


OPI, Worth a Pretty Penne is from the Fall 2015 Venice Collection. This is another coppery sort of polish that I would love to rediscover this Fall. It’s a bit hard to describe. I can see definite coppery tones in here, as well as a good deal of silver. And, maybe a teeny bit of gold tossed in for that beautifully glowing effect.

I haven’t worn this one all that much, and I rediscovered it during my recent OPI swatch-my-stash adventure. As soon as I saw it, I was like, “Hello! You need to be on my nails this Fall!” So, yeah. There you go.


OPI, Thanks a Windmillion is from the Spring 2012 Holland Collection. It is a lovely sage green. It has a fairly strong gray undertone, which gives it a dusty quality. I don’t think my swatch picture is the best, but this one has a nice formula. It is creamy and generally opaque in 2 easy coats.

I can see this one as a Spring color, but I feel like the muted dustiness of it is also great for Fall. I love the look of this on my nails, although I haven’t worn it very much. Yet another reason I thought it would be perfect for the coming season. This is another polish I rediscovered during my recent swatch-my-stashathon. It’s so pretty!


China Glaze, It’s Alive! is a mossy, swampy green jelly base with gold glitters. This is originally from the 2011 Haunting Halloween Collection, although it hasn’t lived with me for that long.

I love this one for Fall. It’s the perfect shade of deep, swampy green. And those gold glitters just get me at Hello. It is so beautifully Fall. Ugh. I love it.


China Glaze, Zombie Zest is from the Halloween 2010 Awakening Collection. It is a golden-green jelly base with beautiful gold glass fleck. This one is a bit sheer. It generally takes me 3 coats to get it to full opacity on its own. I may try layering it over another green in order to conserve my bottle.

This is another polish that feels so “Fall” to me. It’s one of the first ones that pop into my head when I think about polishes I want to see on my nails during the season. It is So. So. Sooooooooo. Good!!


Zoya, Skylar is from the Spring 2012 True Collection. It is a medium blue with gold and silver shimmer running throughout it. It has a great formula, which is opaque in 2 coats.

This is another Spring polish that feels incredibly perfect to me for Fall. I love the gray tones, which give it a dusty quality. The combination of grayed-out blue and the beautiful shimmer reminds me of a rainy-day Fall sky.


OPI, Keeping Suzi at Bay is from the Fall 2013 San Francisco Collection. This is a great, mid-tone to dark blue that seems to skirt the edge of navy. It has a good formula that is opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on application technique. It has a crelly finish on the nail.

Can you believe I’ve hardly worn this polish? On the one hand, I can’t believe it. Because it’s blue. On the other hand, I can believe it, because it got lost in the wilds of my collection. This is such a great tone for Fall. It’s very “Fall Sky”, but the kind of fall sky where there is a ton of sunlight and not a cloud in sight.


China Glaze, First Mate is from the Spring 2011 Anchors Away Collection. It is a navy blue creme with a good formula that is opaque in 1-2 coats, depending on application technique.

This is a perfect Fall blue. I love the navy color tone. It is soft and a little bit muted. So, so pretty.


Zoya, Lotus is from the Spring 2012 True Collection. It is a dusty, medium purple with pink shimmer. This one has a nice formula. It’s a bit sheer, but it applies evenly. It’s opaque in 2-3 coats.

This is another one of those Spring colors that has a definite “Fall” feeling for this gal. I love how muted and dusty it is. But that little spark of reddish-pink twinkling through the base sends me right over the edge.


Zoya, Caitlin is from the Spring 2011 Intimate Collection. It is a blue-purple-gray creme. No, really! That’s the color. See? Caitlin has a great formula that is opaque in 1-2 coats.

Is it gray? Is it blue? Is it purple? YES!! And that (along with the dustiness) is what makes this pretty lady perfect for Fall. Even though she is supposed to be a Spring polish. Is anyone else sensing a theme here? I remember being obsessed with this one when I first got it. She got a bit lost in the madness of my collection, but I’m really looking forward to seeing her on my nails again.


OPI, Espresso Your Style is a deep, velvety brown with golden shimmer. It has a beautiful formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.

This is one of the older polishes in my stash. I purchased this one before I was back into nail polish in a “crazy” way. You know, crazy but adorable. In a cute way. Anyhoo … I was seriously obsessed with this polish when I first purchased it. Obsessed!! I haven’t worn it in quite a while, and this one popped into my head right away when I thought about doing this post. I love it so much. It has such a perfectly beautiful glow.


And, finally, here is China Glaze, Dope Taupe, which is from the Fall 2016 Rebel Collection. This is such a beautiful, soft taupe-y gray. Or, is it a gray-ey taupe? Either way, I love it. Such fabulosity. She is gorgeous and opaque in 2 easy coats.

The way this one rides the line between brown and gray is fantastic for Fall. It’s a soft and cozy-comforting color. It reminds me of mourning doves. I know that sounds crazy, but I adore those birds. They are sweet, peaceful, and beautiful.

Aaaaand that’s the end of yet another epic post of Fall fun! I’m pretty darn excited about trying to rediscover some of these perfect-(to me)-for-Fall beauties. This is a great adventure for me. I think this is the first year I’ve really stopped to think of my collection in terms of “seasonally appropriate” wear. I’ve done seasonal posts in the past on my other blog, but I’ve never focussed in on trying to wear polishes based on the season. It’s definitely a new way of looking at my collection.

I have one more of these posts planned. I want to look at 15 oldie-but-goodie fall indies in my stash. In all (if anyone is keeping score), that will be a total of 45 polishes I really want to wear for Fall. I know this is a huge undertaking. I also know my polish desires tend to be fickle, at best. So, I’m not sure I can manage to pull this off, but it’ll be fun to see how far I get. I think I may try to post a “Fall Polish” update every week, probably during my “week in nails” wrap-up. So far, I’ve worn 7 of my Fall beauties in either a full manicure or some type of nail art: Colores de Carol: Jelly Candy Apple, The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight, The Cuckoo Clock of Doom, Slappy’s Tie, & Sapphire Princess; Pretty Serious, Precipitation; and Sinful Colors, Copper Pot.

7 thoughts on “Fallin’ for the Oldies: Mainstream Style

  1. Catching up on your posts! I can never believe how many weeks have gone by between my visits here.

    I still have The Antidote on right now!!! Instant favorite. I did need two coats with my bottle, but you know I tend to do thin ones. It could probably thicken up with a few uses to become a one coater, for at least some people.

    I also pulled out Skylar as a transition color for fall. It has so much grey in it, it could easily be a winter polish too. I think it’s quite versatile! It looks lovely on you.

    Every time I see you post Espresso Your Style, I want it!!!!


    1. Espresso Your Style is so fabulous. I really love it. Which is obvious, since I keep yakking about it. Do you know if it’s part of the core line? Or maybe it’s still easily available?

      The Antidote is so perfect. And it looks amazingly perfect on you. I’m so glad you like it. Makes me happy to see your pics of it. =)


      1. I just looked into it and Espresso Your Style is on Transdesign, but it’s not exactly widely available. Of course I was just going to make an order, but Northern Lights is out of stock AGAIN!!! That’s the problem, you can NEVER get everything you want from them in one order!


      2. Oh man! That is a bummer. I checked at my Ulta last time I was over there, knowing you still wanted that polish (Northern Lights). And they were out of it, too. But I will keep looking.


    1. Oh my gosh! You don’t have Autumn?!? You NEED it. It really is so pretty. And a perfect Fall color. It’s one of those rare polishes that even I (a dyed-in-the-wool all colors for all seasons person — lol) look at and think, “Nope. Just for Fall.” I think it’s because the color is so spot-on for rusty, falling leaves. LOL


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